Telus First to Offer iPhone AppleCare+ for $6/Month; Revamps Device Care Programs


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Telus today has introduced a revamped Device Care and Device Care Premium packages for its customers. Here’s what’s new:

  • TELUS Device Care offers device protection for all devices in TELUS’ lineup (except iPhones) for liquid or accidental damage and manufacturing defects for up to two years for $6/month or $99 upfront.
  • $49 service charge for 2 incidents of accidental/liquid damage
  • TELUS Device Care Premium offers device protection for all devices in TELUS’ lineup including iPhones for liquid, accidental damage or manufacturing defects for up to two years AND lost or stolen devices for $11/month or $179.
  • $49 service charge for physical/liquid damage

Also, Telus says it’s also the first Canadian wireless carrier to offer AppleCare+ for a monthly rate of $6/month for two years (or $99 upfront). Note this works out to $144 over two years, so you’re paying more if you want to finance AppleCare+.

When we asked for clarification on this, Telus responded with “essentially you pay a little extra for the option to pay monthly. Similar to car and home insurance, you can always opt to pay less if you are able to pay the entire fee upfront.”

Also new, are changes to the Telus Upgrade Promise (T-UP!) program (which launched last fall), which allows customers to upgrade to new smartphones after 12 months (you don’t get to keep your old device though).

The T-UP program now applies to all devices, instead of just the iPhone. T-UP is also now bundled with Telus Device Care or AppleCare+ for a total monthly fee of $10.

If you’re a Telus customer considering extra warranty coverage, you might want to take a closer look at these plans and see if they’re a good fit for you or not. Of course, AppleCare+ directly from Apple remains at $99 (plus a $79 fee for up to two service incidents).


  • iFone

    Nope. Instead of paying that money to TELUS or whoever, be wise, take care of your device, and put that money aside for the unexpected.

  • hub2

    If you paid say $200 for an iPhone on 2-year contract, $179 + $49 copay (Telus) or $99 + $79 copay (Applecare+) for accidental and liquid damage sounds a lot better than the full $700 needed to replace it.

    I take good care of my phone, but those with a history of accidentally damaging their phones might actually benefit from these insurance plans.

    Obviously the math works out for Telus and Apple; as with any insurance the majority of people paying for it will never need to use it.

  • Guest

    Don’t forget that the “subsidy” is not free. You pay a higher monthly plan fee so in the end, you’re just financing your own phone.

  • hub2

    That assumes the person paying the contract-subsidized phone lasts the whole 2 years with the original phone. If they kill it partway through, then they don’t have to pay out the original phone’s remaining cost ($500 to start with, decreasing by $20 each month) to get it replaced.

    I believe using the Telus insurance means you start a new 24-month contract on the replacement though.

  • Earle

    I just got a new iPhone and took advantage of the TELUS Device Care Premium. It’s too bad you can’t combine TELUS Device Care Premium with T-UP. You can combine AppleCare+ with T-UP but then you don’t get lost or stolen coverage. We shouldn’t have to choose between getting coverage for a lost or stolen device, or having the option to upgrade yearly. Since my previous device was stolen I went for the Device Care Premium but I would have loved having the option to combine that with T-UP.