Rogers Releases Navigator App For iPhone


So Rogers had a slight delay with the release of this app, but the Rogers Navigator is finally available!

The Rogers Navigator is an iPhone application that turns your iPhone 3G/3GS into a GPS navigation device. The app is powered by TeleNav and further features voice-guided turn-by-turn directions on the road, and re-routes users automatically if a wrong turn is made.

The app also features the following:

– Easy to use interface
– Clear voice-guided turn-by-turn directions let you keep your eyes on the road
– Real-time traffic updates with one-click rerouting to avoid congestion
– 2D or 3D color maps, available in landscape and portrait modes
– Lane Assist to help you find the correct lane while driving
– Search for nearby businesses, ATMs, or WiFi hotspots
– Speed trap and traffic camera alerts to keep you out of trouble
– Integrated with iPhone address book
– Connect with your Bluetooth to hear directions more easily
– Pre-plan trips online from your computer at
– Shake-to-Goâ„¢: navigate home simply by shaking your iPhone
– Control iPod while navigating
– Automatic map and business listing updates
– Day & night modes

The app is a free download from the App Store but the app is a subscription service. Rogers indicates that a subscription charge will appear on a user’s Rogers Wireless bill and to use the navigation application, users need to sign up to the monthly subscription option.

The monthly subscription option is a $4.99 charge each month for the voice-guided turn by turn GPS navigation application. The sign-up is done during the initial app setup and Rogers states that users can cancel at anytime from within the app by going to Tools and Extras and select “Manage My subscription”.


  • rorypiper

    $5 a month, eh? I think you'd be better off buying one of the expensive navigation apps. Just a one time cost. After only a year, you've already paid $60 for this.

  • shelley

    Too bad that Rogers hasn't allowed a free trial period so users can assess whether or not this app works well enough to warrant the subscription. Given the flaws in the design in every iteration of their web portal and their general failure to listen to their customers' suggestions and complaints, I don't think there's much hope that this app will be any good, and I'm sure not going to waste $5 to check it out!

  • mistenvoyzero

    $60 a year is likely only the start. Knowing Rogers, they'll likely also add setup and cancellations fees and/or monthly “service charges” for the privilege of dealing with them. Then there's probably tax on top of that.

    And I have little doubt that actually canceling this service will require many hours of explanation on the phone with Rogers Customer Service.

  • djepsilon

    I predict… Epic Fail.
    Who on earth would get an app that charges a subscription fee period?

  • roadcarver

    Thanks but no thanks Robbers! They should have did it this way… $4.99 for the app and no subscription fee. Perhaps Robbers was dyslexic today?

  • Telenav is the worst map source for Canada and possibly north-America…

    They should use navteq… They are more up to date…

  • Bladerunner

    Last time I had checked GPS was free. Charging for GPS, what next, Rogers charging me for “backlight screen time” or “in protectivie case charge”
    Gimme a break, its all about a revenue stream.

  • Jim

    i would imagine it will not work in the U.S. without turning on data.

  • Networx

    I bought CoPilot N/A on your recommendation when it was on sale. $19.99 is all I'll ever have to pay. TeleNav on my old BlackBerry was notorious for sending me on some strange journeys in urban areas. On the highway it's fine but it can really take you for a tour of a strange town. Not a bad app if you can get work to pick up the monthly tab.

  • Rusty Rail

    Dear Mr Rogers.
    Thanks for nothing.I downloaded your application,when I tried to open it ,you didn't want me to see if I liked the program,so I just deleted it.NO TRY,NO BUY,BYE BYE.

  • A one week trial would be a great idea.

  • Haha @ the cancelling part. Just dealing with their CSRs can be a struggle in itself.

  • hhhhhdfs

    dont but this stuff from this company,buy it from a developer .
    screw rogers

  • Sneaky devils…

    Don't forget the three year contract to subsididise the cost of developing the app… 😉

  • omfg…


  • Mistenvoyzero

    And don't forget that this $5.00 monthly fee is on top of the money you've already paid for the data usage that this app consumes, not to mention roaming charges, plus tax on top of that.

  • Mistenvoyzero

    And don't forget that this $5.00 monthly fee is on top of the money you've already paid for the data usage that this app consumes, not to mention roaming charges, plus tax on top of that.

  • The iPhone GPS is a powerful means to view your location, and get directions to anywhere you want to go.

  • Rhaynes8

    Google Navigation works just great and with no cost at all. Why would anyone buy a navigation app when this is free – voice and everything???

    Money to burn – give it to me 🙂