Telus Adds New 2GB, 4GB Data Options to SharePlus Plans


Telus SharePlus data plans have gained new shareable data options today: 

  • 2GB for $30/month
  • 4GB for $50/month

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This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the 2GB option as it was initially available when SharePlus plans first launched last July; back then the 2GB plan was $45. As for the 4GB plan at $50/month, this price point allowed up to 6GB during promo periods in the past.

So if you were bringing an unlocked iPhone to Telus and wanted a SharePlus voice plan with 2GB data, it’ll cost you $70/month ($40 for voice; $30 for data).  

Earlier this week Telus increased its SharePlus voice plans by $5/month but also dropped the price of 1GB and 3GB data plans by $5/month. 


  • gtasscarlo

    These new plans make me wanna puke.

  • Ask them if it comes with a free pack of Gravol!

  • adam

    ya, these plans are so great… had to get wife a new plan, shes still sporting the fab 10 national with 1gb + caller id and message centre. which is all she needs, with a subsidized 5c. shes paying 65 minus 10% loyalty discount.