Koodo Introduces $50 Canada-Wide Voice and Data Plan


Koodo (Telus) has numerous iPhone users on their network as tethering is available with plans, but the only feature missing being Visual Voicemail support (which is apparently coming soon). Now, the company has released a Canada-Wide $50 voice and data plan which includes:

  • 150 daytime minutes Canada-wide
  • 1GB data
  • Caller ID, Voicemail
  • 7pm unlimited evenings/weekends
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS

Misc notes:

  • $35 activation fee over the phone, free in store/online
  • $0.45/minute for extra minutes or US long distance
  • $0.05/MB data overage charge, up to 10GB

Any Telus iPhone will work on Koodo, without the need for unlocking. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!

[via Koodo]  Thanks for the email Benoit!


  • My contract with Rogers is coming to an end (finally!) in August, so I think I’m gonna take this deal. I’m currently paying $85/month for 150 daytime minutes, 1000 texts, and 6gb data plan. This one sounds great!

    Anyone here with Koodo? How are they?

  • Casey Callaghan

    Too bad that I just renewed my telus contract and got the 4S!

  • CA

    $85/ month I have my 10 Canada wide, unlimited texting, 6GB data, 300 weekday mins, unlimited evenings and weekends start at 6pm, visual VM. This is my ROGERS plan. Seems like a good plan for me.

  • Antonino Urbano

    Koodo is the only Big-3 company that is pushing the pricing envelope. Fido, Virgin, etc are simply reactive. 

  • My plan ends in August and I’m looking for something like this once its up.  I currently have 6gb but I just don’t think it’s worth sticking w/ Fido.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, best plan from a Canadian company and not a new entrant so far.

  • PiRanHa

    $80/mo -NA calling, voice, 6gb blackberry/iPhone data.. No real rhyme or reason for such a mixed bag of plans eh? Koodo plan is closest to switching but still not quite enough

  • PiRanHa

    Buddy is with Koodo. Says its hit and miss with all these companies

  • Rbargen

    About a month with Koodo – going well, love the unlimited Cdn calling.  Almost 4yrs with Rogers, wanted a bit better coverage if switching, tired of three year contracts but didn’t want to pop for the phone.  Spent about 4 hours on the phone with Telus, they were the only ones offering something to pull me in but the deals kept changing, no longer available, not available to me, so gave up, bought an unlocked iPhone, $60/mo with Koodo, unlmtd Cdn calling, VM, texting, caller ID, and initial flex rate on data, so, saving about $45/mo.  Whoever has the best deal has my business – no more hostage taking by the big 3..

  • MrBambinoDent

    I’m with them for about three months. Coverage is great.
    For 50$ I get :
    250 minutes day time – per second billing ( Canada wide )
    Unlimited weekends and evenings from 5pm ( Canada wide )
    Unlimited text and mms worldwide
    Voice mail, caller ID
    unlimited incoming
    Flexi data

  • Latour

    How about mentioning, that by the second bill is now gone