Koodo Plans Increase $5, Unlimited Minutes Axed on Some Plans; Referral Credit Now $100


Telus flanker brand Koodo has made some changes to monthly pricing and to its referral credit program.

New minimum pricing appears to have increased by $5 per month for BYOD, Tab Small and Tab Large plans. BYOD pricing used to start at $30, but is now at $35 per month which includes 500 minutes and pay-per-use data. Tab Small used to start at $30 but is now $35, while Tab Large used to start at $74 but is now $79.

In-market plans look to have all jumped by $5 per month, while one of the biggest changes, is the elimination of unlimited Canada-wide calling on some BYOD plans, and on Small/Medium Tab. Unlimited minutes are now exclusive to Tab Large plans and some plans with pay-per-use data.

Screenshot 2018 03 05 11 41 16

It is unclear so far whether Fido and Virgin Mobile will match these price increases and the reduction of unlimited Canada-wide calling on most plans.

Referral Program Credit Jumps to $100 Each Online

The Koodo Referral Program normally offers $25 each when you refer a friend. It was recently bumped up to its periodic $50 each promo, but now the referral credit is $100 each, if your referrals activate online.

Screenshot 2018 03 05 11 29 09

According to Koodo, activating in-store will only bring forth a $25 bill credit, but activating online will see $100 in bill credits, which will show up in 8-12 weeks on both accounts.

Why the jump in referral bill credits? Some believe it may be a way to entice Public Mobile users to switch over from the company’s recent offers, targeting $120/12GB and $120/6GB users.

These will result in a higher average monthly plan, plus reduced unlimited Canada-wide minutes, for new Koodo customers. Ouch.

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  • Shawn

    Will this affect plans that are already in effect such at the 10gb plan?

  • My 1/2 cents

    My guess is eventually they will. So much for the fanbois who said Koodo never raised prices on their plans.

  • Steve

    I believe that this was in regards to customers with existing plans; their plans/prices never changed.

    I think this price increase only impacts new lines/customers/activations.

  • Jack

    I suppose they don’t want new customers

  • warpdrive

    I was planning on porting two lines from PM to Koodo at the end of the month on the 5gb for $40 promo. I wondering if it’s now 5gb for $45????? Lol

  • electric_erik

    These plans are WAY worse than what they had just yesterday! Not even unlimited talk anymore. I was about to go to activate a new line with Koodo today. Looks like I’ll be looking elsewhere.

  • xxxJDxxx

    So first PM price increases, then Koodo. Telus next?

  • Nard-dog

    Here’s a referral link if needed :

  • cayaguy

    ‘Limited Time’ means just that. You doddeled around for weeks while the promo was on. You snooze you loose. Nobody to blame but your own procrastination. Better luck next promo… try to act a little more swiftly not glacially.

  • electric_erik

    Lol, smart ass, your insight is exemplary! I didn’t doddle around, but you must know exactly what I did right? Anyway, ended up with a better deal at Fido today, so I guess it’s all well and good that I doodled around for so long.

  • Larry

    Give Rogers/Fido and Bell/Virgin 12 hours and they will have increased prices, too. Just coincidentally, of course.

  • My 1/2 cents

    You’re a troll. You’ll get what’s coming to you for being this way