Future Shop V.I.P. Sale: Telus iPhone 4S Free on 3 Year Contract [Today Only]


Future Shop has a V.I.P. sale for today only that includes the Telus iPhone 4S for $0 on a 3 year term. If you are a first time iPhone adopter and don’t care for the upcoming ‘iPhone 5’, then you have the chance to get a the current 16GB iPhone 4S for ‘free’. The regular price is $159 on a 3 year term.

The offer is available for new activations or renewals, and is only available today. Black and white models are available. Let us know if you decide to jump on this!


  • Jibbs

    I went for it as a contract renewal. As suspected, it was the old “bait and switch” which FS is famous for. There were only 24 ip4s at the promo rate. They did say that if I switched to Rogers, I could get the deal. No Thanks, Telus and I have been getting along just fine. I’ll just wait for the 5.

  • Ah, so it was just a promo to get you in the door. Damn

  • Andra

    Good because I just got the 4 and had to pat $50 even though it was on sale 2 days before I signed on ($0 for new Telus clients).