Rogers Promo: 1 Month Free and Unlimited Incoming Calls on Contract


Rogers has offered some new promos for the holiday season to help sales agents ‘activate new customers’. For contracts of 1, 2, or 3 years, users will be eligible to receive:

– Free incoming calls for 1 year
– First month free calls, no GRRF/MSF for the first month
– MY10 Voice and Data promo plans available monthly on your own device

Dealers are not allowed to advertise the ‘first month free’ promo in stores.

The last time we saw our Canadian carriers act in unison was offer up free long distance calling for new subscribers in BC and Alberta. Expect Telus and Bell to match these offers soon?

[via MobileSyrup]


  • Radiopearl

    Go to Europe, this is free almost everywhere, all the time.
    Us Canadians are getting hosed all the time. Rogers are eFin crooks.

  • Anonymous

    Wow unlimited for 1 year. Rogers needs to offer unlimited voice, the 3G network is complete crap.

  • Valid


    CRTC finally regulates the big3 oligopoly and Rogers decides to introduce a fee on their customers that stay with them to make up for the ones that left.

    At least they’re honest about it… I guess…

    *regulates = make it easier to get some some competition into the very important emerging wireless market.

  • Kraken

    Has anyone tried to get this free Unlimited incoming added on to their plan?  If so, did they reset the contract?

  • Kraken

    Also would like to know if there is a time limit on the free Canada wide long distance for BC and AB customers on 3 year contracts.

  • Kraken

    Never mind.  I just called in and got it added to my contract.  1 Year only though, but going to see if I can call back later and get it extended for 3 years.