Rogers President and CEO Nadir Mohamed to Retire in 2014


Rogers announced today current company president and CEO Nadir Mohamed had decided to retire from the company in January of 2014.

“Nadir is a highly regarded executive who has delivered strong results and substantial value for more than a decade,” said Alan Horn, Chairman of the Board, Rogers Communications Inc. “Thanks to his disciplined and strategic management approach we’ve strengthened our core business, solidified our financial position and set Rogers up for long-term success. The board is grateful for his significant contributions and looks forward to working with him to ensure a seamless and orderly transition.”

In order to find a replacement, the Rogers Board of Directors will start looking globally and will soon appoint a search committee plus hire a search firm to start the process. Edward Rogers and Melinda Rogers will not be putting themselves forward as they are part of the search process, which Mohamed will be a part of. The latter will assist the board to ensure a seamless transition throughout 2013.

Nadir Mohamed started his tenure with Rogers in August of 2000 and from 2001 to 2005 he was president and CEO of Rogers Wireless, later to be appointed president and COO of Rogers Communications Group in 2005. Mohamed eventually succeeded the late company founder Ted Rogers in 2009 and was appointed president and CEO.

“It’s truly a privilege to work with the Rogers family, the board, the leadership team and our employees to deliver for customers and shareholders and to set the foundation for the future,” said Nadir Mohamed, President and Chief Executive Officer.

According to Rogers, Mohamed has delivered a total shareholder return of 81% since taking over as CEO in 2009. The Financial Post recently profiled the slow and steady business decisions of Mohamed, seen as a contrast to the valiant Ted Rogers.


  • Rick Arthur in Toronto

    Good Riddance!
    Maybe someone new will care about their customers but I am not holding my breath!

  • MleB1

    Something’s going down on the Executive Floor at Rogers – you don’t announce the departure of your CEO very late at night towards the end of a week unless there’s stuff going down and you’re hoping no one will pick up on it.

  • No CEO quits justlike that. Who knows what is going one within the company.

  • N

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  • N

    The word of the day is “retire”.

  • I definitely did a double take when I saw this released late PST.

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  • Olley

    he’s probably fed up with system access fees like the rest

  • Steve-0

    Not really trolling. He’s right. Rogers has almost 10 millions wireless customers and because 15-20 come on here too bitch they are the worse company ever.

    Also this goes for Bell and Telus as well. Millions of customers, but 40 people on here say they suck, so they suck.

  • stayfa4

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  • starstruck

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  • Steve-0

    First, learn how to type.

    Second, that is not what I said at all.

    The comment of Rogers not caring about their customers was stupid. Much like every wireless company there are THOUSANDS of employees, taking care of millions of customers. So someone gets a bad rep a few times, the company is the worse in the word.

    People on here bitch too much, not that they are not valid complaints but saying a company does not care about their customer base is just stupid.

  • Steve-0

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  • Tom

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