Koodo Promo: $55 Canada-Wide Calling Plan with 8GB Data for Quebec


Koodo customers in Quebec, a new unlimited Canada-wide calling plan has launched, priced at $55 per month with 8GB of data, which also includes 1000 international long distance minutes (India, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Italy, Mexico, Australia & Taiwan). Data overages are charged at $5/100MB.

Check out the new promo BYOD pricing:

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Time to call in and switch to this plan, or do it yourself via self-serve. Let us know!

[via RFD]


  • mxmgodin

    Looking forward to Virgin Mobile and Fido price-matching them within a week or so. Like always.

  • bbousquet

    Fido already has the same plan for 58,50$ (yeah, I’m sure they’ll match it in the coming days). I’m still waiting for a reason to update from my 34$ 2015 Black Friday promo plan, mind you. This year’s Black Friday promo sucked.

  • Mathieu Girard

    nice.. I was on the koodo 6Gb for 54$.. just switched to this new plan.. 2 more Gb for only 1$ 🙂


  • Tim

    self-serve won’t let me change to this plan, I only get shown the Ontario plans regardless of which province I select from the pull-down menu

  • Tina

    I had to set up a new post paid sim, then port over my ontario number. Got a second line for same price and now my son is porting over from Wind Mobile.

  • Inder

    Can you share how did you do it?