Target: Rogers/Fido 16GB iPhone 4S is $0 with 2-Year Contract


For those looking for an iPhone 4S, Target is offering 16GB models on new activations on Rogers or Fido for $0 on a two-year term; this is normally-priced at $150. The offer ends August 15, and most likely is targeting students going back to school.

Both Rogers and Fido recently changed over their voice and data plans to two-year terms and this offer requires a minimum $70 monthly plan. From Rogers, that would mean the $70 Canada-wide plan which includes unlimited long distance minutes, SMS/MMS, voicemail and 250MB of data. For Fido, this would entail the $75 Max Plan which is the same as the Rogers plan but has 500MB of data.

Considering Apple is expected to announce the next generation iPhone 5S on September 10, that means the iPhone 4S would most likely drop to $0 on a two-year term. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.

[via RFD]


  • Chrome262

    ugg, thats a lot of money for a plan. I looked over Fido, and the least you could pay now for a decent data plan is 65 bucks, use to be 45. and thats 1 gig data

  • ward09

    Terrible plans with a promotion on a two-year old phone. Are you guys at Rogers really going to make it this easy for Verizon?

  • Matt

    They really figured out how to screw Canadians with these two year contracts, huh? Which is strange because most of them offered 2 year contracts in the past. All you had to do was pay a bit more upfront for the phone instead of subscribing to a really expensive monthly plan.

  • Kirsten

    This is ridiculous! who has enough money to pay over 75 dollars a month for a 2 year plan? and for only a small bit of data!