Rogers Q1 2013 Activated and Upgraded 673,000 Smartphones

Rogers has announced its Q1 2013 earnings and its wireless division reports data revenue grew 22% to $762 million which helped increase average revenue per user (ARPU) up by 3.5%. The network also activated and upgraded 673,000 smartphones, with roughly 33% of these being new wireless subscribers.

Smartphones now dominate 71% of overall postpaid subscribers (an 11% increase compared to the year ago quarter), and when combined with prepaid users totals 9,376,000 total wireless users on the Rogers network.

As more and more users adopt smartphones and lucrative data plans, this revenue now represents 45% of total network revenue, a growth of 6% compared to the year ago quarter. Data revenue again helped offset a 7.3% decline in voice revenue, as customers further continue to use data for communication.

Postpaid ARPU continues to increase and ended at $68.56, increasing $1.17 compared to the year ago quarter. Adjusted operating profit for the wireless division for Q1 2013 resulted in $765 million.

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  • Ckg

    Fuck you Rogers

    And fuck you to all those dumb people who signed up with Rogers

  • K3

    ???? Anyone out there know approximately how much it will be to unlock a Rogers phone now?

  • Still $50

  • nick

    @51a8e8ee1ecd9a5dd25ee204357e057d:disqus U mad bro?

  • wuju

    really can’t wait till we get the new iPhone 5 with the Wind frequency enabled. Want to switch to save money. Anyone got one from the Apple Retail stores in Toronto?

  • Anthony W

    I really can’t wait for you to try that. An iPhone 5 with the slowest (restricted) data network in Canada. Poor iPhone 5. It’s funny you are trying to save money but buying a $700 phone in a weak network. Why don’t you save yourself money buying a cheaper phone instead? Nowadays, a $250 phone has all the features you would ever need.

  • Anthony W

    Are you mad too many people sharing the LTE in your area? 😛

  • K3

    but is that with the Platinum or Gold knee pads and why is the CEO leaving? it’s been such a fun ride.

  • wuju

    where i live and work are covered withing Wind network. I have not need for LTE, so unless people saying Wind network sucks like hell in Toronto, I would surely try. The difference is half the amount I pay for phone bill, so yeah, I would try for sure.

  • Anthony W

    That’s what I was thinking when I was using 3G. Once you have tried using LTE for a few months, there’s no going back. 3G is like dial up back in the 90’s.

  • Not really at all…..

    3g speeds are more than enough for anything you need to do on a phone. All LTE is good for is killing my battery twice as fast. Why the hell do I need 50mps on my phone? 10mbs is more than enough

  • Rokittt

    Fuk you! Who do you think you are bitch? People are free to do whatever they wish ! So duck off! Jus Sayin !!! Lmfaroff