Rogers ‘Next Issue Canada’ to Offer Unlimited Magazines on iPad, Coming Oct. 15


Rogers has announced it will launch a new unlimited digital magazine subscription service called Next Issue Canada, set to launch on October 15 on the iPad.

Here’s what Next Issue Canada will offer:

  • unlimited access to more than 100 Canadian and U.S. titles, including Rogers titles (partnership with Next Issue Media)
  • $9.99/month: customers get to access monthly magazines
  • $14.99/month: customers will be able to access all weekly and monthly publications.
  • two month free trial at launch

Next Issue 300x231

Would you be interested in Next Issue Canada from Rogers on your iPad? If you love magazines on your iPad, this looks like a decent offer.



  • Chrome262

    I never bother with magazines, but I have to wonder at the content. But then again I am sure the industry is taking a hit so they maybe a bunch there.

  • Can’t remember the last time I picked up a magazine. Digital is the way to go. You do miss out on the feeling of ‘holding’ a magazine though!

  • Chrome262

    lol like the playboy you held in your room lol. Never really got into magazines anyway…oh wait I did with Mad lol

  • Mad magazine–folding the back cover

  • Sven L

    Free ad-supported services can’t be beat. Unfortunately paid subscriptions are going to take a backseat unless they offer valuable and exclusive content (e.g. The Economist)…publications like the Sun are a slowing dying breed. I will maybe gloss through them while standing in line at the grocery store much like the National Enquirer. They are essentially the same quality content.

  • Anon

    The you seen the selection of Rogers mags? They are all womens crap.

  • Horacio A. Coronel

    You can get many of these magazines for free if you have a library card from the Toronto Public Library. You can even download them to your iPad or iPhone through Zinio.

  • And even the women’s stuff is crap. The selection isn’t worth $10 a month.

  • Erik Weimer

    I just checked out the app, and downloaded the Canadian Health and Lifestyle mag and a few others to check out. First off, I have to say I almost never buy magazines anymore because they usually just have a few articles of interest in them, and most of it can be found online anyway. After checking out just this one mag, my head is turning towards this new digital mag format though. It was very cool and interactive. Right after the table of contents, they had an audio message you could play from the Editor. She introduced the magazine and the issue. Then throughtout the issue, there were many easter eggs – that would only work on a tablet – where you could click on ads or objects to reveal more info about them. This is definitely the future of magazines! Looking forward to checking out the other mags in here.