SaskTel Tops Customer Care Ratings Amongst Wireless Carriers: J.D. Power


Telus’ “Expect More” campaign launched just in time: A huge amount of contracts will expire this year as a result of the new Wireless Code (introduced in 2013 by the CRTC). But how has Telus and the other wireless carriers performed in terms of customer satisfaction during the past 12 months? J.D. Power has some answers.

After looking back in time and analysing its performance, Telus was proud to say that you can start expecting more from your carriers, because they go the extra mile to keep you satisfied. But are they doing enough? Or: Who’s doing the best job in keeping their customers happy?

Well, according to the J.D. Power 2015 Canadian Wireless Customer Care Study released today, the carrier who received the highest ranking in customer satisfaction is no one else but SaskTel.

The regional player topped the list with 787 points, followed by Virgin Mobile (773) and Koodo Mobile (764).

But there is yet another reason for Telus to cheer: It is the only incumbent player among the top five carriers. It grabbed the fourth position with 745 points. The top five list is completed by Fido, with 731 points.

It’s not news that Bell and Rogers rank low in customer satisfaction: You just need to have a look at the recent CCTS report.

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  • Tim

    In many ways, this says as much about how they’ve cultivated and managed their brands as it does about how they’re actually treating their customers. I say this because while Fido/Rogers, Koodo/Telus and Bell/Virgin may have separate teams doing customer service in some cases, notice how their knock “discount” subsidiaries consistently outperform the main brand. I doubt it’s because there’s a completely different corporate culture within them, it’s just that people’s perceptions are raised through clever marketing to make them look caring and fun.

    That said, I agree that Sasktel is the best. I used to live in Saskatchewan and it was the only company that would regularly call you to tell you about ways that sincerely lowered your cost of service based on your actual needs. Crown corporations are way better for public utilities.