Rogers Launches ‘Stream Saver’: Lowers Video Quality to Save Data


Rogers has announced a new data manger feature called Stream Saver, which will limit video streaming quality so users can save data. The feature launches today for desktop users and will hit the MyRogers iOS app “in the coming days.”

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Once enabled, Stream Saver will limit streaming from high definition to standard definition (“similar to DVD quality” says Rogers). The company says it will allow a customers to watch 18 minutes of standard quality video on YouTube, versus 6 minutes for HD—using the same amount of data.

Here’s how the Rogers website describes it:

Stream Saver allows you to watch up to 3 times more video with the same amount of data that is in your current plan. By streaming content that it recognizes as video in standard instead of high definition quality (where available), you’ll get to enjoy more of what you love on your smartphone or tablet. You can turn it on or off at any time and you can choose which lines on your account use Stream Saver. Make sure you update your MyRogers app so you always have the latest features.

“We want our customers to get the most out their plan and providing solutions that allow them to manage their family’s data is a big priority,” said Raj Doshi, Executive Vice President, Wireless, Rogers Communications in a press release. “This new feature means families can stream, share on social media, and connect with what matters, worry-free.

A report last week first leaked Rogers was set to announce Stream Saver as its new data management tool.

Let us know if you plan to use Stream Saver with your Rogers Share Everything plan.


  • Jason Paler

    Instead of lowering the quality of the video stream, how about increasing the data package that is not ridiculously expensive. Our US counterparts have unlimited data packages, why not here? Let consumers truly enjoy the HQ videos!

  • Bill___A

    I have turned it on but didn’t try it yet.

  • Fiddlesticks

    Turned it on, tried it on YouTube… and it failed… typical Rogers. I set video quality to 1080p, even 1440p and it worked just fine. Rogers should learn a thing or two from US carriers – they literally force the video to stream only at 480p, regardless of the quality you pick.

  • Richard Neufeld

    I’m assuming you can still choose a higher quality manually and it will play HD. maybe it just affects the default quality?

  • Nicolas G.

    Where do you turn it on ? Can’t find where in the iOS app.

  • Did you install the latest Rogers iOS app update?

  • Nicolas G.

    yes, this morning. I can’t click on “start using stream saver”, it does nothing.

  • Paul NotLikely

    “Rogers should learn a thing or two from US carriers – they literally force the video to stream only at 480p, regardless of the quality you pick.”
    How is forcing 480p on users a good thing? Should remain a users choice.

    Always amazes me people complain about lack of choice and being controlled by large companies and then someone makes the above comment.