TELUS Adds Nationwide Calling to Unlimited Plans; New Roaming Packages Coming


According to MobileSyrup, TELUS has revised some details to their recently announced unlimited voice and data plans.

Specifically, customers in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada only will now see unlimited nationwide calling added to the $70 and $80 per month plans (this was previously just local calling), matching the more expensive $100/month plan. Other provinces still are limited to unlimited local calling on the $70 and $80 plans.

Customers in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada will see unlimited nationwide calling on the $70 and $80 plans

Similar plans are also available from Rogers and Bell as well, but their prices do not include caller ID and voicemail, like TELUS.

Also, in a separate report, MobileSyrup reports TELUS is set to announce some new international roaming packages in December, marketed as a trial. No details were given in regards to pricing and the packages themselves, but they will include minutes, text messages and data and be made to accommodate an average of a 2-4 week trip. Given most people travel for the holidays these roaming packages could appeal to existing TELUS customers.

For those with unlocked iPhones, Roam Mobility recently announced their new prepaid Ready SIM packages, set to debut on November 19th.

Have you signed up to any of these new ‘unlimited’ plans from our Big 3 carriers?



  • New roaming packages available in December… just in time for me to return from Europe. Peachy.

  • SV650

    I’ve no real need for unlimited nationwide calling. I’d much rather they were rid of the unlimited nickel & dime-ing which they currently engage. For a user with modest needs for voice, text & data, the plans simply aren’t available.

  • I got the 100$ plan but I also have a 50% discount so I end up paying 50$ for the 100$ plan

  • gtasscarlo

    This is gonna be the new norm for big three collusion pricing.

  • wahgee

    How did you swing that?

  • I work in a mobile department.

  • wahgee

    Nice. Wish I had that perk.