Koodo Promo: $44/7GB Tab Large Plan in Saskatchewan/Manitoba; $54/9GB in Quebec


Telus flanker brand Koodo Mobile has a promo in Saskatchewan, which offers customers a $44/month Tab Large plan with 5GB data, but also a 2GB data add-on bonus for 24 months, taking it to 7GB. The same offer is available in Manitoba.

A Tab Large provides customers with a $504 subsidy towards a new smartphone on contract and comes with unlimited Canada-wide talk and text, call display, voicemail, call waiting and more.

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Users in Quebec have a similar promo, priced at $54 for Tab Large with 7GB data, and a 2GB bonus for 24 months, for 9GB total data.

An equivalent plan outside of these three provinces, such as in BC, for example, would cost $104 for 6GB data on Tab Large, with a 2GB data bonus for 24 months, for 8GB total data. Or $124/month for 12GB data (10+2GB).

While BC, Alberta and Ontario saw a blazing $60/10GB BYOD plan offered by Rogers, Telus and Bell, now we see some regional specific holiday deals for other provinces with regional competition.

Fido currently has a $63/7GB plan in (5GB+2GB bonus) in Saskatchewan and Manitoba for Medium Tab plans (up to $500 off upfront phone cost), so they have yet to match Koodo, and the same goes for Virgin.

[via RFD]


  • LJ

    All these plans were looking “ so hot” before the $60/10gb promo. Now it’s a compromise. Hope $60/10gb becomes a norm throughout Canada in 2018 and my new year wish is to see $100/Unlimited Data CANADA wide from all major carriers?Big 3 made a lot of money from all working Canadians for years, it’s about time they become competitive with most G7 nations or at least US and be reasonable in regards wireless plans.

  • So Young

    I consider the koodo deal better than the $60/10GB because its a plan who finance a new phone as well so its a win/win in every way. $54 for 9 GB, even if its for 2 years plus a new phone is solid IMO.

  • Eddyboy

    So,I jumped at the idea of switching to the Koodo 10gb plan for $60 this week and although I like the idea of having a 10gb LTE plan ‘forever’,I soon realized what the consequences will be in the very near future with all the new customers getting on the large data plans at a great price bandwagon…….the network is going to slow down and it will become the new ‘3G’ network.When that happens the big boys will then offer up the new 5g LTE network for those who find 4g LTE too slow.
    This is purely speculation but,I smell something fishy.