Rogers Promo Offers 1 Month Credit to Retain Customers


Looks like another promo has emerged from Rogers to encourage customers to stay. Last December we reported on a promo where users called into Rogers and received a one month credit to their account.

Now, it looks like a similar promo is back in an attempt to retain customers and to prevent them from ‘porting out’. The image below notes an offer where customer care representatives will be able to offer you credit for one month of service, or 50% off your bill spread over two months.

Either way, if you’re thinking of leaving Rogers this might be just enough to make you stay–or is it? Let us know if you’ve been offered this promotion from customer care.

[via Technapedia]


  • My contract with Rogers just expired and the customer service reps I’ve spoken to don’t want to talk about my interest in downgrading the account (with wifi at home and work, I need less data and fewer minutes) and one even hung up when I tried to discuss that. A one month discount on what is typically a 3 year contract? Joke. We have 4 iPhones and one BB in the house; Rogers is about to lose all 5 accounts.

  • I think its a great work done.

  • Anonymous

    I quit Robbers in September. I am very happy with Koodo’s $45 Canada wide unlimited calling & their Data Saver pack + $10 unlimited international & domestic text/MMS, VM, & caller ID. I pay around $60-65 a month since I have lots if WiFi around.
    Robbers sucks & a month free would not have kept me. With Robbers I was paying $90-100 for less.

  • Toysandme-1

    I’m with you here. It’s time to shop around.

  • Wuju007

    I was with Fido last December for almost 10 years. I gave them chance to retain me but nothing. Too late. Switched to Chatr.

  • Nightcrwlr

    You must work for Rogers…. Start thinking about your customers not how much money you have in your pockets.

  • Fgy

    Im okay with robbers. Retnesions gave me
    300 daytime mins.
    6pm-7am free calling
    6gb data
    Caller id
    3000 texts
    100 long distance
    For 59$ a month.
    No one else would match that.. So i cant place blame all on robbers.

  • Mark Morissette

    This is a typical “short term gain for long term pain” offer that only the most stupid of consumers will jump on…or savvy consumers will take, and then port out anyways once the freebie is over.

    How about Rogers just accepts the reality that they’re now grossly overpriced in the face of the competition and adjust their pricing instead?  

  • chatr= Fido=Rogers
    people should help those smaller companies not going to the big 3 :


    Wind Mobile






    Public Mobile


    Wind Mobile






    Public Mobile

  • DoctorT

    Chatr is a subbrand of Rogers!! Same way how Fido is also owned by Rogers.
    You “switched” from  one company to the exact same company. 

  • Joeblow

    never have and never will use rogers.  ever.

  • Joeblow

    wow.  720 bux a year plus taxes/fees/overages/whatever to gossip on twitter/facebook/sms .  times r a changing.  And to think some are in the 1000+ range makes me shake my head.  good luck with that

  • Kraken

    I have the same plan – 300 mins + 6GB LTE, but with MY10, R2R, Unlimited Incoming, and free Canada-wide LD , and iPhone value pack for $60.  I was able to get 1 month free as well.  But I still think we are being ripped.  A few years ago, this package could be had for $40 with credits up the ying-yang.

  • Imagequestpro

    My contract expires in July and I don’t plan on staying. Would take a lot more than that.

  • steph

    i have the exact same thing with unlimited texting. and my 5 but not 100 long distance. mine is 49 dollars a month. FIGHT FOR IT!

  • tyeunk

    when did Rogers offer this to you? i’ve had no luck at all from retentions on a similar plan.

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