Rogers ‘Simplified Pricing’ Talk, Text and Internet Plans Revealed


Less than a week ago word leaked Rogers was set to announce new ‘Simplified Pricing’ plans that featured unlimited talk, text and various data buckets. The exact pricing for these plans have been revealed as noted by MobileSyrup, which says there are 7 plans in total.

There are 3 talk and text plans that come with the following:

  • unlimited text, picture and video messaging
  • unlimited evenings and weekends
  • unlimited Canada-wide calling via Rogers One Number on your Mac/PC

Here’s where they differentiate: 

  • $27/month: 150 weekday minutes
  • $37/month: 1000 weekday minutes
  • $45/month: 1000 weekday minutes + 100MB data

There are 4 talk, text and internet plans that come with the following:

  • unlimited text, picture and video messaging
  • available monthly and on 3 year contracts
  • data overages $15/GB; can be shared + LTE ready
  • caller ID and voicemail: $12.79/month, included in value packs
  • local calling can become national calling for $10/month

Here’s where the 4 talk, text and internet plans differentiate:

  • “Occasional” for $55/month: 1000 weekday minutes, 200MB data
  • “Social” for $65/month: unlimited talk/text, 1GB data
  • “Streamer” for $75/month: unlimited talk/text, 3GB data
  • “Connected” for $95/month: unlimited Canada-wide talk/text, 5GB data

Considering Canadians are increasingly adopting smartphones, using less voice minutes and more data, these plans seem to meet the opposite needs of what’s happening.  

It’ll be interesting to see what TELUS and Bell respond with. We’d like to see plans that include caller ID and voicemail for the talk, text and internet plans.

What do you think of these so far?


  • Jaylay

    Highway rubbery I pretty much got the “connect plan” with fido only I got 6 gigs and a value pack all for 90 bucks and I thought that was steep! But it is Canada..

  • Seems like more smoke and mirrors from Rogers. Is it really that much to ask for cd and vm as standard in 2012?

  • Renegader

    As usual… Crap and overpriced.

  • wuju

    Bad plans. 🙁 The current Fido $57 dollars promo plan has everything. If you can live with 1G data per month. It’s the best plan I think. If anyone knows of anything better, love to hear it. Thanks.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    why dont they just stick to their 6 gig plans, its no wonder they charge so much they have to keep up with the layers of beurocracy they provide for themselves

  • Erik Kappel

    Was just going to mention that. The 57$ plan from Fido is the best deal I’ve ever seen. If by chance you go over your data, it’s 10$ extra per gig, not so bad. And everything but your mother and international calling is included! That’s what I’m on and I’m quite happy.

  • fudge64

    200 Weekday minutes
    iPhone Valuepak + visual voicemail
    6pm Early evenings
    6GB Data Plan
    gov’t regulator recovery fee (boo!)
    $65.42 + tax w/Rogers (no contract)

    Why would I switch???

  • wahgee

    I need the minutes and data. I had over 2000 min of talk time and about 2-3GB data this past billing cycle. So much for better plans.

  • MinK

    I’ve been with Rogers for 10+ years and currently, this is my plan: 6GB data, unlimited North America calling, unlimited msgs internationally and value package for $87 (including grf and tax).

  • Ill stick with my 6GB Super Plan. I do more data than talk and already have unlimited messaging.

  • MrXax

    Not impressed at all… business as usual.

  • MrXax

    Absolutely. The problem is, you can’t get it if you’re on a 3-year contract.

  • I’d say that’s its major flaw indeed. And seems like one of those stupid moves all the carriers keep making. Don’t they realize they will severely piss off anyone who sees this plan but is on a longer term contract? Just seems so shortsighted every time I see one of these “only on such and such terms” caveats. My usual advice: talk to someone in customer relations (i.e. cancelations) and hope they can do something about it!

  • gtasscarlo

    That’s why I always keep voice and data plans separate, I have the 6gb standalone plan. I might drop my $32 my10 plan and add the 1000 daytime plan, with my credits it’s still under $50 a month including data.

  • Will514

    Koodo (& Virgin) have, i feel, a better deal than the fido 57$ plan. For 60$ they have everything the Fido $57 plan but with call display and voicemail which the Fido plan doesn’t have. I actually switched from Rogers to this Koodo promo plan today. Good riddance Rogers.

  • Chad

    BS, another reason to switch

  • wuju

    Agree. Escalate to the cancellation department and see what they can do.

    Hence I rather get a contract free iPhone and I can jump between company plans when there’s opportunity to do so without the 3 year death-grip on subsidized phone contract plans out there.

  • wuju

    The Fido plans DOES have call display, and VISUAL Voice mail as well.

  • wuju

    Better double check your source. 🙂

  • F14fanatic

    Typical Rogers crap. Why would anyone give money to that company

  • susanl

    Fido IS Roger’s too. They’ve got both ends of the market now.

  • Simple way to get Call ID and voice-mail for free; threaten to walk! I haven’t paid for these features in at least a decade. Been with Bell for 16 years, and at the end of every contract, I shop around for a better plan, present it to Bell giving them first right of refusal of my business, and lo and behold, they throw those features in for nothing, along with others sweeteners so I will re-sign for another contract. As a consumer do a little homework, and your carrier practically fall over themselves offering you retention plans that severely beat their “posted rate plans” to keep you from switching.

  • K3

    SIMPLIFIED PRICING??!?- let’s talk those little credits they throw in to entice current costumers into staying.

    Sometimes those credits expire before a three year term is up and what could happen if you

    call in for an extension of those expired credits- they lock you in on another three years without clearly providing that information.

    So skip to a year later; apparently cancelling that will now cost the customer $600. However an option of obtaining the newest handset is provided and upon setting up the change the agent informs the customer that “you’re expiry is actually showing 2014”. Makes a little sense considering a year of three is already done.

    Now where do we go from here- “ah no, now you’re up in 2015…that last year doesn’t count”. “Sorry we locked you in on three without a HUP but we have you for three this time”.

    So much for customer appreciation in a more competitive Canadian market.