SaskTel Launches Novatel 6630 Global 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot


SaskTel has announced it now carries the Novatel 6630 global 4G LTE MiFi mobile hotspot, to allow customers to take it with them on their international travels.

This unlocked mobile hotspot will work with international SIM cards from over 250 countries and provide download speeds between 5-40 Mbps, utilizing the same Qualcomm MDM9225 chipset found in the iPhone 6, to support over 8 LTE bands around the world.

The 6630 allows simultaneous connections for up to 15 devices, has 20 hours of battery life and also can charge your devices.

“SaskTel has made significant investments to provide wireless services across Saskatchewan,” said Ron Styles, SaskTel President and CEO. “The addition of the MiFi 6630 by Novatel Wireless empowers customers with reliable, high quality, high bandwidth mobile data access.”

Bell was the first carrier in Canada to launch the Novatel 6630 back in May of this year, which was also the the first time it was offered outside the USA.


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