Bell Launches Global 4G LTE MiFi Novatel Mobile Hotspot in Canada

Bell has announced this morning it is launching the MiFi 6630 mobile hotspot from Novatel Wireless, the first time the device has been released outside the U.S., to allow customers to access their LTE network from anywhere.

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The MiFi 6630 has a 2-inch display and can connect up to 15 devices for up to 20 hours of usage on a single charge, offering ‘capable’ speeds up to 150Mbps, but users can expect on average speeds of 10-40Mbps. The mobile hotspot can connect to networks in over 200 countries thanks to its support of over 8 LTE bands.

“The MiFi 6630 is an excellent choice for Canadians everywhere who are looking to take advantage of Canada’s largest 4G LTE network for reliable high-speed mobile Internet access,” said Blaik Kirby, President of Bell Mobility.

No pricing details have been released yet as the device is still listed as “coming soon”.