Rogers Still Offering $60/10GB Plan to Those Who Reached Out Before Expiry


According to numerous iPhone in Canada readers, Rogers has been reaching out to customers who inquired about the promo $60/10GB plan, but never heard back.

These customers left wondering if they were still eligible have been receiving messages on social media and phone calls, with Rogers agents offering the coveted $60/10GB plan, despite being expired.

Here’s what Rogers has been replying to some customers via Twitter:

“Hi, sorry for the delay! We’re much busier than usual so it is taking us longer to respond. While the limited time offer finished on December 19, we are completing the transactions that customers started with us over the last few days. Since you reached out to us before the offers expired, we would be happy to complete your order now.

Before we go any further, here’s what the plan comes with:

  • 10GB of data (overages $7/100MB)
  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling
  • Roam Like Home
  • Unlimited messaging from Canada to Canadian numbers (text, picture and video)
  • 2500 minutes of call forwarding
  • Call display and name display
  • Call waiting
  • Enhanced voicemail
  • Group calling

Please note, this plan is not compatible with any other promotion (i.e. Rogers NHL Live, Spotify, Texture) or discount. If you have any on your account, they will be removed once the plan change is done. You also won’t be able to switch back to your current plan once we’re done with the change.

This plan is only available if you have your own device with no flex tab, the plan is $60/month. Otherwise the plan will be $85/month or $110/month, depending on your device subsidy. As well this plan is only available for existing customers with an already active line, new customers or anyone looking to add a new line with this plan can not take advantage of this offer.”

From what we know, the $60/10GB plan remains within systems at Telus, but cannot be currently offered, suggesting the plan may come back at some point (or not).

Did Rogers/Fido contact you offering the $60/10GB plan after the Dec. 19th expiry date? Sucks to be those who could make it through via phone or were left waiting in line at retail stores.

Thanks @LTEMHz


  • LJ

    I have reached Rogers on twitter Dec 19 explaining I cant get through and hold of their reps but they never got back until now. And I was a new customer then so not sure if they will honour now cause its only for existing customers now.

  • Koodocustomer

    So is Koodo. I messaged then on Facebook because I couldn’t get through on the phone and after Christmas they messaged back and apologized. I now have the family phones on the 10GB for $60 plan.

  • Jeff

    I started a convo on messenger the last day it was offered and they got back to me this Tuesday (Boxing Day) saying sorry for the delay asked if I still wanted it and added it for me as of my next billing cycle ?

  • Steve

    Does anyone have an issue with personal hotspot on the new plan?

  • Barbara

    Telus phoned me today and I got the offer because I had left a call back message. Happy camper. I asked Telus rep about the Hotspot and he said that because they had to rush to put their plan in place that they were unable to do EVERYthing so quickly… but that the hotspot would be available in January. Thumbs up to Telus!

  • Salinger

    Existing Rogers customer who FB messaged them the final day of the promo. They got back to me almost a week later, but still offered me the plan because I reached out to them before the deadline. Well done Rogers.

  • Alvie

    I went to a Rogers store on December 19 at 6:00 pm and I was told that they already filled a list that will take them to the end of the day to fulfill therefore they can’t move me to the new plan. Would that count for anything if I call or go to a Rogers store in person?

  • Le Tuxedo

    This deal is only good if: you where paying more for less data (or same amount of data) or use the full 10GB.
    We have to be careful, it cost almost nothing to turn to give us more GB if we don’t use them.

  • Salinger

    Working fine on Rogers for me.

  • Super pissed…

    I switched from Bell to Rogers, the person who switched me put me on the wrong plan… ($25 for 100 mb plan…) I got a notification on my phone January 1 saying I’ve reached my data limit. I was confused knowing I had signed up for the $60 for 10gb.. now Rogers won’t let me on the promo plan… they are looking into it but they tried to pitch me $70 for 8gb…

  • Andrew Y

    Got this plan yesterday with Fido. I msged them via Twitter before the offer ended. They responded my msg yesterday and gave me the plan!!!

  • Kevin

    Is the data only 3g?