Rogers Travel Packs Get More Voice Minutes, Double Data on Select Plans [u]


Rogers has announced new updated Travel Packs for customers who roam to the USA. The company says they have doubled the data and increased voice minutes by up to one hour on select packs.

Now, we’ve simplified our Travel Packs to make it easier than ever to pick the one that’s right for you.  We’ve cut prices while more than doubling the amount of data and minutes on select packs – just in time for the busy holiday travel season.

You can check out the updated Travel Packs below:

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Rogers customers can add roaming to their accounts by texting TRAVEL to 7626 (free).

The company says users will be automatically subscribed to their $7.99/day 50MB roaming pack if they travel to the USA and aren’t subscribed to a travel pack. Users can text USAGE to 3330 to check usage and will be texted usage alerts when data reaches 50%, 80% and 100% allotments.

Canadians with an unlocked iPhone have options when traveling down South, such as using Roam Mobility or a local carrier SIM card as well.

Update: Here’s clarification from Rogers via email on what changed:

Before this launch, we had three Talk & Text packs and one Talk, Text and Internet pack.  With the new offers we have two Talk & Text Packs & two Talk, Text & Internet packs – small and large options for each to make it easier for customers to choose what they need depending on how they use their phones.

With that said, we’re adding 200MB of data to a pack that used to be a Talk & Text pack only. We’ve also more than doubled data on the other pack – from 200MB to 500MB – and reduced price on both.

The Talk & Text Travel Pack with 100 minutes used to include 40 minutes. These new Travel Packs deliver more value and are in line with how customers use their phones today.



  • Cyrus

    This is still not worth it. Would rather buy a local sim and get 100 times more data

  • Erik Weimer

    You guys rock for keeping up with the new plans and posting details. Regardless if I’m going for them or not, love to hear about what’s going on.

  • Thanks Erik!

  • K3

    Speaking of travel- would anyone know if the mobile device insurance through Rogers is a waste of $10 a month?
    The rep said if anything would happen a new phone would be provided but the paper work mentions it as a refurb replacement so just not sure about it now.

  • JohnWayneW

    T-mobile just started with free data roaming and free text roaming. Rogers should catch up.

  • Vartan Kaprielov

    Free incoming roaming text messages for travel pack subscribers? If I’m not mistaken, incoming texts are free even if you don’t subscribe to travel packs 🙂