Rogers’ Shomi to Launch PS4, XBox One Support this Month


Rogers and Shaw’s joint streaming service shomi, is set to hit more gaming consoles later this month. The company’s website has been updated to note XBox One and Playstation 4 support is “coming in January”.

Screenshot 2016 01 03 13 17 48

Rogers customer support has also started informing customers it’s coming later this month (with no specific date provided), while the shomi “activate my console” page already lists the PS4, as seen below:

Screenshot 2016 01 03 13 24 08

Last May, Apple TV users in Canada gained dedicated app channels for shomi and Bell’s CraveTV; the latter was supposed to launch for all Internet users on January 1, 2016.

Currently, CraveTV is offering its users an advanced screening of upcoming SHOWTIME drama, Billions, set to debut on January 17.

Thanks Kyron!


  • mxmgodin

    Really nice!
    Still waiting for The Movie Network to make a native Apple TV app for TMN GO, or at least PS4. The iOS app supports AirPlay, but it’s not the best solution there is…

  • KIII

    This is why I wonder if Rogers actually owns some portion of Shaw. In time there will be so many streaming service options to choose from that something like Shaw cable will be redundant.

    Does anyone know of a site that would list current shows on Shomi? Before signing up it would be great to see just how they compare to Netflix.

  • Prashanna

    Don’t bother getting show me it’s not worth it sick stick with Netflix in and use a BBN I recommend going to Netflix around the and they will tell you all the countries listed so typing a movie or TV show you want and in appear which will be in each country I recommend using VPN hotspot Shield that’s what I use it’s an app that works

  • prashanna

    I’m recommended getting VPN HOTPOT SHIELD its in App store and go to the site has all the listing show you

  • McNucklefuts

    It would be real swell of them if they could write a working iOS app while their at it…

  • KIII

    Thanks I’ll try that.

  • KIII

    Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

  • Paul G

    So, they launched the PS4 app already apparently, but no sign of the xbox one app. some transparency would be really nice. Just tell us what the hell is going on. Is that so much to ask?