Rogers Updates iPhone Value Packs To Include Name Display


As Fido has updated their $10 iPhone Value pack to include Name Display, Rogers has now also quietly introduced the change to its own iPhone Value packs.

The iPhone 3.1 firmware update brought many new changes and updates to the iPhone but one of those changes was finally supporting Name Display.

Many carrier plans include (some don’t!) features such as Caller Display and Name Display but what many people do not realize is that those two features are not the same.

To summarize, Caller Display displays an incoming caller’s phone number while Name Display shows that caller’s name that they have on their account. This will occur even if the person who is calling is not in your iPhone contact list.

Well, effective November 3, 2009, Rogers has updated their two $20 iPhone Value packs and single $40 iPhone Data Value Pack to include Name Display. New customers of the value packs will have the feature enabled right away but existing customers will have to call Rogers and make the switch to the new value packs (same prices).

$20 iPhone Visual Voicemail Value Pack (WhoCalled taken off)

  • Call Display with Name Display (Name Display is new)
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Unlimited Sent/Received Text Messages
  • Unlimited Sent/Received Picture/Video Messages
  • Plan Code: VPKSRA00Q

$20 iPhone Value Pack (can only be added to the two official iPhone Plans)

  • Call Display with Name Display (Name Display is new)
  • Unlimited Sent/Received Text Messages
  • Unlimited Sent/Received Picture/Video Messages
  • Ringbacks
  • 6PM Early Evening Calling
  • Plan Code: VPKSRA00M

$40 iPhone Data Value Pack (WhoCalled taken off)

  • Call Display with Name Display (Name Display is new)
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Unlimited Sent/Received Text Messages
  • Unlimited Sent/Received Picture/Video Messages
  • 500MB Data
  • Plan Code: VPKSRA00K

Note: Use the above plan codes when calling Rogers because chances are Rogers reps will have NO idea what you are talking about.

Note 2:

For older iPhone Value Pack owners, you should try to get Name Display added because you are entitled to it compared to similar non-iPhone Value Packs. Rogers will push back but make sure you push right back at them.

For example, someone with an older $20 iPhone Value Pack that did not have Name Display can now call today and have Name Display added for free (same dollar amount for the Value Pack). But someone that has a $35 iPhone Value Pack, which was increased to $40 from $35 because of MMS, is also entitled to Name Display by simply looking at how $20 Value Pack customers get the feature for free by moving to the same $20 Value Pack but that it now has Name Display.

Name Display has been around on all other non-iPhone value packs prior to this change today. Yet customers who have the $20 value pack with no Name Display can easily call and have their existing $20 value packs that are Name Display-less upgraded to the Name Display included Value Pack and the price would stay the same at $20. So there is no reason why the $35 pack should not get it for free as well.

The cleanest option is to add Name Display as a standalone feature and receive a monthly credit for it. When you call Rogers, they will push back and play dumb, using gems such as “Name Display cannot be added alone”. Well, it can.

The SOC code for Name Display on its own is “NAMEDPLY2” and it is $2.00/month (but Rogers won’t tell you that, instead they will try to make you upgrade your whole Value Pack). However, the first Rogers rep you speak with may not be able to provide a monthly credit for it, in which case, ask to move to Retentions and make your case there.

Remember, be nice with Retentions and play the injured puppy role using ideas such as that you are paying more for your Value Pack than someone else that has a $20 pack for example and yet those cheaper Value Packs get Name Display for free by simply switching from $20 Value Pack to $20 Value Pack.

Good Luck.

Rogers Release

Rog Name Dis


  • Dusty

    So many updates/changes between carriers im just getting lost of whats new and old lol

  • so if i call to get it activated will it renew my contract?

  • No

  • dudemaster

    Holy moley! I am on hold & the Rogers CSR has no clue what I am asking for with name display!!

  • Haha…maybe ask again or direct them to the Rogers website. I've done that
    before. It's quite an interesting feeling explaining a feature on the Rogers
    website to their own employees.

  • It is on the website yet!

    I will find the plan codes and post them

  • What do you mean by this:

    $20 iPhone Value Pack (can only be added to the two official iPhone Plans)

    Which are the two official iphone plans?

  • dudemaster

    The CSR figured it out after putting me on hold for 10 minutes. She was very polite & thanked me for calling & helping her learn something new. She did say that the CSR's were not informed. She told me of the codes that you posted. Thanks!!

  • X1Zero wins again!

  • Rover

    does anyone know if the old $35 iPhone value pack can add this name display?

  • I think if you call Rogers, get them to add name display for free with
    a credit or change to the $40 pack and have them put a $5 credit on
    the account

    I have that value pack as well.

  • J-F Roy

    I call Rogers to ask about the Name display and they tell me this option is not for the Iphone only the phone number will appear???? And I check with my contract and the option is there but only the phone num ber appear on my phone, and I have the latest version 3.1.2. Thanks

  • Gwen

    I just got off the phone with rogers. The rep had no clue what I was talking about, but I provided the codes you posted. Seh then put me on hold for about 5 minutes, came back and said that they are not avaialbe yet becasue they are not in their system. BAH!!! So frustrating!!! Guess I will have to try again in a few days?

  • Turbo

    Rogers doesn't understand anythings… after speaking with 3 reps, no one understands how to just add name display. I tried giving them the SOC code, but they wont listen….

    Will wait another day or so and call back. Hopefully I'll find someone who understands.

  • Snake

    I called yesterday and had my $20 plan changed to the new one. I can't stand the 'WhoCalled' feature so I was more then happy to change plans instead of adding 'NameDisplay' to the original one. Note 2 makes sense, if you care about 'WhoCalled'.

    After getting a rep, I told her what I wanted and the plan code. She couldn't find it at first but then put me on hold for 1 min. She came back and managed to switch it all up, even repeating back to me what I had prior (had WhoCalled and no NameDisplay to NameDisplay and no WhoCalled). She was nice and made jokes so I have no issue at all. She even said that she has an iPhone and doesn't mind the WhoCalled service, but it can get annoying.

    I'm still not getting names on my display yet. I read is might only work if the carrier supports it that's calling you. I think that was in an Apple press release.

  • LoWd0Wn

    Hey thanks for the tip!!
    That was great.
    I called Rogers and as always now I go thru to Retentions as Customer Service never seems to be able to help me out – but it is way tougher getting thru to Retentions these days.
    I have the old 35.00 iPhone Value Pack and they said No to the addition of Name Display but I did as you said – Push back.
    And finally she said – let me check as sometimes when something is added for free it will take off another credit that was given to you previously by the system.
    She came back and said that it went fine and no changes to my account,
    So I got it for free!!

    Many thanks for this1

  • IpSo

    Rogers is hilarious. I have the $35 value pack right now, and the first person I talked to said I ALREADY had Call Display with Name display, but of course it has never worked, so they INSISTED that it must be a technical support issue (after talking to two other departments).

    So they forwarded me to tech support and they said I don't have Name Display on my account. I told them the last person said I did, so whats going on? They forwarded me to some other department, who said it would cost $8/month to add name display.

    So I pushed back some more and now they claim Name Display “fell off my account” and they will try to get it put back on. I'm not waiting on hold while they attempt to pick up my Name Display off the ground and place it back on my “account”.

    Lets see if it actually happens…lol.

  • warpdrive

    I just talked to 3 CSR's and a iPhone tech support fellow. The tech support guy informed me the iPhone will not disply the name unless it's in the contacts, like it has always done. I replied with, “well why would they add the option onto their value bundles?” The guy was as smart and informative as a bag of frozen pucks. So here I sit without name display…. still.

  • LOL @ frozen bag of hockey pucks comparison.

  • warpdrive

    So… I should have thought of this before…. I decide to reboot the phone… now it works… but tech support still believes the 3GS can't have the feature…. Three ring circus my friends…

  • Dan

    I upgraded to the new iPhone value pack and am definitely not getting the Name Display feature.

    Could this have anything to do with the fact I have been keeping up-to-date with my jailbreak(3.1.2) and remain at 04.26 baseband?

  • inotel54

    i have the same problem i callled rogers iphone tech and they didnt even know the iphone could support the name display he tried lot of stuff never worked i think its a baseband problem

  • inotel54

    still witht he tech support for 2 hours from now , he just told me that its “beta” the name display so some users might work and some not … does anybody had success wit the 4.26 baseband or need 5.22 ?

  • scat19

    I LOVE this site! Thanks so much for the plan codes. I asked for the new vvpack and she said, but you have it.

    I quoted the plan code and bingo, success. You guys are the best.

  • Cheers! We're happy it worked out for you! 😉

  • scat19

    I LOVE this site! Thanks so much for the plan codes. I asked for the new vvpack and she said, but you have it.

    I quoted the plan code and bingo, success. You guys are the best.

  • Cheers! We're happy it worked out for you! 😉

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