More TELUS 4G LTE Network Launches in Ontario: Bowmanville, Cornwall


TELUS has announced this morning its 4G LTE network has launched in Bowmanville in the Durham region and Cornwall, again expanding its network in Ontario, part of an ongoing $650 million investment that started last year.

The company says LTE coverage now serves 70 per cent of the Canadian population in roughly 170 markets. Coverage maps have not been updated yet, but they should soon. Let us know how those LTE speeds are.

Screen Shot 2013 04 17 at 9 42 54 AM

Screen Shot 2013 04 17 at 9 43 06 AM


  • bradg17

    I’ve noticed lte in bowmanville. Speeds from 5-30 Mbps. Although my work is not that close to the towers so I’m sure I’d get better speeds if I was a bit closer! But I’m on bell and idk if its a shared tower or not

  • C Pak

    I have been testing the LTE in Cornwall for about 2 weeks since I saw it activated and have had about 20 Mbps down and 10Mbps up.