Rogers/Fido Post Internal iPhone 4 Coming Soon Notice


The Apple press conference on Friday July 16, among addressing the iPhone 4 reception issue, also announced the July 30, 2010 release date for the iPhone 4 in Canada.

Bell was the first Canadian wireless carrier to get their iPhone 4 July 30 splash page up which indicated that Bell was going to be carrying the iPhone 4 (obviously).

Now, Rogers/Fido have posted internal notices that the iPhone 4 is coming soon. The notices indicate that more information will be released when available and in the meantime, to refer customers to the Fido or Rogers iPhone pages.

I particularly like the last line in each posting:

“Until you receive official information, please do not speculate with customers on launch dates or pricing.”

I guess it is not good enough for Rogers/Fido to tell customers the iPhone 4 is coming July 30, 2010, even when Apple CEO Steve Jobs says so.

Fido Notice

Rogers Notice


  • ME

    You have no basis for that statement. Rogers has released the previous two iPhones when they were scheduled to be released in Canada. If you have a problem with Rogers go to and complain to someone who cares.

  • Pjagoe

    Well the Apple site ( doesnt even have an update yet either, so even though I would love to rail on Rogers for being so behind the 8 ball, if Apple cant be bothered to update their site either, I guess we are going to be waiting for quite a while until we can actually get our hands on an iPhone 4 here and with the absence of being able to buy an uncommitted phone from Apple U.S, we are just left holding our……….well iPhone 3's πŸ˜‰

  • B@tman

    I just hope they allow current iphone user to upgrade at the discounted price, like they did with the 3GS.

  • Dollardprod

    i hope the 6gb data plan for 30 doll will be released soon too!

  • PS – the iPhone is coming to Canada on July 30th. Get your iPhone 4 advent calendars now!

  • Yeah that's always a great plan to get people to sign on for 3 years!

  • Aaronpv

    I received a reply to an email I sent my corporate rep today (Rogers). He has always been very helpful and never offered information in the past that was not accurate. FWIW, he told me that he has been told to “set people's expectations of actually getting an iPhone after August 2nd.” He also added “Normally you must wait two years to upgrade but I've heard (rumors only) that Rogers may change their rules for the new iPhone”

    I know, more, “my ex-wife's dogs cousin knows someone said…”, but thought I would share anyways

  • PS

    I got on that plan when it first came out with the iPhone 3G. Rogers even let me take the plan when I was still on a Treo at the time.

  • Adrian

    rogers always does everything late. they are so slacking idle

  • AC

    Apple news on pre order really soon. Got some ninja's gathering info as we speak. will know if we even get it

  • Ex


  • Shadow

    You can always get a UK friend to send you one… =)
    Apparently unlocked ones are available there too…
    A friend of mine in London offered to send me one but I'm hoping Bell offers me some discount even though I upgraded to a 3GS on the Nov launch day….

  • Shadow

    You can always get a UK friend to send you one… =)
    Apparently unlocked ones are available there too…
    A friend of mine in London offered to send me one but I'm hoping Bell offers me some discount even though I upgraded to a 3GS on the Nov launch day….

  • Jj

    Ridiculous! What are they waiting for? Are they going to tell us on the day of release? It's July 19th for heaven sake!

  • tmang

    *sigh* please fido… PLEASE FIDO!!! when are you going to release the info on iPhone 4 ã… ã… 

  • tmang

    exactly! I don't understand the companies sometimes..

  • Lmfao at the last line of the emails. Oh my, can't stop laughing. Wait until Rogers breaks the secret to there customer., everyone will just laugh. Aha.

  • wait.. do you think there'll be pre orders ?

  • Franx

    Hey Fido, where is the “number one in customer satisfaction” hidding now?

  • Steve Jobs never said anything about the iPhone coming to specific carriers in Canada or anywhere in the world. I know it's a long shot, but there's a nuance.

  • draz

    Is that a hint that Rogers will not get it on July 30th? That would be very bad for them if they lose out on release day!

  • Anonymous

    Well… while we all wait to see what happens, we can learn the lyrics to this tasty jam:

    LMAO @ 0:50!!!

  • Bruce

    I'm 1 year away from my renewal date and they said if I renew now that I still need to do the remaining year and THEN they add another 3 – so they want to tie me up for 4 years!!! Ummm, no.

  • B.m

    Rogers was rumoured to have lost there Apple contract. This could mean that they are not getting it on the 30th. Sources I have heard from say that bell and virgin mobile will be the first companies to get it……

    On July 30th, I dont think rogers will have the iphone 4 and I will stand behind that…..

  • ikris

    My guess is Apple will update its site when the infomation on the free case is revealed. So likely later this week. Apple will update all of its sites at once.

  • B.m

    Rogers secrete is that they rip off customers left right and centre……. Not really something people dont know… They wont get it on the 30th. I am 99.9 % sure about that.

  • B.m

    Rogers secrete is that they rip off customers left right and centre……. Not really something people dont know… They wont get it on the 30th. I am 99.9 % sure about that.

  • Jeff

    I have Friday off…If Rogers blows this and releases it later when I'm at work, I will stab something

  • mitch

    I know Apple can activate the iPhone in store for carriers, but if I pre order a phone and get it sent to me through the Apple web site it only comes as the unlocked version right? I would have to pre order for in store pick up and then activate it there instead? I don't really feel like driving 3 hours to my nearest Apple store in order to pick up the phone and activate it with Rogers there. I'm hoping they can send it to me already locked with Rogers and then i just go to my local Rogers store to choose my plan on release day.

  • Geoff

    The contract term tops off at 3 years for Rogers/Fido AFAIK.

    e.g. 2 years remaining on current contract + “3 year contract renewal” = 3 years again

  • IPHONE99

    im moving to bell and pay early termination fee if rogers does not have it on the 30th.

  • BNHabs

    Do you think Apple will take pre-orders for the unlocked i4 this week?

  • Tyler

    Since bell has stated they are getting the iPhone 4 on the 30th, can we assume telus will as well? since they both share the same network.

  • Ex

    I don't think so.

  • Colem

    I say tomorrow. Free case/pre orders plus magic trackpad(FCC released today). They love to release stuff the same day or day before their conference call (tomorrow). In the US the iPhone pre orders started on the day mac mini was updated. I say tomorrow or wed.

  • draz

    No do not assume this. They are still separate companies.

  • rorypiper

    If Apple Canada is to follow the same model as Apple US, we should get about 10 days of pre-orders. So July 20th – 21st, pre-orders could start. Although, the US even had the pre-order date announced way ahead of time, so it's not looking good for pre-orders in Canada. I'm thinking you'll have to get in line.

  • Tyler

    Well I guess one can only still hope haha cmooon telus..

  • Dappa_d

    Will I be able to get an unlocked iPhone 4 in Canada on Jul 30????

  • draz

    Well you will be able to get an iPhone 4 in Canada on July 30th. Whether it is locked or unlocked, only sold by one carrier or all of them remains to be seen.
    But in one form or another, we will have the iPhone 4 in Canada on July 30th =D

  • Me

    I'm getting my iPhone 4 through a corporate account. :-))))

  • Chrome262

    in Aug, i have 6 months left, so i guess i will be able to renew. the issue i am having is that i would rather do it all online so thats going to take a while. Not going to wait in line always so disappointing lol

  • Chrome262

    I wonder why they don't offer the carrier discounted phone on the site. they could do it i think. Sure its a lot of carriers, but they just started offering the unlocked version. Maybe when they drop att they will also drop that option from the apple store. hummmm

  • zholy

    Now that it will be available in Canada July 30th, I will test this phone myself and see what others are talking about and experiencing. Right now my 3GS is working fine.

  • draz

    Fido contracts stack. Rogers does not
    So yes you can be locked down to a 4 year contract with Fido if you were to renew starting at the 14month left in your contract. So it does happen. Rogers just renews from the date of the HUP without stacking.

  • s-j-t

    I'm in Vancouver. I really want to get an Iphone 4 in white on launch day. Which location do you think would have the most in inventory? My carrier is Fido. Anyone else in Vancouver planning on lining up pre-open?

  • VancouverBlade

    With Fido they add a three year contract onto the remaining time on your existing contract. An an example I have a year left of my 3G Fido deal; if I opt to upgrade and get the 4 then they will add the new three year deal to my existing 1 remaining deal. I know this sounds crazy but I checked with a Fido CSR and explicitly asked this question.

  • Matt

    Prepare for that 0.1% to bite you in the a** then.

  • Chocoalte + iPhone? My Two Favorite Things! Someone should totally make these! πŸ˜‰

  • Is it wrong me of me actually Hope that the Rogers launch is delayed (by 1 day?) I'll be on Vacation on the 30th 100km away from the nearest Rogers/Apple store πŸ™

  • Jordan

    Question: for us Fido users who are going to be grabbing our iPhone 4's from the Apple Store, are we still able to use our Fido Dollars there? Or is that something that has to be done specifically through Fido locations? Thanks.

  • draz

    Nooo……! No more delays!

    But hey like past years, hopefully you can get the iPhone 4 the next day at your closest store =)

  • Ex

    Apple Stores have the same access as Fido. Fido dollars can be used.

  • I'm going to Oakridge Mall at around 4 a.m. with 3 other peeps I met on twitter πŸ™‚ do you wanna join us?

  • Spkphotos

    The only reason I think Apple will allow pre-orders is because they did so with the iPad.
    We'll probably know for sure within the next couple of days.

  • Jm Boily

    Once again we'll get all the important details at 10PM on july 29th…

    It's like they don't even want to correct the mistakes they made for the last two launches.

  • Belimse

    I have a contract with Rogers and 2 years and 9months left. Which way is the best option for me to get an iPhone4 as cheaper price? Just unlocked one from Apple store or renew 3 year contract with full cancellation fee?
    Do I have to buy an extra micro simcard from rogers?

  • SF

    I think you can only order unlocked phones from

  • Laura

    no pre-orders in canada…know someone who works in the Apple store in Mississauga and they just had their launch meeting and there was no mention of pre-orders. there were no pre-orders for the 3g or 3gs or ipad…so dont expect it for this…although i wish they did, it would be nice since i have to work….i now have to get there super early and hope to not be in line for long to make it to work for 10am

  • s-j-t

    I was thinking of going to either Pacific Center on account of the Apple store being there or Metrotown on account of the larger amount of retailers in the area ex-Best Buy, Futureshop, etc. Not sure which one is my best bet quite yet. Oakridge is kinda far for me does it have many retail locations to choose from?

  • Kazakb

    on july 30th would it be possible to just order the phone online? from the apple site?

  • Ex

    Apple Store is guaranteed to have thousands in stock.

  • haxple

    In the meantine just send them to /dev/null

  • I called a local Burlington Rogers dealer July 19 , he was told July 30th by Rogers and he is getting 60 units ..

  • AppleFly

    If you look at the source code on Rogers' iPhone 4 comming soon page there are lines of text talking about pre-order registration…

  • Diegese

    Apple store for sure… and it will be unlocked!!! πŸ™‚

  • Any news on iPhone 4 on Fido? I'm getting worried now that there will be no iPhone4s for Fido by July 30th.. mm πŸ™

  • Ex

    Rogers and Fido will both launch iPhone 4, but if you want one on launch day for sure, go to Apple Store

  • frankthetank

    What would be a suggested time to go lineup at an apple store? I am off work at 11:30pm, would it be suggested to sleep over night?

  • Ex

    What is your closest store?

  • frankthetank

    Yorkdale shopping centre in Toronto and I am in Whitby. which is about a 30 min drive.

  • Ex

    If you don't care about being first in line and just want to be guaranteed a
    phone, show up around 4/5AM.

  • Rathbone

    whats your recommendation of the time to show up at the mall nearest me? Rogers inside the mall will not be opening early, due to mall policy of only opening at 10:00. If they mall will be opening at 10:00am, what time do you think I should arrive to be assured a phone from Rogers. I live in London Ontario, closest Apple store is in Toronto (2hrs away)

  • frankthetank

    Does anyone know if I show up at the Yorkdale mall in Toronto at midnight the night of and camp out over night will they let me in the mall to wait?

  • Rathbone

    most likely no, alot of malls wont let people in after closing or before opening due to potential of break-ins and what not. we will most likely have to wait outside the mall until the mall opens

  • bcp

    is oakridge going to be open that early?

  • RAAP

    What entrance is closest to the apple store in Oakridge? I'm thinking of going there too!

  • Jackasszilla

    I just want to know what the basis is on these so called claims…. Where do they rip you off left, right and center? If that is the case back up you post with some evidence of how they rip the consumer (you) off…


    question : im gonna go to fair view mall at 4.00 am so do they open all doors or only main entrance ??

  • I can only think of the main entrance.. or the entrance from zellers I think.. I don't remember!! I'm going to the mall today to plan everything for the launch date.. hahaha

  • frankthetank

    Well there are several mall entrances, do we just line up at the closest entrance and make a run for it when the mall opens?

  • no but it's good to be in the line up early to get IN to the store fast haha

  • frankthetank

    Oh yeah forgot about fairview, much closer then yorkdale for me. I am also interested in camping out, knowing what door will be opening will hope tremendously. Any idea if the white iphones will be available too?

  • Robert

    This will be my first time to get an iPhone. Do Apple Stores really carry that much stock?!

  • chzplz

    I was 100% sure I was going to buy mine outright from Apple, but… I'm a wee bit nervous about the antennagate issue. Regardless of how much of a real problem it is, it might impact the resaleability…

  • Sparky

    Btw Rogers released a Carrier Settings Update (7.2). πŸ™‚

  • 6daniel

    i just hope they will have enough supplies at the fido mall kiosks, its the only one in my city.

  • Ralph

    ya i think we are going have to wait until the 29th in order to get the info from Rogers and Fido…just like last year

  • Jessica

    I'm also wondering if the white iphone will be available? I haven't decided which apple store im going to yet….it seems a bit odd to stand outside the MALL entrance and then make a mad rush for the Apple store when the mall opens? hmm…

  • bcp

    Which doors are you going to be waiting by?

  • Probably the main entrance or the Zellers or Sears (the closest department store to the Apple store) exit entrance.. haha

  • Jim

    Someone's gonna get fired for that!

  • Matt

    Ok well civilized people will honour the order of the line that was outside.

    I've worked in a mall before, the actual mall opened around 5am for the creepy elderly mall walkers, but the actual Apple store will not open until later. They might be able to open an hour early, but the mall has fairly strict guidelines when stores can open/close. They will probably get permitted to open earlier than 9-10…..or not, I don't know. Malls are strange.

  • JonnyDub

    Yup, but it would be unlocked. We won't be able to order iPhones locked into contracts from

  • JonnyDub

    I have to say I'm thinking the same thing. I still really wanna get one but that antenna thing makes me a little concerned. I'm pondering not getting one until after Sept. 30 to see if they'll have a fix for it or just getting one at launch.

  • Krish

    my closest apple store is in pacific mall in vancouver so what time do you guys suggest for me to be there to be first in line or for sure to get a iphone 4.

  • Steve

    What the earliest you guys are planning on lining up? I wonder if we will have any people lining up days before? lol

  • 6daniel

    I was going to go there but its 2 hour drive from maple ridge so i'm going to my closest fido store. Maybe at 5am because there are alot of people in downtown who want it.

  • 6daniel

    anyone in pitt meadows or maple ridge B.C planning on getting an iphone 4 on the 30th?

  • 6daniel

    i'm going to be at my closest fido store at least 45 mins before they open up, i dont think they are going to run out because the population of my city is only 80 thousand and theres like 2 other telus and bell stores. So i hope not alot of people will be getting them from fido.

  • SF

    If there are no preorders, can we atleast order online on July 30th from How long will that take to ship?

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  • JonnyDub

    Yes, I believe so. Unlocked and locked ones should be available on launch. It would be stupid if they weren't.

  • JonnyDub = only unlocked iPhones
    Apple Store = Locked or Unlocked
    Rogers/Bell/Telus = Locked

  • Onne2slick

    I have never purchased an iPhone directly from the Apple store before. Can someone tell me the process of this? I am on Fido, and they do have an advantage with Fido Dollars, which I hope to use towards the iPhone 4 in order to get a discount. Can I do this at the Apple store as well? Or only at the Fido store?

  • Ex

    Step 1. Walk in.
    Step 2. Ask for iPhone.
    Step 3. Pay.
    Step 4. Leave.

  • Happiphone

    I don't think Apple takes anything other than Canadian Dollars

  • Ex

    They don't accept foreign currency.

    Credit, debit, and Canadian cash is fine.

  • Artie

    LOL yeah make a mad dash, dont get trampled, good luck





    get your heads outta your asses and calm the f**k down, you’ll find out things when you need to know them.

    and for those people expecting to upgrade after having your phone for less than 2 years, your prolly gonna be real dissapointed, so suck it up and deal with it.

  • bcp

    i wonder what time the mall doors will ACTUALLY open and if the apple store will open earlier that day… hmmm..

  • Ex

    It will open earlier.

  • RAAP

    I believe your able to use your fido dollars at an Apple store.

  • Ex

    That is correct.

  • Reheat

    Any news on a 6gb plan?

  • websnap

    They are getting it on launch, but no pre-orders. I got that much from the sales rep.

  • websnap

    I spoke to a guy @ a local Rogers here in Winnipeg on monday and he specifically said there will be no Pre-orders. Was there a pre-order scenario for the 3GS?

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  • richy

    Will this whole antenna issue for the Iphone 4 be fixed before they release their product in Canada?

  • Seff

    Does that mean I can renew my Fido plan at the apple store also?

  • Ex


  • Bigdoug


    So that you're not “JUST A REALLY GETTING STUPID…” and rather than looking so foolish yourself. Check your spelling and grammer before you post something. It's worth the extra few moments.

    Best regards,

  • Yeah, I'll totally join you guys! πŸ˜€

    Did you figure out the best entrance to be at?

  • Tamoodyong


  • Jordan

    Thanks Ex, appreciate it!

  • Tamoodyong

    I am a Rogers customers for so many years and I dont get shit from them. I am praying that Rogers dont get iphone 4 so Bell and Telus beat Rogers ass.

  • iphone4

    white ones not coming out on launch day its going to release in a few months. I would stick with the black one

  • iphone4

    Whites not coming out until Christmas time.

  • iphone4

    Hey just to let you two know. People have reported that their iPhone 4's (out of the new batch) no longer have this issue because they tried to recreate it and the bars would not go down.

  • iphone4

    Hey just to let you two know. People have reported that their iPhone 4's (out of the new batch) no longer have this issue because they tried to recreate it and the bars would not go down.

  • Jarndt08

    I just talked to a guy at the Londonderry Telus store here in Edmonton and he said that due to limited supplies stores are only going to have 15 handsets opening day. Is anyone else hearing anything like this? That sounds ridiculous to me.

  • Davie

    Any suggestions about where the best place is to get an iphone4 on launch day in London, Ontario? No apple store here. I phoned Bell and they said there are no guarantees that they will have the phone on July 30.

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