Rogers Reservation System: Get Your iPhone 5 In 14 days, Or Get $50


With Rogers iPhone 5 reservations beginning today, the company has just announced a new offer regarding the Rogers Reservation System for iPhone 5 and other smartphones. According to the offer, the Rogers guarantees that customers placing pre-orders will get their devices within 14 days of that device launching, or they’ll give them $50.

Here are the details:

The dates break down like this:

· If you order your device on September 14 and the device launches on September 21, Rogers guarantees that device will shipped to the store on or before October 4

· If you order your device on September 21, Rogers guarantees that device will be shipped to the store on or before October 4. 

If it does not, the $50 credit will appear on one of the customer’s next two invoices following the activation of the reserved device on their account.

Rogers customers can reserve the iPhone 5 by accessing their online MyAccount.


  • magimat

    I reserved my 32Gb white Iphone 5 earlier today with Rogers and it says I am number 359.
    You guys think I have a chance of getting it on launch day? If not, I am beginning to hope I will get it only in a few weeks after the 14 days delay so I can get a 50$ rebate.

  • I am number 640. I also would be willing to wait for a couple days and get the 50 bucks….it’d be the first time Rogers ever did something benevolent for the customers. Watch, there will be some ridiculous criteria for actualyl claiming the 50 bucks.

  • Networx

    I’m a corporate customer. I’ll get mine when my rep gets around to it….

  • Guy

    AT&T had 200,000 units for pre orders last year. With a ratio of population of 10/1 (US/Can) Rogers should get +/- 20,000 iPhone 5. That would mean about 3,150 of each of the 6 models.

  • Guy

    3,300 sorry

  • BeaveVillage

    Number 1251 here. Here’s to hoping for that $50 credit, hah.

  • Cheef

    Ordered mine this morning at 5:45 EST, was number 162, I will gladly take $50 or the phone ASAP, it makes no difference, just something much better than my current 3G

  • Guy

    277 here

  • slicecom

    Number 237 here.

  • inotel54

    number 94 32gb white

  • Yellowknifer

    I reserved a 64GB black iPhone and I’m number 728, I live in Yellowknife. I hope to get that $50 as I’m sure Rogers will not be late as usual.

  • Alex

    64 here for a 16GB white

  • Jeremy

    I was number 30 🙂

  • swotam
  • Guest

    232 & 250

  • Marty

    Fido only shows 16g phones on it’s reservations system. Has been that way for a while now…

  • FragilityG4

    The catch to this is you put down a $40 deposit … I was 112 for my 64GB White but have since moved up to 111 … Thanks whoever cancelled!

  • breed

    number 130 here

  • Mitch

    2 for 32 white

  • Hayman

    If I bought an and unlocked iPhone from apple and then also bought one from the carrier Rogers would I have to activate it on my account first then change my sim card to my unlocked version. So I was able to sell my locked version. To pay for the difference. Or can I just activate my new unlocked phone and just sell the locked one without activating it first?

  • Ryan

    I check at 5:36 am EST and get number 2 for my trouble 😀

  • jsnides

    number 350 but last year it went up and down so u never know.

  • swotam

    You put the nanoSIM from Rogers in the unlocked phone (after activating the SIM) and you’re good to go. You can leave the Rogers phone sealed in the box and sell it.

  • Hayman

    Thanks for the tip

  • bradg17

    Fourteen f*cking days? Holy shit I thought that they had it at your door on launch day. Sometimes a day or two early, or is that just apple? I thought when you pre order it you get it when it comes out, not two damn weeks later. What a load of shit I want it on the 21 not a week or two later lol

  • slicecom

    How do you see the updated number?

  • swotam

    The numbers are sort of irrelevant really, what matters is when they actually send your phone to the store. You can be #10 on the list, but if they don’t ship until the 28th you’re still waiting a week 🙂

    And keep in mind that “store stock” is not used to fulfill “reservation stock”, so people who actually go to the store to purchase can get their phones before people who reserved a phone sent to the same store.

    Just sayin’

  • swotam

    Welcome to “reserving” vs “pre-ordering” 🙁 If you really want it on launch day, line up at the Apple Store the night before or very early on the morning of the 21st and you should be good to go.

  • draz

    Go line up

  • FragilityG4

    I just went back into “My Account” and clicked on “Reserve” after it loads up it shows you the status of your reservation including the place you’re in.

  • gweed123

    Yup. I reserved a phone this morning to have it shipped to my local store in Ottawa, but on the 21st I’m actually driving to Burlington, so what I’m going to do is, assuming I don’t get an email saying my phone is available at my local store, pop into a Burlington Rogers store in the afternoon just to see if they happen to have any in stock. If they do, great, I’ll cancel my preorder. If not, the preorder is a good backup.

  • swotam

    There’s an Apple Store in Burlington (Mapleview Center) just in case you’re feeling like lining up. You can get Rogers devices there too.

  • Sarah

    I click on the “reserve” button on the Rogers website and nothing happens. No hourglass or spinning circle to indicate that anything is happening. Is this the norm when reserving?

  • gweed123

    Very true, although I need to make some changes to my plan as well while I’m resetting it (less voice, more data), so I think it’s best to go to Rogers. I used to work at the Apple Store, so I know very well how crazy launch days can get, haha. But I may stop by just to see!

  • K3

    Cant connect to Rogers site! Is it possible to reserve through the account app, cant find the option?

  • Cameron

    Should have woken up early, spot #132 here for signing on at 5:45am

  • slicecom


  • Koreograffiti

    So I wonder what time reservations started for Rogers? I reserved mine (#50 for 64GB White) at 2:57AM Pacific.

  • Trying to get into my rogers and it says it is down for maintenance. Site is super slow too.

  • No sooner written then I got in. I’m #3474

  • Kaz

    #4 for 64gb Black. Hope I get it on the day…

  • Patrick

    Rogers reservation system never work! I cannot believe one of the largest carrier cannot have a proper online system…They should call Elastic Path for advise! They are not learning over the year! is that we call customer service/customer satisfaction!

  • draz

    About 2:40am pacific

  • James

    #450 16GB Black

  • Paul

    3630 for 32Gb Black

  • K3

    ???? ???? SO…

    .. if you get a $50 credit what does it look like for set up $ ? Is there still a activation fee and if you’re resigning does an activation fee still apply?

  • FragilityG4

    Everyone else seemed to get it to work … I did find though that it did not work on my iPhone … I got to select a store and could not proceed. No problems on my MacBook.

  • marilyn

    I have been trying to reserve thru Roger site but says cannot process. Even tried at 5:30 am but no luck. If thru Apple you can only pay the $699 price. any suggestions?

  • Dave

    I’ve been refreshing since 7am… and can NEVER complete a reservation. I know volume is huge, but Rogers should do better than this. 12 hours later!? I just want to sell my soul to you for another three years…

  • Tbdharma

    So if if I was able to reserve, (955) does that mean I get the thing for the upgrade price..$289 or something like that? Where do I see how much it is costing me? Thanks.

  • Canada72

    WOW been trying to reserve since 2pm and just keep thinking it was busy, just did a chat with Rogers rep and


    Used IE 8 and got 32gig white number 2105

  • Danny

    How do I know what the upgrade fee will be? You used to be able to check online.

  • Patrick

    Few friend tried for few hours in the Vancouver area and no success. I think, they must have quotes for each provinces….Rogers should at least get a response if the reservation is working or sold out or say something…..Cuastomerservice are not helpful at all!!!!

  • Zeiss

    what happens to my place if i change reservation from 32GB to 64GB

  • thraxisp

    I assume that people realize that $40 of the $50 you get back is the reservation fee you paid in the first place…

  • Ribby

    2562 yesterday for Black 64gb. Now 1646

  • the fixer

    incorrect, you get the reservation fee back once your device is shipped. If it is shipped late, you receive your 40$ back plus the 50$ is credited to your account.

  • Cshudson

    Woo hoo!! 135 just changed to ” in progress”
    Hopefully will be here Friday !!

  • Ryan Bast

    Mine got changed to in progress as well! Does anyone have any insight as to if this means we will get our device friday?

  • ojamali

    I was number 855 on the Rogers reservation system when I first reserved my Black 64GB on the My Rogers reservation website. Placed my order around 9am-10am on launch day. but since last night I got moved to number 155. Does that mean the first 700 orders have been processed and ready to ship? My status still says “OPEN”. Wondering if my order will be processed in the first batch or later.

    BTW I called later on the same day to find out the price I will be paying and found out that Rogers was going to charge me $ 180 early upgrade fee since my 3 yr contract was scheduled to end in Aug 2013 — but they waived the entire charge. The Rogers rep who processed my order was from Retentions for some reason (my call was directed straight to retentions instead of a regular CSR — maybe b/c all CSR’s were busy) and originally offered me a 50% credit towards the Early upgrade fee but when I asked nicely she gave me a 100% credit and told me that this offer is only for today (launch day Sept 14th). Did anyone else have similar experience?

  • David Luu

    Why still use IE 9 and not Chrome or Firefox?

  • Same guy

    Down to 2410 now, it’s moving.

  • Madcatz

    Still can. Log into myrogers click on account summary. Instead of clicking on the device reservation. Click on hardware upgrade. Go troughs the steps and select any generic phone and it will show u the early upgrade fee. It is $13 / month left I your contract

  • rcDev_22

    Why does Rogers tying up customers with a 3 years
    contract while Apple announced subsidy is just for 2 years contract
    only??? Is this only in CANADA where Rogers and other providers are so
    damn GREEDY!!!

  • Iclaus

    Just spoke to my Rogers guy who has always been bang up with info so far….IF you are between 1-3000 you will get your phone Monday Sept24. the pre orders will have priority over local store stock, which has always sucked everytime I have stod in line for a phone…I am currently number 1720

  • 1440 yesterday. 919 now.

  • ac

    you will be bumped down on the reservation list. i was in the 2000s with the white 16gb, then i changed to the black 16gb and got pushed to the 4000s

  • 912

  • Siri hates Canadians

    I’m number 7300 something. I expect to get mine by xmas.

  • 904. Looks like its slowing down. Booo.

  • .. and now it says processing, email has been/will be sent. Now waiting for the email.

  • Just got my tracking number

  • Product has been delivered. I called the store but they haven’t sorted them yet. As my 3GS is pretty much useless without being plugged in I’m quite anxious to get the new one.

  • dean

    #4225 here, have any shipments actually gone out to fill the orders?

  • Mitch

    I reserved the iPhone 5 on Sept. 23 after Rogers + stores that had it in stock, refused to sell it to me because, the new phones were for new clients only. What an I after 10 years with rogers? 2nd class?

    So 14 days go by and they send a text saying they will give me a 50$ credit for not delivering within 14 days. I want the phone, forget the 50$ I want the phone. On Oct. 13 Rogers web site informs me that my order is in process, 48 hours later its still in process. How long does it actually take to put the phone in a box, slap a sticker on it and ship? Or are they assembling the phone?

    I want the phone and sick of waiting.

  • Ben Dover

    if i ordered my iphone 5 on november 22nd, how long will it take rogers/UPS to ship it to me?