TELUS & Bell iPhone in Saskatchewan By 2011


Early Thursday morning we reported about the unfortunate email that TELUS sent out to its promotional mailing list subscribers.

According to the email, customers living in Saskatchewan and Manitoba would not be getting the iPhone 3G/3GS on launch day. That email is referenced below:

No Telus

Clearly this is bad news for our Prairie friends. But hope is not yet lost!

Later Thursday afternoon, a posting made by TELUS on their media news page announced that TELUS and SaskTel have come to a network-sharing agreement that will expand the UMTS/HSPA network to Saskatchewan. The network is expected to be launched in mid-2010 with a completion date of 2011.

SaskTel and TELUS today announced they have entered into a wireless network sharing agreement that will facilitate the rapid deployment of next generation wireless and data services through Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) and High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technologies by SaskTel within Saskatchewan.

Reports from MobileSyrup indicate that Bell Canada has also entered into the same agreement with SaskTel. Neither TELUS or Bell have indicated any news regarding Manitoba.

So while the current iPhone 3GS may not be available initially, Saskatchewan residents may be able to pick up a new Summer 2010 iPhone. Failing that, there’s always Summer 2011.

TELUS 2010


  • Teebs

    Wow, shitty deal for the… backbone of Canada?

  • scott987

    Back bone? Try deformed pinky toe.

  • lars68689

    I don't know why SaskTel is taking so long to build a network with all the government money they have. They used to be a leader in fiber-optic technology, now they are failing in telecommunications. Maybe it's time Saskatchewan allows private enterprise in and ditch these crown corporations! Then that province won't be backwards and have to wait for everyone else's leftovers.
    So Telus has an agreement in place with SaskTel? Hmm, why do I think that Bell will also say the same thing as well?

  • Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing.

  • mur3

    |Not related to Sask/Man issues, but I| called Bell in August to inquire about a hardware upgrade credit as I'm into my 3rd year of a contract and the woman I spoke with told me that on Oct 5, I would be eligible for a $200 credit towards a new phone if I re-signed for another 3 year contract. I was going to wait and get the Palm Pre, until news broke about Bell getting the iPhone, which I now want.

    I called Bell the other day to confirm my $200 hardware upgrade credit, and I was told that Bell has changed its hardware upgrade program and that I am not available to receive any credit until January 2010. Obviously I'm pissed and am thinking about getting away from Bell altogether and going to Rogers or Telus.

    So I have a couple of questions for you fine folks. 1 – can I get out of my remaining contract with Bell which ends next April without paying the $20 a month penalty, as they've broken my original contract by canceling/changing their hardware upgrade program? 2 – Should I go to Rogers or Telus to get my iPhone, which one will be better? 3 – should I just suck it up and wait till January?

    Obviously Bell has done this to stop people from getting their hands on an iPhone by using a hardware upgrade credit, and make as much money as possible at launch time. Has anyone else been hearing about this?

  • lello91

    lol that sucks

  • yearoftherat

    Thats really crappy for the 'tobans….damn MTS.

  • JT

    Nothing like a good Telus teabagging. Question now is, after Nov 5, does competition force lower dataplans for the iPhone at Rogers? If so, I can just see those lower rates applying everywhere except this void that is the prairies. Double tap.

  • Em

    This is ridiculous. Bell and Telus went on about how they're including 90% of the population in their new network and then completely cutting out TWO whole provinces? I think we count as more than 90%.

  • cds

    Saskatchewan and Manitoba population (~2 million peeps) is roughly 6% of Canada's population; therefore when Bell/Telus say they cover over 90% of Canada's population, they are telling the truth.

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  • crazymanwhack

    I think you would have to pay the 20$ penalty if you wanted out of bell now. thats 20x6months=120 bucks
    Personally I would pick Telus 1)because I think they have better service in more places (ex:In alberta I was with this girl who had a rogers phone and we were kinda in the middle of nowhere in a place called Busby, AB Me with my Telus Blackberry Cruve had FULL reception and her Rogers LG phone had NO reception)
    2)their customer service is very nice and helpful and most the time when I call its a person I can understand.

    Its your choice though. But from what ive heard from people I know that have rogers they never have any service unless in Edmonton or a main city and the customer service isnt that great. But I cant say rogers is bad because i've never had them. But good luck with picking a new service provider if you choose to.

  • Jdv


  • Jdv


  • TC

    MB and sask might only be 6% of the pop. but what about the rest of the Canadians that require their phones to work when they are travelling to or through the prairies?

  • Mary11

    It’s not the crown corps that should be ditched, it’s the current sask gov’t that should be kicked in the ass and thrown out the door!!!!