What It’s Like Switching to WIND Mobile from the ‘Big 3’

We keep hearing of the wireless ‘double cohort’ lately, referring to those with expiring two year contracts and those still in three year contracts but soon able to walk away for free thanks to the CRTC Wireless Code as of June 3, 2015.

Once these ‘free agents’ pop up, surely many will consider switching to a newer wireless entrant such as WIND Mobile, as their prices are cheaper than Rogers, TELUS and Bell. But that comes at a cost, as journalist Peter Nowak details in his nearly 3,000 word essay on switching to WIND with his unlocked iPhone:

There’s no doubt Wind Mobile’s coverage and network aren’t as fast or robust as its Big Three competitors, but for my usage needs they were good enough. The fact that service is priced so much lower is what sealed the deal, even if customer service almost killed it.

I’m going on the expectation that the quality and speed will only improve, since Wind has acquired more spectrum and could soon make deals with other carriers for better coverage.

It’s curious that my original Big Three provider made me a deal only when there was a better advertised plan from fellow Big Three carrier, yet no deal was offered when I threatened to switch to Wind. That pretty much tells the story of how Bell, Rogers and Telus view the upstart – it’s not yet a threat, so they pretend it doesn’t exist.

It’s a definite must-read if you’re thinking about switching to WIND Mobile and also highlights how customer service is something we need to consider as well when choosing a wireless carrier. You can read the full article here.

If and when WIND Mobile launches a robust LTE network (and is able to offer premium smartphones like the iPhone), that is when most people will most likely jump ship from incumbents. The carrier recently acquired spectrum licenses for AWS-3 in BC, Alberta and Ontario in March. Back in December, the carrier announced it had 800,000 wireless subscribers.

Are you with WIND Mobile right now? How has your experience been so far compared to the Big 3?

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  • Kellie

    I haven’t switched over from Rogers. I opted to buy my iPhone outright so I’m available to do so at any point. But every time my sister calls me from her wind phone, the sound quality is almost unbearable. Being a heavy data user (I regularly go over or almost over my 6 gig limit), I don’t think I could handle a drop in reception. I’m only paying $50 a month right now with Rogers (including my 6 gig plan) so I think I’m gonna stick with them a bit longer.

  • Mike LaPlante

    I tried WIND for awhile when I first bought my iPhone 6. I paid the extra $15 to be able to use my phone in the US – unlimited talk, text and data over 3G on T-Mobile. That part of the deal was great, but once I got back to Canada, the service was atrocious.

    I was unable to use the phone in my house. I would get constant “No Service” in my menu bar. The same held true when I went to work as well….and I live in a city where they claim has close to 100% coverage. When I did have service, data rates were slow compared to the LTE service I am used to on Rogers.

    After one month, I left WIND and used another service which is always available to me.

  • MrXax

    At $50/month, I think you’d be crazy to go elsewhere. I’m paying $65 (before tax) with Rogers for what sounds like the same plan, and even at that price point, I’m not sure it makes sense to switch.

    Wind is less expensive, but if I decide to buy the next iPhone, the subsidy over 2 years is ends up [roughly] covering the difference in price between Wind and Rogers. On top of that, I’ve heard Wind’s coverage leaves much to be desired, which all but seals the deal.

    (If you do leave, I’ll gladly buy your Rogers account from you. 😉

  • Fireeast

    If you where to buy a new phone, they will not honour your current price and you would most likely be paying north of $120 per month

  • Nick

    What plan is that? I’m paying $110/mo for 6gb data, unlimited nationwide calling, visual voicemail

  • I am a Wind customer since 2011.

    Realistically, coverage is OK. Data can be slow in downtown Toronto during peak hours and reception is not good in my office. However, once I leave the downtown area, it is actually not bad and reception can be comparable to those of Rogers and alike.

    I am on the $29 holiday miracle plan and my bill is always 32.77 per month. More importantly, Wind’s coverage is definitely improving since 2011 and they have came a long long way. I am still and will stay with them.

  • Kellie

    It’s an old corporate plan from a former job ($20/month), maybe 14 years old at this point, plus my $30/6 gig plan. I have pretty much unlimited texts, vm, weekend/nights at 5 and 250 weekday (local only). Had to buy my phone outright to stay on it tho.

  • Kellie

    Haha. I doubt they’d let me give me account to someone. I don’t even work at the place where the plan was offered anymore. I figured the bump in price (50 to 80 min a month) times 24 months more than justified the extra cost to buy my phone outright, plus with the added luxury of being able to switch anytime a new plan comes out. Hoping for videotron to save the day in Ontario! I’m not so sure that people who use wind realize how bad the quality is to people they call. Maybe on their end it sounds okay. ¯_(?)_/¯

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I was in the middle of signing up for 2 Wind plans – one for my wife and one for myself when the sleazy sales dude with my credit card in his hand shows me that he was charging me $50 plus tax for the SIM cards which he conveniently didn’t mention up until this point. I informed him that it was a bit expensive for a SIM card since even some of the supposedly more expensive carriers charge less. Besides, it wasn’t cool to suddenly hit me with a hidden cost at the last minute. Anyway, long story short – I took my credit card back and signed up with Mobilicity. Free SIMs. Cheaper price and better plan.

  • Aron Feuer

    Wind has great plans, and I too would tolerate the slower network speeds if their coverage worked. Fifteen minutes west of the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, and I get no service if I so much as step inside my house. My experience with Wind lasted just one day.

  • hub2

    If you buy a new phone at *subsidized* pricing, then of course the new contract would replace the current one.

    Buying a phone outright and switching SIMs, means you remain on the grandfathered plan and price.

  • CanucksGoals

    My experience with Wind lasted 2 months and it was hell. Lucky enough I have kept my Fido account active during that time or I would be screwed big time.

    Like someone mentioned, I was charged a non refundable fees for SIM card and one month service fee. I had called like 6 times to different departments but Wind didn’t accept the fact that their reception and speed suck so no refund was given. One time $60 for a good lesson.

    Fido is my boy.

  • Salinger

    While I agree that Wind’s $25 cost per SIM card is extremely steep, it’s hardly “hidden” or “sleazy”. If one’s done enough research to determine that Wind is worth switching to, surely they also saw the SIM card cost. It’s on their website, it’s in their literature, it is everywhere their plans are detailed.

    Yes, the Big 3 charge less for a SIM, but if you switch to Wind, you generally end up saving that and more in the first month. In any case, it sounds like you’re happy, and that’s really all that matters. However, Mobilicity is the last carrier I’d go with right now given their precarious situation.

  • CanucksGoals

    For coverage, speed, and price, Fido is right there. I know Fido is under Rogers but it is what it is.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Salinger, I didn’t say that charging me for a SIM was sleazy, I said it was sleazy for the salesperson to “forget” to tell me about the charge, but suddenly remember at the last second as he was about to charge me for it. We went over the cost a number of times and I even specifically asked if there were any other charges than the ones he mentioned before handing over my credit card. If what he told me contradicted the website, that’s his choice. I don’t know why you want to defend a bad salesperson

    And yes, I know that they charge less for service that the big three, but that was not what I was comparing them to. I was comparing Wind to Mobilicity. Mobilicity treated me better, charged me less for SIMs, and is charging me less for service.

    Makes no sense to make Mobilicity your last choice. When they get bought out by any of the other carriers, I’ll probably be grandfathered into my current amazing plan ($30/month for unlimited North American calling, texts and unlimited data) Most likely I’ll be joining you on Wind when Wind buys them out, but the difference is that I’ll be paying less than you.

  • I am a Fido user and I moved back to them from Rogers a few years ago. Despite being a flanker brand their customer service is wayyyy better.

  • I switched to Wind from Rogers about 2-3 Months ago, and I have no regrets. You’re bound to the 3G network essentially with no LTE, but the 3G data is fast enough to everyday tasks, If you don’t mind waiting that extra couple seconds for a webpage to load. Music streams just fine, the only issue would be streaming movies for instance would require a strong connection.

    I live in a central area where Wind has good coverage, and that also has a lot to do with it. In any case, I’m enjoying my unlimited until throttled at 5Gb which I never reach, and I enjoy paying $35 instead of $80

  • CanucksGoals

    Good stuff. I guess you have one of those grandfathered plans. I am going to stay with Fido unless crazy things happen.

  • Keith

    I live in Niagara and I have been thinking about going to Wind. I stream a lot of sports on my phone and always go over. My bills are becoming little much. I love my iPhone and have a 6plus. Does anyone have experience when streaming sports or say twitch on wind? and Is it true that iMessage does not work with your phone number on wind and only with your email?


  • Lemontwist

    • Low Price
    • A lot of data
    • Unlimited North America Calling
    • Great package when travel to US.
    • Online account is easy to access.
    • Great rate calling outside of North America. You can’t beat 1c a minute.
    • No extra charge even when you go over the 5G data.
    • Don’t have to call them to unlock your iPhone cause you have to buy your own if you want to use iPhone.

    • Have to buy full price iPhone (some iPhone 5, all the iPhone 5S and 6, 6 plus)
    • Slower Speed. Not because no LTE. Big 3 3G speed is faster than wind 3G speed.
    • Not official iPhone provider, so that mean when you have any questions about iPhone, your best bet is google rather than calling them.
    • Less coverage than big 3, but more places I go to, no problem.
    • No visual voice mail
    • Have to set up iMessage manually. It take some luck and skills. And every time when you take out the sim card, you need to set up the iMessage again. So I never take out the sim card.
    • OK customer service. Really can tell that they are reading a script and not really listing to your problems.
    • Have to constantly turn airplane mode on and off so that the phone can reconnect the tower. Otherwise, it shows no service sometimes.
    • Sometime it’s full bar, but speed is extremely slow. (Never go over 5G, so it should be fast speed)
    • Online account usage break down is not very clear especially they don’t separate international calls and unlimited North America calls.
    • Sometimes, the call quality is not that great. But it doesn’t happen that often.

    In conclusion, I’ve been using wind for 5 months. With the similar plan with big 3. I save about $50 a month. With 18 month using wind, it’s enough money to get a brand new unlocked iPhone. Even though wind still have some problems. I know they are trying very hard to improve the service. For that, I’m happy that I switched. If everyone stayed with the big 3, it just make the big 3 more stronger. If that’s the case, people shouldn’t complain about the hight price they are paying for. If you really want to do something about it, support the under dog and make wind more competitive with more subscribers. Wind is not perfect, but I’m very happy with them so far.

  • beavisaur

    I switched 2 phones over to Wind. I was paying $185 plus tax at Rogers for essentially unlimited everything (canada wide calling and 9GB of data shared between 2 phones) since I could not really come close to using the data.
    I now pay $80/mth plus a $5/mth discount for the second line, so for $75/mth plus tax I am getting unlimited everything and also get a $12.50/mth per phone line credit towards any roaming fees that may occur for going off the Wind network.
    Yep, the coverage is pretty crappy, but in the major areas it’s great, and for those few minutes when it says ‘No Service’, I’m willing to look the other way to save $100+/mth

    All in all, I’m very happy I switched to Wind.

  • Salinger

    I’m not trying to defend a bad salesperson, I just don’t see it the same way you do. When I signed up with TELUS (yes, not Wind), I never once was told they charge $10 for a SIM card. But I had done my research and knew.

    When I got my final contract with the charges on it, there was the price of the phone and and an extra $10 for the SIM card. The salesperson never once said anything about it, not even at the last minute. By your standards, that was even more sleazy. At least your person told you before the contract was finalized.

    There had to have been a reason you chose Wind over Mobilicity in the first place. To put that aside and go with an even lesser carrier (in terms of coverage) because you weren’t aware of the one-time, clearly stated cost of a SIM card, just doesn’t make sense. If it was an ongoing charge, I’d see it.

    You also called the charge “hidden”. How is it hidden when it’s clearly stated in all their literature and website. In fact, I don’t understand how you could research Wind’s plans and NOT know about this charge.

    As for Mobilicity, if anyone’s coverage is worse than Wind’s it’s them. But again, if it works for you, that’s all that matters. Mobilicity is not going to be bought out by any of the major players; that’s already been made abundantly clear by TPTB. Your only real hope, is if they get bought out by Wind. Even then, Mobilicity’s business model is unsustainable and won’t be grandfathered by Wind, certainly not long-term. Their ridiculous ARPU is the reason they’re in the trouble they’re in. But the way Mobilicity has been running their business, I wouldn’t doubt one day you’ll wake up with no phone service because they’ve unexpectedly announced they’re ceasing operations immediately.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Ok, so I guess your point is that it is common for salespeople not to disclose the full costs of what they are selling. So, by your standards, calling a salesperson sleazy is just redundant. Well, I was giving the profession a benefit of the doubt and just calling out one Wind employee. You have your view of salespeople and I have mine.

    Your definition of “hidden” is different than what I think most people would think of it. For example, in the very article we are commenting on the author says:

    “I signed up at a Wind kiosk in a mall near my house. It went smoothly, although I was miffed by the $25 fee for the SIM card. Wind advertises no activation fees, so I felt like I’d been misled. The Big Three might be known for all sorts of nickel-and-dime fees, but even they don’t charge that much for a SIM.”

    So, in other words, they hide their activation fee in the SIM card. They are misleading people.

    Your definition of “hidden” seems to apply only if they don’t mention the cost ANYWHERE. Well, that’s not a HIDDEN cost, that would be called theft. There are laws against that. Hidden means that if you are not reading the fine print you won’t find out about a cost. It means the average consumer might miss it. It means, like the author stated, that if you read “No activation fees” in large print, that you would expect the company to be honest about it and not pretend that 2 SIM cards cost anywhere close to $50. Small print, misleading text and omission by their sales staff is EXACTLY what a hidden cost is.

  • Salinger

    No, my point is that it’s pretty common practice for wireless carriers to charge for a SIM card; finding out the cost (if any) is part of your responsibility as a consumer.

    Wind’s SIM cost is hardly hidden or buried in fine print. It’s prominently displayed on their website and in their marketing materials. Go to the Wind Mobile website, filter under brand “Wind” and there you go. Hardly hidden and hardly fine print.

    That you and the author both failed to do your research, is on you, not the company. You didn’t even do enough research to realize that Mobilicity actually suited you better than Wind did. Now you want to place that on the sales person?

    TELUS, who I’m with, also proudly declares “No activation or hidden fees”. Yet, they also charge for a SIM card, . So, I guess by your definition of “hidden”, they too are guilty of it. And since the sales person I dealt with never told me of the charge at all, even after my credit card was charged, he was even more sleazy and misleading than the person with whom you dealt.

    If no other carrier but Wind charged for a SIM card, I’d probably agree with you. But as it’s fairly common practice, the fact that you didn’t even think to ask, doesn’t make the charge hidden, or the sales person sleazy.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Your strawman argument is pretty weak. You say your point is that it is normal to CHARGE for a SIM card. Well I never said it wasn’t. Both the author of the article and myself, and I’m sure countless others, were surprised by the AMOUNT charged, not that there was a charge. It’s as if I walk into McDonalds and order a burger that’s advertised all over the store as being very cheap – cheaper than almost any other burger joint, but then the cashier tells me that I also have to order fries with that. Most people would say that’s weird, it didn’t say anything about having to order fries with the burger anywhere in the restaurant, but ok sure, that’s fine. But then the fries are $50.

    So, as people are leaving the restaurant in disgust by the cheap trick, you’d be getting your self-righteous thrills telling people off for not having read the website.

  • alphs22

    Was with Wind for 1.5 years (Virgin before that). Had to put up with dropped calls, 2G data speeds, and frequent disconnects IN TORONTO. One time I got 3 dropped calls driving on the 404/DVP between 401 and Eglinton.

    After 1.5 years I ponied up the $300 remaining on my WindTAB and moved to Fido. Don’t think I can go back to that mess.

    The price is a big draw, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you’re considering switching to Wind, I recommend you do pay-as-you go for a month or two before committing to a WindTAB.

  • Anthony

    I would think the salesperson probably just assumed everyone knows sim cards generally cost something and seeing as though it’s telling you the price right in the brochure, right next to the plans, most people would see it. I think it’s crazy to spite yourself thinking it’s somehow hurting the salesperson. That cheap plan isn’t going to do much good if you don’t get service.

  • judy

    Glad i switched to Fido. With windmobile i have no coverage inside my house and i live in the city. They want to charge me for leaving earlier but i was left after my contract due date. After many phone calls later i got it resolved. It’s great using the phone for travelling. I get signals.

  • judy

    Fido is fine. Since the get to use Rogers towers signals. Just like Telus and koodo. Now the have great deal with fido n koodo

  • Chadich

    Always purchased unlocked phones, direct (Nexus, etc…) I left Rogers and have been with Wind Mobile, for over a year now. Generally great service, for the price point. For my usage, you cannot compare to anyone else. However I recently purchased an iPhone, unlocked from Apple, for wife and we tried to switch from Rogers to Wind. I was unaware that service in downtown Toronto was so spotty. She could not get service, which unfortunately after 3 weeks we could not tolerate (having kids and needing to communicate regularly, just was not acceptable). Wind support was great and they tried, to no avail. She switched back to Rogers. I am still with Wind. Service in northern Durham region is still spotty and non-existent on the 407 between town-line & Ajax/Pickering after a year. It’s unfortunate, however I hope it gets better soon.

  • Chadich

    I was not happy with the SIM card cost, but I knew it going in. I just had to cancel our plan because I assumed that downtown Toronto would naturally be a strong wireless connection. Surprised that it wasn’t. I lost $ in leaving, but lesson learned I guess.

  • MrXax

    I see people selling their accounts all the time… it’s my understanding that it’s completely legit.

  • Salinger

    Sorry, I’m making strawman arguments? The author said he assumed “no activation fee” meant no charges for anything other than the plan and phone and you agreed (I assume you did, you quoted him on it). So, that to me, says he/you were not aware that it’s normal to charge for a SIM card, or at the very least, you didn’t expect a charge.

    Likewise, your argument all along has been that the cost is “hidden” and the salesperson was “sleazy” for not disclosing it. TELUS does the same thing, as do other carriers. But now you’re saying it’s only “hidden” and “sleazy” if the cost is over a certain threshold? TELUS charges $10, so that’s fine apparently. What if they charged $15? $20?

    In any case, I’ve said far more than the topic is worth so I’m done. I hope you’re happy with Mobilicity, I truly do. It’s a shame you didn’t discover how much better than Wind they were beforehand, you could have saved yourself much upset.

  • kazoober

    I switched to WIND. I spend a lot of time in the USA and I got the $39/month plan which includes unlimited talk, text, and data while in the USA. You can’t beat that.

  • ¶l@ñ3+$±3v3ñ

    How about a prepaid opinion: I switched from Rogers Prepaid to Wind Prepaid – and I will never switch back. I like that Wind’s postpaid and prepaid rates are virtually identical; Rogers prepaid….I call it financial rape.

  • Shelagh D-B

    Downtown Toronto, roughly where please as i am loooking to switch my One Plus One phone over from Rogers, tired of paying $105 a month—i moved there 2 years ago due to the precarious position at mobilicity which I see they are still warning against, meanwhile i gave up $25 plan and have paid $118 since lol–whose the dumb one here? Me 🙂

  • Shelagh D-B

    I thought FIDO had expensive plans right up there with Rogers/Bell? They have good deals???

  • Shelagh D-B

    I have noticed the same from Wind users. Can’t speak for your sister but am w ondering if those are just a lot of dropped phones? IF your sister has little or no money, could that be the problem? All the ones i have spoken with that sound, has likely been the case……would be interesting to know if your sister could fall into that same category, someone using either a really crappy older phone or lifestyle is such that the phone might be getting dropped all the time, hence, making it a crappy phone? 🙂

  • Riddlemethis

    Poor coverage, no LTE and mediocre 3G is enough reason NOT to join WIND.

  • Riddlemethis

    if u spend a lot of time in the USA, especially with the low CDN dollar, you must be rich so you should easily be able to afford a high priced CDN plan. lol

  • kazoober

    Why pay those outrageous fees that TELUS, Rogers or Bell charge when I can get everything for $39 a month? As for being rich to spend time in the USA, not so. Even with our dollar at 80 cents US, I can still live the same lifestyle while I am down south. Things are cheaper down there. Gas is about 30 cents a liter cheaper. Groceries are cheaper; as an example milk goes on sale regularly for $1 a gallon. Two pounds of shredded cheese is $8. Booze is way cheaper. I just bought a 48 pack of Bud here in Alberta and it cost me $84 at Costco. I can buy a 30 pack of Bud in the USA for $20 at regular prices; you do the math 🙂

  • kazoober

    Its 4G here in Alberta

  • Broken

    My original idea was to go with WIND to save money and NOT give business to the big 3. However, that was in 2011. I bought a Motorola XT720 on the WINDTab. Shortly after 90 days, they told me that my phone was no longer supported, and it could no longer receive any OS updates – stuck forever on Android 2.1, and me stuck in a plan – just like the big 3, for the next 3 years. Their “WINDTab” is really the exact same as the big 3 contracts, they just word it differently. They help you “pay off your phone” by deducting 5$ every month. 36 months for an unsupported, un-updated phone @ $5/month (+ the plan cost of $35/month) = $180 for the “free” phone and another $1260 for the plan necessary to pay it off.

    Don’t go with these people. In addition, their online service is HORRIBLE. There is no chat, and email take 5-10 business days to get responded to. I’ve filed numerous BBB complaints against them as well (and won).

  • Brian Cobwebbs

    Wind is a huge joke, weak signal, phones with no real warranty, spotty coverage and no LTE. 5 year and they still have not fixed the issues, customer service is a joke, I am always talking to india and they just hang up on me! I can see why no one takes the serious except the the cheap bastards

  • crawler73

    LTE is coming soon next year – this is according to someone I know who’s building their cellular network. The network is vastly improving. Of course, the BIG 3 networks have been in business for quite sometime now and Wind just came in a few years ago.. But given its infancy, they pace their taking on improving their network is tremendous and applaudable.

    I have been a Wind customer for about a year now and I can really attest that their network improved quite bit. They have excellent network coverage in Mississauga and Toronto area and if their coverage is weak they automatically switch to partner networks (wind away). I am willing to pay for a $45 monthly for unlimited data anytime.

    Now they are offering iphone5s (although they are not a fully authorized dealer yet) I am just waiting for the time when Wind will finally be offering the Iphones (full feature/authorized by Apple Canada) and fully switch to them.

  • RichardHead

    Alright, based on my understanding, the author is pointing out that “The customer service did not say there is a $25 sim card fee until he was holding the author’s credit card”. Sure every other companies have sim cards cards charged, and let’s consider other customer service person points it out at other locations as well. This customer service did not point out the 25 dollar sim card fee until almost the end, I as a customer service person will consider that is a bad customer service. A customer service person represents the company, so it is reasonable for a custome to change another company. So both of you are a little bit off topic.

  • RichardHead

    I don’t know too much about Fido’s other places customer service, but at my place it is horrible. I mean, you can say bad things at the back of people, just don’t swear at them when they are just across of you, out loud……

  • RichardHead

    Alright, even though people will think your speech is true, but more likely you are one of the haters cuz you are targeting on tons of “cheap bastards” who can run over you easily. You are always talking to indians aren’t you? then don’t choose Bell, Rogers as well, I have been using them for 4 and 2 years until now, except the installing person in Rogers is White, others are all indians, you are in Canada, what can you expect?

  • RichardHead

    I am about to go to wind, now before haters start to spill on me I will list something I commonly do with the phone, and then you can comment on me.
    1. I don’t have many phone calls at all
    2. Texting
    3. use WiFi most of the time
    4. can’t use phone during class time — I am a college student
    5. Even if it is out of service, I can use WeChat as a calling software between my family members and friends
    6. do need some sort of data for backup such as GPS…. (most of time I have no idea where the heck I am going)
    7. I am using Moto E…..

  • andy klompenburg

    I would love to give the BIG 3 the finger! But I’m on vancouver island…boo hoo

  • Rav

    The coverage is pretty crappy, but in the major areas it is OK. Sound quality is not good and always show WIND AWAY. I will be disconnecting my services after 3 years of suffering on two smartphone plans.

    Think twice before you sign up with WIND.

  • Fred Carpio

    Grandfathered – not likely. I remember I was very happy with Fido until Rogers bought it. Left for Wind the first opportunity I had, For my basic needs, I’m happy with Wind though still hoping the coverage and speed will significant improve in the near future.

  • dpiedra

    I agree with your assessment of costs in the USA. Regardless of where the CND dollar is, things are still cheaper in the USA. I have a question for you about the $39 plan. Does it actually cover all unlimited calls throughout Canada and USA or are you being charged a small fee with each call and text as you would be outside the Wind network?

  • kazoober

    It covers ALL calls within USA and Canada. There are no extra fees.

  • Greg McGillis

    My experience living and working in downtown Ottawa has been awful. Mostly bad or non-existent connections.

  • Dave G

    This may be a phone issue. I live and work downtown and I haven’t had any issues (iPhone 6). I’ll admit that sometimes the phone shows 4 bars and I can’t access the internet…

  • Greg McGillis

    I just switched to Rogers and haven’t had a problem with data at all. The thing with showing 4 bars and no internet was a frequent problem. It really became an issue when using the phone for high-intensity data activity like big emails and certain apps.

  • Greg McGillis

    I’m trying not to be a hater. If Wind was remotely good, I would still be with it. The GPS is pretty useless if there’s no data, and it’s very demanding of data. Texting would sometimes take an hour before my texts were delivered. Was easier to phone… but not on a wind phone because that meant dropped calls.
    The worst part is the service and the large amount of wrong information and useless distractions I had, and the promises to resolve the issue that weren’t fulfilled.

  • Avery Sudol

    kazoober is not entirely correct. It covers all calls and data in the US, but only calls and data ON-NET in Canada. So if you are outside of the Wind HOME area, you will pay the in-Canada roaming charges.

    It’s amazing that the US carriers are open to roaming agreements that can allow for unlimited use coast-to-coast in the US, but the Canadian carriers are raping them for roaming agreements in-country.

  • kEiThZ

    I used to live near the Gloucester Centre and work in Gatineau. No issues. Except in elevators and centre of my condo.

  • kEiThZ

    Bell has their main call centres in India.

  • Andrew Merrin

    I just found that with Wind you pay for what you get. I bought one of their cheapest smart phones and I lose service a lot quicker than my wife who had a Samsung 4S. I lose my service yet she’s still connected to Wind. I’m still fairly happy with Wind but I now find it expensive to buy one of the new phones when I will renew my contract.

  • dave

    The guy that wrote the article about how its good enough, (which made me think it was) took it all back in another article 3 months later.


  • Volodymyr

    You get what you paid for. Coverage sucks. My friend hook up all family, but then realize that it is doesn’t cover his house. Sometime he can get 1 bar. They spent 2 years with wind and now switch back to Telus”. Also when I go outside the city coverage in roaming is really suck, and it is not working80% of time .Compare to my work cell Roger. They have offshore call centre outside Canada, they cannot solve any problems. So If you have no money, mostly stay in the city, and don’t really care quality of the service Wind is alternative, it is works. But I don’t fill like I’m using actual mobile phone, it is like home phone with extended range. After 2 year contract switching back to Rogers. With new prices on devises (at Wind) it is not worth it. You have to pay in full. Other provider can give you top model phone for 199$. So the difference with Wind and for example Rogers is 350$ a year (wind cheaper) . Because the difference on cell phone price it doesn’t make Wind very cheap like they was 2 year ago.
    Back then they give away phone almost for free if you sign up with them for 2 years. So the maximum saving is 350$ compare to big 3. I compare same plans. It is not a huge difference compare with what you can getting crappy service.

  • Ashar Ahmed (AsharTech)

    Honestly, I’ve not had, for the most part, any issues, I live in Markham, and with WIND I get 3 or 4 bars in my house, outside on the main streets, generally, 4 or 5. Speeds are okay on 3G, 5-6Mbps sometimes 10Mbps, and it’s enough to watch a 720p YouTube video without any buffering. I haven’t tried WIND Away, but WIND’s network in general is okay, sound quality is okay, along with 3G speeds. Not bad for $35 a month and unlimited data!

  • Adriaan

    Caution Kelly, The exact same thing happened to me except I had unlimited Data. They promised it would never come off unless I changed my plan so I had to buy a phone outright to keep it. One month later they took it off anyways and said there is nothing they can do to put it back on. I know pay approximately $250 a month for 4 phones and 15GB of Data.

  • Marco

    I’m on Wind. They coverage is awful and the 3G is the worst I have ever used. I don’t know if it’s because I’m using an iPhone, because they say that in other phones you can get 4g. I’m thinking about changing to the Big 3 because I would like to have a reliable internet connection.

  • Bee Wayne

    Coverage and Speed haven’t improved in the 2 yrs I’ve been with them, as a matter of fact, it’s worst then ever. I’m getting out of there.

  • TheSootyOne

    I dropped my Telus plan 15 months ago when then wanted to up me to $90/mo with 1GB data, and just used all the wifi that’s widely available now, and some helper apps like MagicJack, WhatsApp, TextMe and FB Messenger. I finally decided to get another cell plan and went with Wind. $44/mo (including taxes) for unlimited calling, texting and and data (5gb full speed, then drops to 3G for the remainder of the billing month).

    Knowing I can survive completely without cell makes Wind’s lesser coverage just fine by me.

  • Tanya-Maria Megaro

    My Fido phone since day one over 2 yrs ago cuts in and out and drops calls constantly in my own home and even in my backyard. And complaining has never helped at all. Now, my phone was stolen and I have to pay 375 for the phone I only used for a few months, that gave me terrible service and when I got my last upgrade the FIDO rep didn’t inform me that they offer some kind of insurance for lost/stolen phones. So regardless if I stay with FIDO or not, I still owe them 375. I am in Central Ottawa, so I would think any phone would work fine here….but guess I am wrong…Any of you from Ottawa?

  • Tanya-Maria Megaro

    My Fido phone since day one over 2 yrs ago cuts in and out and drops calls constantly in my own home and even in my backyard. And complaining has never helped at all. Now, my phone was stolen and I have to pay 375 for the phone I only used for a few months, that gave me terrible service and when I got my last upgrade the FIDO rep didn’t inform me that they offer some kind of insurance for lost/stolen phones. So regardless if I stay with FIDO or not, I still owe them 375. I am in Central Ottawa, so I would think any phone would work fine here….but guess I am wrong…Any of you from Ottawa?…..

  • Tanya-Maria Megaro

    I just saw this today….
    Get Unlimited US Roaming for $15/mo

    Use your phone like you’re at home with the Unlimited US Roaming Add-on. Enjoy Unlimited Data, Text and 2400 minutes of Talk across the USA.

  • Tanya-Maria Megaro

    I went to Florida last year. Spent 20 dollars FIDO to only get 30-40 minutes airtime and 100 texts…I did go over and it cost me an extra 40$! And my service was terrible when I made calls.

  • Brendalee

    I have my daughter with wind. She has unlimited calling in the province, pretty much unlimited data and unlimited text for $30/mth. We live n Hamilton so the coverage is good here, but when you go north of Toronto the service starts to cease which She doesn’t need anyway. I’m with fido and have an iPhone 6+, and Im pretty happy with them although I think I might call and try to get a better deal. I am paying a pretty steep price right now.

  • Tom

    Which part of the country does your sister call you from?

  • cliff_dangers

    No, it’s not. Wind says 4G but it’s not 4G. It’s HSPA+ which is only 3.5G.

  • kazoober

    That’s not too bad if you only go to the US once and awhile but sometimes Wind will offer the $39/month deal which includes unlimited everything in the USA.

  • carlos

    Wind is the worst service ever do not joint this company……….not service…..is only you can see in your phone if you want to use……….the coverage is a joke!!!!…….seriously think more than one time to switch the”Unlimited “they offer is just LIMITED……….service……

  • alskn3

    I went to switch to Wind and when I got to the booth they said my cell was incompatible with their network even though it was unlocked and took a mini simm card like most all their new cells take so they tried to talk me into a new cell so I thought I would look they ran my credit I do not have bad credit but yet they told me I need to buy the new phone outright then after my first bill they would refund me the cost of the phone this place is such a rip off it is not funny I have been with koodo for a few years I was looking at saving about $30.00 a month with wind but because of the crappy service I got at their booth in Peterborough I think I will stay with Koodo the savings is just not worth the hassle plus I get great coverage where ever I am at from them not to mention great customer service so just to save a few bucks a month koodo will be keeping me

  • Raj Brar

    $50 for your Rogers plan including 6 GB of data. Stick with it.

  • Jade

    I recently switched to Wind from Bell. I have an unlocked iPhone 5S and figured Wind would be a lot cheaper, which it is.
    What a mistake. The 3G coverage is awful…and I live and work in downtown Toronto. I can’t make FaceTime or Viber calls which is something that I rely on to speak to friends and relatives abroad. I’d say 75% of the time when I try to use their Internet it doesn’t work. It’s been about 20 days since I moved to Wind and there’s no way I plan to stay with them for another month.
    Interestingly when I called the customer services about another issue and mentioned I was having internet issues, the rep matter-of-factly said that it’s because “iPhones are not 100% compatible with Wind” so even though they’ll connect, the Internet connection will be sketchy.
    I wish they had been clear about that from the get go.
    In short, I wouldn’t recommend wind, on an iPhone at least, to my worst enemy.

  • Guy

    Wind has the worst cell service ever, having issues with the customer service and the smartphone that breaks down with different issues almost every week. I’ve been with Rogers, Fido, chatr. koodo before and Wind is by far the worst crappy service and reception from anywhere and a lot worst if you’re living in the downtown area. I’m finishing my 2 years contract with them in 8 months and after they will definitely be out of my life for good. 🙂

  • Ek

    I have been using Wind since 2012. They have been improving everything since. I have not had much issues in places where I live. They
    Seem more transparent than the 3bigs. I am glad that there are affortable options. Mobile providers in Canada charge toO much. I am glad that there are still mobile providers like Wind that make affortable phone plans.

  • Shimon Gimmelshtein

    I don’t know where you guys finding good WIND reception, but I have problems with my BB almost everywhere in Vaughan! Even while not moving I suddenly discover that the reception is gone and I have the sign of “emergency calls only”. Also when I see full reception available but the internet is just not working (I never went above 800MB a month so it’s not because of high usage) and says no network connection. Phone calls get disconnected, I receive text messages on the next day, etc. etc. So practically speaking you get what you pay for…

  • EFFNorth

    Is there a noticeable difference between the two?

  • Raheel

    I’ve been with Wind since 2012, and have a total of 3 lines with Wind. I pay far less than what I would be with RoBelus, and get far more. I’m happy with it. Unlimited calls, texts, and data, what more could I ask for? Of course, there are times when the network drops (texts & calls don’t go through), but that’s a very rare occurrence. Overall, calls are clear, network service is great, charges are top, and my family is happy with their plans. Also, I’ve rarely had to call Customer Service, but every time I have, I’ve gotten some solid help – and last time, I even got additional 150$ towards my tab because I’ve been with them for so long.

    I wish more people would pick Wind, but everyone’s in doubt & hellbent on putting their money into RoBelus’s pockets. How about you come to Wind, so Wind gets more money, and can put more money into development so that it may develop faster and you won’t have to get tied into a punishing contract?

  • coolmark1995

    4g is so much faster then 3g and for wind I seem to get Horrible data in Edmonton I took my phone to wind about it to find out that its there network not my phone.

  • Haruki Chou

    I was with Wind Mobile, but it doesn’t work on my work’s street, Caldwell Ave in Ottawa. Very poor coverage indeed. Went back to Fido. I pay a bit more but my phone is working! Why pay less for a Wind phone which is always Wind Away (out of range)!

  • R

    I was using Wind for a while. I was paying $39 for 5 GB data and unlimited US/Canada calling /text, voicemail and many other features. For the price it was great but even in Toronto the coverage was bad in some areas like the Toronto islands.
    I was frustrated when I had no signal in Quebec city or Montreal and it was the last straw.
    I decided to switch to Fido. Now I pay $35 and I get 300 MB of data, limited calling Canada wide, limited voicemail but the coverage is awesome. I rarely found any place where I do not get any network. Plus I get free Spotify service which is like $10 per month. Also Vice but I don’t use it.
    I had to alter my usage as 300 MB was nothing. I would always keep the data off and only use it for directions or some other important stuff when there is no WiFi around. I have to agree, the LTE is awesome and definitely worth it.
    With Fido there is a credit check involved and if you want to avoid that then you can opt for their more expensive prepaid service or go for Chatr. I was initially going to go for Chatr but I was told by the Best buy reps that Fido is slightly better (don’t remember for which exact reason) for similar or same price.

    P.S: Keep watching for deals from Fido. For Black Friday they were offering 2 GB data for 49. I think the usual price is 65.
    As part of corporate perks, Rogers gives 2.5 GB for 48-49.

  • salmon

    absolutely garbage and the price is a scam. My phone bill is advertised at 40$ per month unlimited everything. Most months my bill is higher than it was with rogers (over 100$) as their coverage is so poor. Moreover they lie about their coverage. My house is supposedly within the coverage of Winds network but my connection fades is an out and when its not on Wind’s network it costs me extra because my phone roams onto another network. Customer service leaves something to be desired as well. I learned my lesson on this one, if something is priced too good to be true than it probably is. With this company you really pay for what you get.

  • Melody Springer

    You get what you pay for. It’s cheap but the service is really bad even at the heart of downtown Vancouver. As soon as you get in a parking or elevator and lose signal, it takes a good 5 min to get it back. Very frustrating. Internet is slooooooow…. Ugh.

  • Razi Malik

    Never switch to Wind. Only one word one million time REGRET…..REGRET……REGRET.

  • Razi Malik

    Their customer service is the worst part. They know they have issues but they will do nothing to solve it. You will be lucky to get voice – forget about data. I have called and visited their customer service and franchises so many they say we are sorry we can not do anything and keep swapping your sims, troubleshoots and factory setting and it still doesn’t work. I am saving money to pay off the F****** phone and never think about WInd. They make you pay $25 per month as a boost and only $8 goes into your phone payment the rest you are paying to The WInd. That’s how they work. Awful experience.

  • iFone

    Gary – you should do an article on this again as they have upgraded their network, at least in Vancouver. Any chance we can get some feedback from people who have made moved recently?

  • aimshaikh

    Been with with since June 2012. Network quality has improved exponentially. All my family has It. Grand fathered Wind 30, $0 pay per use an Wind 35. I will continue to support this new entrant. Due to which we have unlimited plans. 1 Million Strong. I remember when city fido unlimited plan was $500 to $ 1000 on Ebay. Stay strong Canada. Support individual freedoms in every way. Stand up what is right. Wind CUST service has also always been helpful. If you tell them about network Issues. They work to add coverage. Works now in elevators, my basement, in 2012 would not work on the second floor near the window near 401 and Morningside. LMAO my buddy had Rogers and he had no signal in my college basement I did.

  • Abijah

    Been with WIND for over 5 years in Ottawa and NEVER an issue. I use a high end NEXUS 6 and it works great! Prices for WIND service totally blows Rogers and Bell out of the water. Will be a WIND customer for the foreseeable future.

  • Mike

    wind is a scam, whats the use in paying $40 in unlimited usage(data,calling) if you never have service? If you have a mediocre plan with the big 3 i suggest you stay there or at least think about Koodo instead that runs on the Telus network. I switched to wind and 6 months later had to switch to Koodo because i never had reception or data connection. I am mostly in Toronto/North york where the website network graph shows they have good service, trust me they dont (i was using an iphone 5s).

  • AK

    The worst network and services ever. My number which had balance was sold out to my defendant in the court without my permission. Even the CEOs of the company didnt bother to fix their mistake. Its a fact you get what you pay for. For a few more bucks, there are much better networks providing good services. I regret wasting my money at wind mobile

  • mika

    Shaw did that to me with cable and gave me “oh the system doesn’t have that code any more” excuse. Did you look further into it?

  • mika

    I am in th exact same situation with exact same specs (5 pm evening, 6GB for $30 etc.) except my voice/text base is $42 instead of $20. I put my telus on vacation hold and am test-driving Wind.
    Im a heavy user BUT not addicted. I.e. If I’m in a basement workshop for a couple of hours with no service, it doesn’t bother me. But if my bill was $50 with Rogers instead of $72 with Telus, I’d have kept it. (Telus costs way more when travelling.)

  • heeuuu

    Blazing fast speeds up to 10gigs, and slower speeds after but STILL UNLIMITED!!
    Free calls to u.s.!! Going to u.s.?? 15$/MONTH FOR UNLIMITED EVERYTHING!!!
    Insanely awesome customer service!!!
    If I didn’t have to move out of a major city I would definitely still be using them.

  • NaturalMystic

    No it isn’t legit. Corporate diswcounts are only supposed to be for employees of companies who’ve negotiated special pricing with the carrier. Even Kellie who no longer works for the company where she was getting her corporate discount shouldn’t be getting it any more.

  • Smart

    Wind does not work with my I phone 6 . Just does not work . Useless .They have way to go . Maybe in 2 years .

  • Smart

    No way . This is a lie . I pay 80$ for 5G and thats a corporate plan . You cant pay 50$ for 6G . No way .

  • Ali AbdulGhani

    I pay $15/month for unlimited nationwide calling, global texting and 3 GB of data. That is with bell mobility. No joke.

  • jay

    wind is the one to go with IF you live in the city. i came over from Europe and i had a culture shock. lol coming from a plan spending 20euro for unlimited everything and wifi everywhere… like every big carrier has wifi in city for faster internet

    north america is the biggest joke for mobil phones. at least they getting some phones now but still locked to carriers. try to buy an unlocked phone in canada