Sportsnet for iOS Adds Additional NHL Games for SN Now Subscribers


Rogers Sportsnet for iOS has been updated to bring more NHL games to Sportsnet NOW subscribers, such as Hockey Night in Canada national games, regional games on SN Flames, SN Oilers, and SN Vancouver channels. Regional blackout restrictions will apply.

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Sportsnet NOW costs $24.99 per month and offers live streaming sports available from Sportsnet, from any device you own or the web (and Apple TV). The service launched earlier this spring, as a streaming option to target cord cutters.

Click here to download Sportsnet for iOS in the App Store.


  • FragilityG4

    How about some stability? They advertise as being better than “illegal” feeds but the feed freezes and crashes all the time. Take a page from their new partners book, Netflix. That’s how you stream.

  • raslucas

    The annoying part of it is that the NHL Gamecentre app is better, but it’s the same stream without commercials. They should figure that out.