Rogers/Fido ‘Roam Like Home International’ Jumps in Price by 20% to $12/Day [u]


Update: looks like the price increase is also for Fido customers too (thanks Darren!).

If you are a Rogers Roam Like Home user, the price of the International option has increased in price by 20 per cent, up from $10 to $12 per day, beginning January 31, 2018, as detailed in an internal document, reports MobileSyrup. The change is also now live on the Rogers website.

The International Roam Like Home add-on allows customers to roam with their existing plan in over 100 markets.

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Today’s change also caps fees at 15 days, up from 10 days per billing cycle. This means users can expect to pay more for international roaming on a billing cycle, now up to $180 instead of the previous $100 max. In comparison, Bell’s International add-on caps at 20 days, and Telus has a max of 15 days.

The maximum cap days also apply to the U.S. Roam Like Home option, which means users can expect to be charged up to $90 per billing cycle, instead of $60.

The memo informs employees “This increase helps us balance the increased costs associated with offering the service.”

Rogers is notifying customers of the change through text messages as of today. A spokesperson told the publication “We believe the service continues to offer great value with the ease, convenience, and predictability customers expect,” while noting customers are using more data when traveling overseas.

Do you use Roam Like Home? What do you think about these changes?


  • Dany Quirion

    Well with now our phone unlocked for free we can get any SIM card.

  • D.

    Even better reason to use a local SIM like I did in U.K. before the holidays. Paid under $40 for 30 gigs!!

  • sidman

    Even worse, voicemail to text went from $5 to $7 this month, a whopping 40% increase!!!

  • BigCat

    I actually allowed myself to get locked into a slightly less than desirable plan with Rogers just, so I could access “Roam Like Home”. It’s still a good backup, but I am using it less and less all the time.

    My preferred choice as now become renting a local wireless hotspot. Great performance that can support more than one user. Just toss it in your bag and go. Japan does this type of service very well and Europe is getting better.

    Sadly, Canada is still in the stone ages with respect to this type of service.

  • So Young

    Try to remove it and maybe you’ll still have it. I removed voicemail for iphone since last october and I still have it on my phone but I clearly removed the service and I have no more charge since last october. Don’t know why.

  • BB

    How did you remove it? Call or MyRogers?

  • Riddlemethis

    Rogers and Fido customers are actually lucky. The other carriers will be following suit and increasing their prices too. You can use WiFi calling while roaming with Rogers.

    Unlike with Rogers, Bell and Telus intentionally block WiFi calling outside Canada.

  • Daniel MacGibbon

    Bell has a rate plan that includes US roaming in the base plan. I tend to be in the US often enough that it worked out to be cheaper to switch off Rogers “roam like home”. I pay $50 for the plan and then $30 for 10 gigs of data. All the data is available while roaming.

  • So Young


  • Riddlemethis

    Most people don’t need US roaming…there’s ample free calling options with VOIP apps. But that’s a decent plan you got there, if it’s still available without a corporate account.

  • Daniel MacGibbon

    It’s on their website still for Manitoba:

  • RickysCV

    So glad I got the promo from Freedom here in Abbotsford…$50 for 8GB with the usual free everything in Canada plus free roaming coverage into the US. Used to have a sim card from T-Mobility for $3/day but it was a hassle switching sim cards and I didn’t use it enough. I racked up a credit of US$120 that I had to keep paying into ($10 every 3 months). Now I will lose it and when I enquired, they won’t even give half of it to a charity. All the money stays with them. Glad to be with Freedom; phone can stay on every time I cross the border; no more using Airplane mode.

  • erth

    i used to have a tmobile simm for usa travel. then, i went from belll to rogers and really liked the roam like home functionality. $5 a day and your own number and your own data. i believe it is $6 a day now, but moving from 10 days to 15 is kind of like a kick in the ass. i think i will go back to a local simm in the future. they just don’t understand that if you charge too much, we will find a way to lesson our costs. their loss.

  • Networx

    I’ve got a corporate Rogers phone so Roam Like Home isn’t even an option for me. Rogers still sells us archaic Data Packs of 500mb for $80 and doesn’t seem likely to change that policy because corporate always pays its bills. I don’t travel for business so I would pay for those paltry packages and spend my vacation barely using my phone and obsessively checking my data usage when I did turn on Roaming. This year I’m going with a Roam Mobility SIM with 500mb of LTE data, unlimited calling in the U.S. and to Canada and unlimited texting for $4.95CDN a day. I prebooked my April vacation for our two phones during their Christmas sale and will have 1GB of LTE/day on each phone. Hell, that’s better than what I have at home and I’m really looking forward to being able to just use my phone without having to turn 3/4 of it off when I’m away.

  • Ben

    nope. Using wifi calling while roaming triggers the Roam Like Home fee, sadly

  • Bill___A

    The headline states the international Roam Like home rate has gone up 20%. Actually, that is the per day compononet only – for someone on a 15 day trip all in one billing cycle, it has gone up 80% because both the rate per day has gone up and so has the maximum days. A 15 day trip to the USA in the same billing cycle has gone up 50%. Both numbers are significantly more than 20%….if my wife and I go on a trip internationally and stay in the same billing cycle, we are paying an extra $360 instead of an extra $200.

  • raslucas

    It’s such a shame because roam like home was a really good deal… (Canadian perspective) now it’s not so much, and probably Canadian dollar related.

    What I don’t understand is how they are expecting to charge you for more than… what? 8-9 days now?

    Data roaming overages are still capped at $100 as per the Wireless code. I though this was the reason Rogers made their plans $10 a day with a maximum 10 days.

    Once the 8th day hits, Rogers will have to send you a message asking you to give them permission to charge you more?

    I wonder how that’ll work.

  • raslucas

    That’s cool! Do you get LTE access with that plan?

  • raslucas

    I don’t think it’s about the calls for most people, but the data… because you’re right, you can use apps to make calls, but not without data. And relying on wifi alone is a dangerous game to play.

  • raslucas

    Hey, would you say they Rogered the Roam Like Home plans? ?

  • RickysCV

    Yes. They use the AT&T network for roaming in the US and it gives me faster LTE than I get in Abbotsford at this point in time.

  • HavaLava24

    Hilarious!! My Bell plan $65/mo unlimited local calling, LD, text, 5GB data includes USA roaming. Only $10 more a month than Canada only plan. Rogers wants $6 a day roaming? What a ripoff. I’m in Sask.

  • HavaLava24

    My Bell plan $65 includes unlimited calling, LD, text, 5GB data Canada/USA roaming included. Canada only plan is $55, so USA roaming $10 month.

    And Rogers wants $6 a day for USA roaming?

  • HavaLava24

    Lucky? My Bell plan $65/mo unlimited calling, LD, txt, 5GB data, includes USA roaming. Use phone normally in US, no wifi calling required. I’m Sask resident.

  • HavaLava24

    Why is this even news Gary. Check out Bell share plan. USA roaming $10 month includes LD, texting and data bucket.

  • JP

    Back to local SIM then… I could stomach 100$ intl fees to use RLH in a billing cycle. At 180$, no way. In fact this was one of the main sticking reason for me to be with Rogers in the first place. Time to shop a new company regardless of roaming fees…

  • Underwood

    Good news for Roam Mobility! Once Rogers/Fido introduced RLH, I stopped using their services, but i’m back on the train for any longer trips for sure now. Internationally, the 10 day max meant I rarely bothered trying to track down a local SIM (in some countries it can be a real pain). But now I’ll gladly spend half a day trying to track one down if it means I save $100-$140 dollars!