Rogers Tells Its Employees 375 Layoffs Coming


Rogers has informed its employees today there will be 375 layoffs coming. This comes at a time when the company faces increased competition and shrinking profits. Patricia Trott, Director of Public Affairs for Rogers told us:

“This was a very difficult decision. This is part of a comprehensive approach to cost management that we announced earlier this year. We’re managing costs in areas where it makes sense and continuing to invest in the future, driving the business forward and increasing revenue in key growth areas like machine to machine, mobile video and mobile payments.”

300 similar job cuts were announced in March, and this time around cuts will involve a variety of skills including management and sales positions, noted Trott.

Rogers latest quarterly earnings in 2012 Q1 resulted in $2.95 billion in revenue that missed analyst expectations and $305 million in profit, down compared to $2.99 billion in revenue and $335 million in profit from the year ago quarter. The company still though had record smartphone activations though, and has recently noted a ‘bring it on’ attitude towards increased wireless competition.


  • FragilityG4

    Well when you but the Maple Leafs you have to make up the money somewhere … Cable price increases, tighter retention deals and of course layoffs … Sad actually but I guess that’s how they became so big …

  • JMCD23

    Yet they’re opening a standalone store in a dumb location here in London. Silly Rogers.

  • Way to help Canada Rogers! Raise all rates, buy all sports teams, and lay off all employees! Go Capitalism! For all you dorks out there who believe in de-regulation and free market, take a stroll around Rogers offices to check employee attitudes and work ethics before you speak. These corporations are riddled with Overpaid CEO’s, top heavy organization, and low morale. RIP Ted. The days of innovation and a promising future for your company are over. Mohammed will offshore all your dedicated employees, send your customers back to Bell, and eventually sell to the highest bidder. “The only way to solve the problems now besetting mankind is to eliminate completely the exploitation of dependent countries by developed capitalist countries, with all the consequences that this implies.”

  • ticky13

    Obviously the layoffs suck for those people, but I hope Rogers dies a horrible, horrible death sooner rather than later.