Koodo Promo: $60 Plan with 10GB Data for BC, Alberta, Ontario [u]


Well looky here, what do we see? Telus has responded to Rogers/Fido and Bell, by offering their own BYOD $60 per month plan with 10GB of data, but through their flanker brand, Koodo Mobile–for new customers (although some who have spoke with the Retentions/Loyalty department have been able to get it by asking).

Koodo’s website has a new featured banner titled “You want gigs? We got gigs!” Users who bring their own phone will get an unlimited Canada-wide calling plan with 10GB of data. The ‘Legal stuff’ says it’s available in BC, Alberta and Ontario, which one-ups Rogers/Fido and Bell, since their promos are only available in BC and Alberta.

Update: data overages billed at $7/100MB, or $70/1GB (via RFD):

According to a Koodo rep we spoke with on the phone, this data is not limited to 24 months only like Rogers/Fido, and is permanent.

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This Koodo Mobile plan includes Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling, Call Display, Voicemail 10, Call Forwarding, Call Conferencing and Easy Roam–for new customers only.

These promo plans are a response by the ‘Big 3’ to Shaw’s Freedom Mobile, which is similarly offering a $60/10GB plan. Freedom Mobile’s LTE network is rolling out quickly out west, but its Ontario expansion is still underway, which is most likely why Rogers/Fido and Bell are limiting their promos to Alberta and BC. But now it looks like they’ll eventually have to match Telus’ Koodo offering for Ontario.

The Telus website doesn’t list this promo (yet?), but it makes sense for them to offer it as well given Rogers and Bell offering it too. We know how our incumbents like to simultaneously match plans and promos with each other.

Who says we don’t have wireless competition in Canada? Let us know if you’re going to jump on this…offer expires December 19.

Thanks Justin


  • Manpreet Singh

    Was also able to keep my 1000 mins and it’s not only for new activations, loyalty will give you this 🙂

  • warpdrive

    Is there an expiry date? Rogers will knock your 10gb down to 5gb after 2 years….
    Now if TELUS would offer this…. I might consider switching from Public Mobile so I can get my watch3 up and running on cellular….

  • It’s Me

    No expiry.

  • Sean

    Keep your 1000 minutes? Why? The plan offeres Canada wide calling.

  • Manpreet Singh

    1000 international calling minutes from last year

  • warpdrive

    Come on TELUS…. come on TELUS…. ?

  • warpdrive

    Sweet Jesus! That’s awesome. Apple watch support here I come! Is it for new activations only? I should be fine porting back from public mobile, but have a buddy who is an existing TELUS customer.

  • Yes for new activations, but a call to retentions/loyalty may also land this promo, as we’ve seen from others.

  • AF

    Freedom should offer 20Gb @ $60 just to piss the big 3 off. offer to end Dec 19 lol

  • warpdrive

    Ok…. once again, thank you Gary. Without you and this site not sure how we would find out about all the deals (Costco iTunes cards) that you make us aware of. You sir, are a gentlemen and a scholar…..
    ….. I’ll be jumping on this deal tomorrow….

  • Clayson

    Does anybody know what the data overage charges are for this plan? $10/GB?

  • Clayson

    I called both the London Koodo Stores and they told me I would need to cancel my Koodo service in order to get this. Meaning, I would have to switch numbers…really lame

  • amcfarlane

    “Who says we don’t have wireless competition in Canada?”

    Literally everyone in the Atlantic provinces who never gets deals like this. All carriers walk in lock step and offer identical pricing for identical services.

  • Cheers warpdrive! 🙂

  • Dislike

  • warpdrive

    Can you port your number to another provider under a prepaid account, then port it back to koodo perhaps….

  • It’s Me

    A) call in and then talk to their retentions dept. This will take a couple hours.
    B) Port your number to koodo prepaid. Open a new line with this plan. Port prepaid back onto new account.

    B is a pain but it works and takes maybe 15 minutes,

  • It’s Me

    I think something like $7/100MB.

    But at 10GB base….

  • danny wood

    I’m going to switch from Public (5gb talk/text $62) to this deal instead once I read the fine print..

  • The_Marl

    Been working on this for the last hour or so, currently on hold with retentions as the regular rep said he couldn’t do it for me since I am an existing customer. Ill report back once I speak to retentions.

  • Hadrion

    Yup, trying to get to retentions for the same reason.

  • The_Marl

    Finally got through to retentions, the guy was great and set me up with the plan in just a few minutes. I mentioned Public Mobile but it didn’t seem like that mattered, once you get through to retentions they’ll just hook you up.

  • mcdavid007

    apple watch not supported apparently since this is non shareable data

  • warpdrive

    Yep…. talked to loyalty and found that out. Koodo is the only one worth going on then, as it seams the 10gb doesn’t expire after 2 years.

  • Just want to let you know my Rogers experience:
    I’m chatting with Rogers live chat. I’m on the grandfathered 6GB $60 plan, no contract now. Told them no incentive for me to stay with them anymore, since Koodo made this 10GB plan at the same price with Telus infrastructure and for Ontario residents. it’s a better deal for me. They told me no initially, but once I laid it out that there was no incentive for me to stay, they now told me I can get the 10GB $60 plan with Rogers. So they changed my. Your millage may vary, but this is a nice way to put pressure on them to have them change your current plan if you can 🙂

  • Jimmy Marks

    Has anyone been able to get this plan through retention with the Manitoba 48$ plan?

  • Kos Arka

    Hi Jimmy, im on the $48 mb/sk plan in ontario.

    I called in and said i like the $60 plan and im thinking of canceling and getting it from rogers if its not possible through koodo.

    Nothing was mentioned about my out of province plan. Hope that helps cheers.

  • Jimmy Marks

    Thank you! Just upgraded my plan. Tbh it was bitter sweet it was nice paying less but the 10 gigs for 60$ was so hard not to get.

  • GK

    Good to know I am gonna call tomorrow to get this plan, I have 1000 min too in my plan. Did they switch it to No tab plan?

  • jake

    2 hrs, 21mins later I finally got this plan from Koodo, nicest csr. I think they are super busy and overworked. FU Fido, I’ll never go back to you!!

  • My 1/2 cents

    I feel really bad ditching Koodo. I too had an awesome CSR…through loyalty. He gave me this plan and some ideas too. At the end of the day, I went with Bell which gave me more features for the same price. Let’s hope Bell doesn’t raise the plan rates in 6 months or a year.

  • Ichi

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m on the exact same grandfathered plan and was thinking of calling up Rogers to match but was feeling uneasy about what response I would get. Now that I’ve read your comment, I’m going to give them a call 🙂

  • Chantelle Laflamme

    I was still able to get it as a current koodo user by calling, and asking. Be patient and stick with the long hold time. This sweet deal is worth it! I didn’t even need to speak to retentions or threaten to cancel. The rep put me on hold for 3 minutes to get approval, and gladly changed it over for me for being a loyal customer.

  • Firehawk95

    Gee, and anyone in America? Or Europe? Or Australia? Or pretty much anywhere but Canada?

  • warpdrive

    I’m on the plan and Apple Watch is supported. Just not sharing data. 10gb for phone. 1gb for Watch. I for one can live with that.

  • Tomasu Truong

    Did you guys use a Quebec or Manitoba mailing address or did you leave it as the Ontario mailing address?

  • Zee

    Trying to get the $25 referral credit… But it’s asking me for the referrer’s number or email address… I found out abt this deal through your website… How can I make sure you get it? Thanks…

  • Johny Cash

    No one would care, lmao Freedom is like the worst service you can possibly get, it should be illegal

  • Karen Ramel

    Additional data $7/100MB SFD (koodo)

  • Karen Ramel

    Just before lunch today i was on hold with koodo (as a current koodo customer who switched to koodo 7 months ago from Telus). I dialled *611 (no one was answering ?+1 (866) 995-6636) and was on hold an hour where I asked for “retentions”. They said there was a wait – which I said was fine – on hold again for a further 1.5 hours (a total 2.5 hours – thank goodness for unlimited calling) spoke with “retentions” who confirmed I was eligible and easily switched me. Confirmed switch from 5gb $75/month unlimited all else to 10gb $60/month effective asap by viewing self serve account from ipad. Advised to reset phone for update. And done. Fantastic! I live in Vancouver, BC and have an iPhone 8+

  • Mr Something

    Well you fared out much better than me. I spent over 5 hours on hold yesterday, (the system hangs up on you after 2 hours and change) before getting through to customer service only to be told that the deal is only for new customers. “Like hell I said, cancel my service.” Response was “well, we could put you through to retention and they may be able to offer you the plan but it will be closing in 25 minutes and the wait time is 2 hours, you’ll have to try tomorrow”. He did offer a callback in the morning so that I don’t have to wait to get through to customer service before being transferred to Retention. I’ve now been on hold for Retention department for 1hr 30 mins. If the system hangs up on me again, I won’t be a Koodo member long.

  • MrTwiggles

    expires in 2 years

  • Rachelle Campeau

    I had same issue Hour wait to be transferred to retentions which then cut me off atter 2 hours…then multiple attempts for the next few hours just to connect. Now finally on round two before calling a new provider

  • Karen Ramel

    Does not expire with koodo

  • Michelle

    Twice i got hung up on after a 2 hour wait…third time 3.5hours….finally spoke to a rep and was told it was for new customers but since I’ve been a Telus customer since 99 he would waive it…..then the call got dropped!!!!! Almost lost my mind! The guy called me back since he had my information and gave my husband and i both the 10gb, We were paying each $45 for minutes and $40 for 4 gb so we went from $170 to $120 and almost 3 times the data! Saving $50 a month was worth the hang ups and wait! Was told if i ever upgrade my phone the offer is off the table unless i purchase phone out right!

  • Cheryl Ann

    I read koodo closed that loophole. when did you get out of province plan? thinking it may be worth it as I am with (ugh) Rogers