Rogers, Fido LTE Wireless Network Improves in Nanaimo, Greater Victoria


Rogers has announced it recently expanded wireless service in various parts of southern Vancouver Island, specifically in Nanaimo and the Greater Victoria area.

Below are specific areas which gained “more seamless LTE coverage on Vancouver Island to make calls, access the internet, as well as stream video and music:”

  • Bear Mountain Golf Resort in Langford (turned on July 31)
  • Homes/businesses west of the B.C. Legislature and Legislature itself (turned on June 16)
  • Area between Highway 19 and the Old Island Highway in the south end of Nanaimo in the Harewood area (turned on June 22)
  • Along Highway 17, between Sidney and Keating Cross heading to and from the B.C. Ferry Terminal and Victoria (turned on May 31)
  • Saanichton and Saanichton Bay (turned on May 31)

“Our customers want wireless access wherever they are, whether it’s to keep in touch with friends and family, or do business on Vancouver Island,” said Perm Jawanda, Regional Vice-President, British Columbia, Rogers Communications, in a press release.

“That’s why we’re investing to make sure they have worry-free, reliable access to our great-performing network in more places. As communities across the province keep growing, we’re going to continue to improve service across British Columbia.”

Rogers also says it has turned on 700 MHz spectrum in these areas as well, allowing signals to extend further to harder to reach areas, such as basements, parkades, elevators and more.

Have you noticed coverage and speed improvements on Rogers and Fido lately in these areas?


  • Steve T

    Can they also improve coverage at Toronto Union Station during rush hour as well? It’s sooo frustrating when Bell users can use their phones perfectly fine but I’m stuck with no data.

  • Kael

    They are saving you from going over on your data. It’s a free service. 😉

  • Steve T

    To add to that any Loblaws superstore which is where we unfortunately do our shopping. My wife is with Bell and has a working signal and data while I have zero bars. How is that possible?

  • SF1234

    Agreed. Their network is horrible indoors in Toronto downtown. My work phone is a Telus and it works flawlessly at the same spots.

  • Quattro

    I had the same experience at different Superstores and some other stores. Roger’s signal is deliberately weak in some areas. I finally stopped using them.

  • Significant performance issues on 3G all weekend in Nanaimo region.