Rogers Notifying Customers of iOS 5 Download Availability via SMS


Rogers has started to send out text messages to customers notifying them of iOS 5 and its availability for download, on October 12th. Apple announced this date yesterday at their Let’s Talk iPhone event.

The last time Rogers sent out a text it was to promote their Rogers Reservation System, to allow customers to reserve the iPhone by paying a $40 deposit online via their My Rogers account.

Did you get this text?

Thanks @shanekingerski!


  • Webmaster

    Yes. I do ! I got the text too !  I’m gonna upgrade my iPhone 4 to 4S ! 

  • Anonymous

    I already have iOS 5 GM.

    But no, I didn’t get this text. They should update their site with iPhone 4S.


  • Metheitguy

    Yup.  And i’m on Fido.

  • Paul_1982

    Got the same message on fido.

  • Da Ng

    i didn’t get this txt. but i got a txt for reservation starting Oct 7th

  • Elducker

    No txt. And is Rogers going to offer early upgrade promotional pricing to those of us that have been iP4 users from the beginning?

  • Memo H 88

    ya i got this through fido exact same message!

  • Madenma

    Fido just conformed to me, I willl get iphone 4S on 14th. Hurray !!!

  • Blueperfection

    how did you get the confirmation that youwill be getting the 4S from fido?  I just called today to see if they weill be getting the 4S and they told me that they are not sure when they will be getting it and that i should call closer to the 14th.

  • Blueperfection

    I see that lots of people are with fido.  I’m planning on getting the iphone 4S but trying to decide weather to go with Fido or Rogers.   any suggestions?  is Fido reception good around Toronto?

  • Troy

    I’d like to know that too, as I called yesterday and the woman told me it comes out on the 14th and that i should be able to pre-order it on my online account, which then i said it wasn’t listed there, so she put me on hold, and came back and said to check back in like a week. Considering they(Fido/Rogers) have yet to update there pricing on all there iPhones, my guess will be October 7th the site will be updated with all current pricing and able to use the online reservation through there system.

  • Anonymous

    If you qualify for the hardware upgrade the text from Rogers is different, advising you to log-in on Friday to pre-order your iPhone 4S

  • Cameckert

    I got the txt to pre-order on Oct 7th from Rogers only.

  • Bhaal

    I got the text but hell if i’m gonna go back to rogers for another 3 years at those prices

  • Anonymous

    No text, Fido customer.

    Hell, I’m a 3GS user since 1 week after they were available, when I checked yesterday I wasn’t eligible to upgrade until January!! Do we have to call retentions to force the issue?

  • Anonymous

    Not yet.

  • Seanmacbook

    I confirmed yesterday Rogers will be offering an early upgrade program for iPhone 4 clients so if it’s been 1 year your good to go !

  • Hgsj

    I don’t think u understand what ppl are talking about here