Rogers Raises Prices in Manitoba by $5 on Share Everything Plans


Prices for Rogers Share Everything Plans in Manitoba just became more expensive, as the company has raised select plans by $5 per month, reports MobileSyrup.

Internal documents reveal the 2GB plan has been replaced by a 2.5GB data bucket, coming with a $5 increase across the board for BYOD, Smart Tab and Premium Tab options.

As for the 6GB, 10GB and 15GB plans, these also jumped $5 per month as well.

New is a 1GB plan starting at $45 per month for a No Tab BYOD option with Local Calling, but going up to $60 on Premium Tab. The most expensive plan right now is the 15GB plan for $95 on a Premium Tab.

All of the changes can be seen below:

Manitoba plan

Earlier this month, Bell announced it would acquire regional carrier Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS), which many believed would signal the end of competitive pricing in the province, as it meant one less wireless carrier to compete against the Big 3.

Rogers appears to pre-empting its rivals in Manitoba by hiking prices up first before anybody else. You can bet Bell and TELUS will follow shortly #justbecause.


  • JB

    MTS bought by Bell. I’m sure nobody saw this coming.

  • Corrode

    I for one am shocked. SHOCKED.

  • Cornfed710

    Finally, Rogers is first at something 🙂

  • Brad Fortin

    Canada: The only country where companies raise prices to “remain competitive”.

  • Salinger

    In a roundabout way, Rogers’ moneygrab in Manitoba may be a good thing.

    The Competition Bureau is in the process of accepting submissions on the effect approving Bell’s takeover would have on pricing and competition. This move by Rogers is a pretty strong indicator, how things will go. If they raise prices at just the prospect of MTS exiting the market, imagine what will happen if the Bureau approves the takeover. It, at least, gives those intervening against the proposal, some strong ammunition.

  • Harold Mitchell

    And yet these prices in Manitoba are still considerably cheaper than in Ontario…a comparable 5GB plan is over $100.00.