Tbaytel Offers $50 Unlimited Plan with 6GB Data in Thunder Bay


Wireless wars in Thunder Bay continue to heat up as Tbaytel now offers a $50 unlimited voice plus 6GB data plan (via MobileSyrup), to rival what is also available from Bell/Virgin Mobile, and what TELUS similarly launched when their LTE network went live in the city (that offer has expired but you could probably still get it). Bell has long been offering free iPhone 5 units on contract if existing Tbaytel customers made the switch.

The Tbaytel plan offers the following:

  • $50/month
  • Unlimited Canadian long distance, local calls
  • Unlimited long distance from Canada to the US
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS to USA/International
  • Unlimited local call forwarding
  • 6GB data
  • Caller ID, voicemail
  • 100 free sent texts while roaming in the USA
Tbaytel Spring Mobility Splash

Do note the plan does require a three year contract. Let us know if you know someone that’s going to jump on this.


  • wuju

    Wish they are here in Toronto

  • That’s simply too good to be true !

  • wahgee

    Why can’t they have these in plans in major cities in Canada? Us in the big cities subsidize smaller places like the equivalent of NHL revenue sharing.

  • Rogue

    wahgee, how in the hell do you subsidize the Thunder Bay market? TBayTel is only offered in the Thunder Bay district area. It is wholly owned by the city of Thunder Bay. You living in a bigger city have ABSOLUTELY subsidized nothing of TBayTel’s network.

    Bell/Telus just recently put towers up in TBay and because they are new, they are offering competitive pricing.

    Don’t mistake Bell’s greed for imaginary subsidy.

  • Rezzo

    Its about dam time. I have 3 cell phone with Tbay Tel.. I have repeatedly gone in to change my plan month after month to save myself as much money as possible… Adding feature upon feature to save a buck…. Im glad that finally they are competing with Bell and Virgin. . I was so close to switching over… One catch is the promo is only to last for one month and you can not change your existing plan to this 50 dollar a month plan… You must buy out your exsisting plan and start from scratch… I would like to say Boo to that…. TBay Tel you have made so much money off of us already, you think you would give us a bit of a break… Expecially to your loyal consumers. . The one up side is that in the end its going to save me a hell of a lot more…

  • MleB1

    Shows the benefit of *real* competition in the wireless industry. An independent, city-run utility is offering deals (and pushing the national brands there to do the same) that simply the incumbents in larger cities feel no need to replicate. And leaving the users there feeling ripped off. Still.

    For example – in Toronto: Rogers’ Streamer Plan ($100), Bell’s Voice & Data 95 ($95) or Telus’ Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text (not really ‘unlimited’ – 5 GB, $100) are pricey shadows of the Tbaytel offer.

    Hmm. As it happens, I’ll be making my way to Thunder Bay next week on a contract – maybe I should be looking at Tbaytel as my next provider, even if it means an 807 area code. Maybe we all in Toronto should.

  • wahgee

    If you read TbayTel with the power of Rogers. It’s in the pic. Honestly, that is what happens. That’s why Man and Sask get better plans, too. The big cities generate the revenue and the big 3 pass on the savings to the population base that’s not as dense. This is what a buddy told me from Rogers.

  • MleB1

    Well, I feel pretty sure that Rogers isn’t doing it out of the goodness of their hearts and, despite the mention of Rogers in the ads, Tbaytel is paying for the bandwidth as does any 3rd Party provider – albeit, perhaps, with a slightly preferential rate. And still able to offer a product at substantially less than the Big 3. And for Rogers, its better to have some foothold there than none at all.

    Are big cities paying over the odds for this so that Rogers can pass on the ‘savings’? If that’s the spin Rogers wants out there, sure, let’s say that. We’re all also ensuring that Nadir Mohamed – the CEO of Rogers – gets his full $8.6 million salary per year.

  • wahgee

    They need all the money they can get to pay that Blue Jays payroll. Haha!!!

  • Rogue

    Wow, you couldn’t be more misinformed. TBayTel made a deal with Rogers when they converted to GSM. They bought the rights to all of Rogers’ Thunder Bay customers in exchange to purchase Roger’s equipment and phones. Using Roger’s purchasing power is not a subsidy. Rogers had not put any 3G towers up in Thunder Bay at all. All they did was leave their 2G EDGE towers active and people with Rogers SIMs would have access to both networks (With Rogers still billing TbayTel for the use of its towers). Rogers made a ton of money off this deal; they secured coast-to-coast 3G/4G coverage through TBaytel’s and Man/Sasktel’s area.

    So TBayTel is able to access Rogers’ handset stock and purchase technology for cell towers through them. Both companies benefited.

    How is this different than Bell and Telus effectively sharing a 3G/4G/LTE network?

    WTF does this have to do with a big city? In fact, Rogers pretty much pulled out of Thunder Bay because they did not want to spend the money to compete with TBayTel & Bell/Telus (who had then only had plans to expand into TBay).

    TBayTel’s ONLY customer base is the Thunder Bay district area. What big city is generating revenue for them to pass on these discounts? Seriously, where are you getting this crap?

    TBayTel pays the city of Thunder Bay literally millions of dollars a year because it is a crown corporation. Telecoms in Canada are making record profits every year. Do you really think it is impossible to offer these plans anywhere else?

  • Rogue

    Just to clear this up, the towers TBayTel is putting up are owned by TBayTel, they purchase the equipment from Rogers. They have a roaming agreement with Rogers.

    The agreement they made was mutually beneficial. There’s a huge payout to Rogers, not to mention the ongoing purchasing of equipment and handsets from them.

    Rogers is only allowing the use of it’s 2G EDGE towers, but is still charging for them. After TBayTel purchased the customer base, there was a big drive by the company to replace these customers’ Rogers SIMs with TBayTel SIMs. The TBayTel SIMs do not access the Rogers 2G EDGE towers. This drive included many incentives, such as early upgrading and credit.
    I was a former Rogers customer that got bought up by TBayTel. I was allowed a free upgrade not even 2 years into my 3 year contract because they wanted me using a TBayTel SIM.
    I ended up getting an iPhone5, 2 years into my 3 year iPhone 4 contract, + a $200 credit because I switched from a Rogers phone. Amazing deal.

  • wahgee

    This is the info I get from Rogers employees. It’s like NHL sharing. I’m just quoting. Not here to start arguments. People need to be informed. Let’s keep the language tasteful here on forums. We don’t need profanity here.

  • Rogue

    Yeah, I’m sorry, but you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    NHL Revenue Sharing: “The top ten money-making teams contribute to the pool. The bottom 15 money-making teams are eligible to collect from it.”

    Rogers gives TBayTel $0. ZERO dollars. That makes it NOTHING like NHL revenue sharing. TBayTel is using Rogers’ purchasing power to buy equipment at a lower rate. It’s like a small business purchasing supplies from a Wholesale Club. That’s why it is “With the power of Rogers”. That is the extent of it. Rogers did not put up even a single HSPA+ tower in Thunder Bay. TBayTel owns, operates, and maintains all of their HSPA+ towers; equipment which they have purchased from Rogers at cost as part of the deal.

    Rogers is making money off this deal. It was a multi-million dollar deal. TBayTel is not a company like Virgin where they are piggie-backing off another company’s network without any of their own towers. In fact, it is Rogers customers that will be piggie-backing on TBayTel’s network as long as this deal is in place.

    It is absolutely asinine to suggest a larger city is subsidizing TBayTel’s network when the only money that has been invested into TBayTel’s network is TBayTel’s own funds. TBayTel is a crown corporation, owned by the City of Thunder Bay. They don’t need subsidies as they pay the City of Thunder Bay around $3M a year in profit.

  • wahgee

    I aprreciate your comments. Just quoting a friend who once was an employee for the evil empire. 🙂

  • Colin_Tbaytel

    If you don’t mind having an 807 area code, the unlimited calling and 6 GB covers you across Canada anywhere Rogers has service. If you’re coming to town and considering taking advantage of this offer, give me a call at (eight-zero-seven) 684-2994. You might be eligible for up to $150 competitive contract credit as well.

  • MleB1

    Heh, heh – I might just! Then again, it would be worth the experience to go into my local Rogers Store with this offer and watch their heads explode.

  • yabbadabbado

    This promotion does not require a 3-year contract. If you own your phone or if your phone is paid for, you can go month-to-month on this new promotion. The promotion has been extended to the end of May 2013.

  • Leona Burton

    Great bargain but can’t wrap my mind around the 3 year contract. Who knows where you’ll be in three years or what can happen or how the technology will be changed or affected. A 1 year contract is enough with everything so fast.

  • Joseph Poniatowski

    I’m in this plan seriously the best ever no question service everywhere anywhere Canada and north America on lte