Rogers Reservation System Text Reminders Sent Out Ahead of iPhone 5 Launch


Last year on September 23rd, Rogers sent out text messages speculating the next iPhone’s arrival by notifying customers they could be the “first in line for Canada for the next iPhone,” via the Rogers Reservation System, launched last May.

Four days later, Apple confirmed their “Let’s talk iPhone” media event to announce the iPhone 4S. Two days prior to the October 7th release of the iPhone 4S, Rogers and Fido sent out further text messages to encourage pre-ordering of the phone via their reservation system.

Today it looks like Rogers has sent out text messages to remind customers about how they can “reserve devices with the Rogers Reservation System,” (thanks @thegirlx!).

Of course, this time around there is no explicit hint the iPhone is coming in the message, but with the iPhone 5 media event taking place on September 12th, it doesn’t take a surgeon to figure out what Rogers wants us to do:

A reservation using the Rogers Reservation System requires a $40 deposit. It was clarified last year iPhones in store are not for the reservation system. However, you can buy an iPhone in-store then cancel your reservation and be refunded on the deposit.

How to make a reservation using the system? Easy. Just login to your MyRogers account and click on ‘Device registration’, and when the next iPhone is available just select it via the drop down menus.

Who’s going to make a device registration this year for the iPhone 5? All you iPhone 3GS users that have expired three year contracts are probably ripe for the picking right about now. Earlier this afternoon the Wall Street Journal confirmed the iPhone 5 would include 4G LTE networking, which our ‘Big 3’ carriers are more than ready for.


  • yields the Fido version of the reservation system.

    I’m waiting to see how steep the early upgrade fee is for those of us on IP4’s. By release of the i5 I’ll only have about 9-10 months left on my contract so I’m hoping there will be a decent upgrade policy in place.

  • Kamal

    Fido just launched theirs today..finally

  • Nathan

    It’s 10$ per month left but they usually have early upgrades specials 😉

  • Yep, although over the years it’s varied IIRC.

  • einsteinbqat

    Fido sent me a message at 17:30, today.

  • Tminusg

    I’ll just buy mine directly from Apple, thanks though Rogers. I’ll be sure to call retentions when I get a chance

  • xxJDxx

    Is it really worth it? I’m always curious if getting a retention plan is worth the extra money you pay for the device itself…

  • draz

    Hardware upgrade offers still apply for retention plans.

  • Wireless Rep

    Funny, I was told there will be no iPhone 5 reservations…

  • Bobby

    i can confirm this too. i was told the same thing on phone and in store. (from toronto)

  • Tminusg

    Does your phone last you 3 years? The last thing I need is to be pinned in the corner for an early upgrade by any of the big 3 because I desperately need a new phone. They are not the friendliest companies. Buy your own phone man

  • xxxJDxxx

    You’re no more pinned in the corner than you are by having to buy the phone outright to begin with.

  • sweetie <3

    How much is the new IP5 from Rogers with a contract? I am due for a upgrade.

  • Hmmm

    I got no message and the online reservation system doesnt show iPhone 5, in fact there is just one LG phone listed. Sounds like a great system, doesnt it?

  • Yep!