TELUS Releases 14.1 Carrier Update for the iPhone [Update]


Late last week TELUS pushed out a 14.1 carrier update for the iPhone, a jump from the previous 14.0 update. Users can access this update by going to Settings > General > About, where a pop-up prompt will ask you to update carrier settings, as seen below:


Carrier updates are periodically pushed out to users to optimize connections to cellular networks. We have reached out to TELUS for details on what this minor update covers and will update this post when we hear back from them.

In the meantime, if you are suffering from cellular connectivity issues, a carrier update could most likely help, but in the past with other rival carrier updates data speeds can also be affected negatively.

If you have installed this update on your iPhone, let us know if you spot any changes in data speeds or signals. Check back to this post soon for updates.

Update: Looks like Bell has pushed a carrier update today as well:

Thanks @tophee, Luke!


  • Nabil Maadarani

    I’m with Telus, and going to “About” doesn’t give me any pop ups. I am on iOS 7 beta (the legit way), so that might have something to do with the phone not being recognized as “iOS” by Telus.

  • jabohn

    No carrier update for me on bell iPhone 5.

  • Oknark

    I initially noticed less jumping between LTE and 3G in Edmonton and area. But that may just be coincidence.

  • EmWyllie

    Sasktel pushed one out as well.

  • Chzplz

    Koodo jumped to 14.1 too.

  • Beetle

    PCTelecom still on Bell 14.0 (for now)

  • joyn6160

    For those on Bell, what is your carrier settings version? Mine says 14.5

  • The Darkness

    Same issue here.

  • K4

    Can someone with Onavo+Pandora in Canada with the new Telus 14.1 update make sure it still works?

  • adamamrk

    My Telus Iphone 5 is on Ios 7 beta and my carrier version is 14.5

  • adamamrk

    does the onavo allow you to vpn in to the USA for the pandora to work?

  • Peter

    that’s because if you check the carrier version on iOS 7 beta you will see we’re on version TELUS 14.5 already… 14.1 would be a downgrade

  • K4

    Yep, been using it for the past 3 years

  • Jorge Curioso

    no carrier update for me from Telus on the iPhone 4S running iOS 511. Still at carrier 12.0

  • Jacob Burns

    You will need to update your iOS to iOS 6.

  • kenny

    iPhone 4S on IOS 6.1.3…not carrier update yet…

  • Jacob Burns

    Make sure your device is connected to the Internet.
    Tap Settings > General > About. If an update is available, a prompt will appear.

  • Melanie

    I was having connectivity issues all the time!! Even replaced SIM card and got a new iPhone 5. Same connection problems happening and was about to call Telus to complain but saw this article. I updated to 14.1. I hope this fixes the problem for me.

  • jabohn

    Still nothing here. I have Bell 14.0

  • jambox

    I’ve never updated my Iphone 4 since I got it… It says TELUS 11.0 lol… maybe its time for an update.

  • tanogindulgence1

    Not an issue . We are ahead. yours is at 14.5 they are at 14.1

  • Kelsey

    I just updated and now can’t seem to search for new apps in the App Store… Anyone else have this problem?

  • doubled

    I get “No Service” at work, at home and walking in the street of downtown Quebec City since this update… Is it possible to rollback to the previous version?

  • dave

    is this update a good thing to do?

  • philipe

    battery drains faster now since update don’t know why can’t even keep phone charged for more than 6 hours on standby….???

  • weehours

    I’ve had to reset my phone back to factory settings, The battery depletes within a couple of hours, programs shut down or lock up…awful update…I’ll wait for the fix now…

  • Jag

    I am having the same issue. nothing like haveing the phone freeze while making a call.

  • Bart2424

    I’m on Telus and my version is Telus 18.1

  • Tc10

    I just received another update. Apple provides us with info on their updates. Telus should be mandated to tell us as well.