Telus Extends 6PM Early Evenings Promo & Flex Data Student Plan


This week, Telus has extended their expiring promotions until January 31, 2011. The two extensions are the 6PM Early Evenings promo and the new $55 Flex Student Plan.

6PM Early Evenings Promo

For any Telus customers activating on a 3-year term, they will automatically receive free 6PM early evenings.

Eligibility & Restrictions

The offer is applicable to new 3-year term activations on the following rate plans:

  • iPhone Clear Choice $50
  • iPhone Clear Choice Flex $65
  • iPhone Clear Choice $100
  • Student Flex $55

This offer essentially saves customers $7.00/month, which is the standalone cost of the 6PM feature.

$55 Flex Student Plan

Telus has also extended their new $55 Flex Student Plan. Of all the available offers from the wireless carriers, this plan is probably the best one.

For reference, the plan, available on a 3-year contract only, is detailed below:

  • Minutes: 200 daytime
  • Evenings/Weekends: Unlimited @ 6Pm
  • Data: 1GB
  • Promotions: Unlimited Text/Picture/Video messages, My10 Nationwide, Free Voicemail 3

Note: Contrary to the plan name, we have received word that you do not actually have to be a student to receive this plan.


  • this is Telus puting a new piece of cheese on the mouse trap lol

  • Duker733

    is there a way to get on the student plan if you’re not a student? That’s a good plan

  • Anonymous

    I Would not join telus if they gave me a free iPhone 4, a year free of service and gold.

  • Rogers made me up a Student Plan because I found out that BCIT does not fall under their Student Plan category.

    I pay $65/month for 200 weekmin/500MB/Unlimited Evening & Weekends/Unlimited Text and my Visual Voicemail.

    Not bad as i way paying over $110 previously (which had the 6Gb dataplan)