TELUS Internet Causing Slow Downloads for Apple Users [u]


Are you a TELUS Optik Internet customer? Have you seen atrocious download speeds over Wi-Fi for App Store, Mac App Store and other downloads from Apple? It appears you’re not alone, as many have seen issues with TELUS’ connection to Apple’s Content Distribution Network (CDN).

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This TELUS forum thread details how customers as far back as one year ago have been experiencing the issue: slow app downloads and Mac updates when connected to Wi-Fi at home.

Some users switched over to non-TELUS DNS networks (such as those from Google or OpenDNS) and Apple download speeds were noticeably faster than before. Others that used a VPN instantly saw faster download speeds, so it appears there’s an issue between TELUS download speeds and Apple.

We’re experiencing a similar issue and will contact TELUS to investigate. In the meantime, if you’re a TELUS Optik Internet customer, let us know if you’re seeing slow downloads from Apple, and how you were able to troubleshoot this problem.

Update: If you’re keen, trying changing your DNS servers to Google. Here’s how to do it:

  1. On your Mac, go to System Preferences > Network > Select “Wi-Fi” > Click “Advanced”
  2. Click the “DNS” tab. Write down the existing DNS Servers in case you need to revert back to them. Once that’s done, click “-” and delete them.
  3. Add the following Google DNS servers (click “+”), as shown below, then click “OK”:

google DNS

4. Restart your TELUS modem; Actiontec modem users go to in your web browser and login. On the ‘Home’ tab, click ‘Device Reboot’.

Making this short change to Google’s DNS servers seems to have increased download speeds. Pages within iTunes and the Mac App Store load snappier on my Mac. Let us know if this works for you.



  • Jake

    I’ve been on Telus internet for years. In the last few days this has become an issue with downloading anything from apple (it takes over 5 min to download a single song on apple music). I tried changing the DNS to google’s but it’s still extremely slow. I contacted telus support but they just said “we are aware of the issue and that I should contact apple”. Not fun 🙁

  • SV650

    Call them back & say: “Apple told me to call you”

  • Jason Reid

    Holy crap yes!! This is happening to me! Unable to download OS X El Capitan. Been trying since Wednesday. I’m at 1.26gb at the moment with 5 days 22 hours to go. Fucking Brutal!!!

  • I have this problem too. I got around it using a VPN.

  • xeronine992

    Same problem but am on Rogers. My 250Mbps connection downloads from Apple at around 2-3Mbps 🙁

  • 14Host

    I have the exact same problem with distributel, very slow download speedes

  • Shameer Mulji

    And I thought it was just me. I’m using iTunes on Windows (and yes, on Telus Optik Internet), and download speeds are super slow. Took me hours to download iOS 9.0.2 when doing a full restore. Never had this issue before.

  • sands989

    I have this exact issue, I have been fighting with my network for the past 2 days. Telus tech support was totally useless and had me reset my entire network settings to factory default which did not help. They then told me to contact apple.

  • Ayman Kamal

    I have had the same problem downloading latest El Capitan. It took more than 3 days. I was using a Macbook Pro, at home wirelessly over a Telus Optik network.

  • RobotDavid

    Same problem here, downloading 8.2 mb app from the iPhone App Store takes about 35minutes!! And this is day 3 for downloading El Capitan with an estimated 2days 4hours left!! $160 month isn’t worth this crap – on 50mb plan.

  • Btechpc

    Been having same issues for a week. Also can’t use Apple Music on cellular data as well. So pissed!

  • Bruce Campbell

    It’s content wars, is my guess. Really stupid, badly disguised content wars. OptiK is supposed to erode the marketshare available to Apple, and Netflix, Amazon (and heaven’s forfend those smelly pirates with their bit torrent trash). The almighty convergence of all things brought to you by bits instead of atoms shall not fall to these newcomers, these johnny-come-latelys and their hoodies and ironic baseball caps. We INVENTED THIS SHIT you little hooligans, and you are not going to still my legacy! Now GIT OFF MY LAWN.

  • mike

    Me too I get 20kb/s for downloading apps…

  • mapperD

    It is the TELUS wifi in general that is the trouble. I’m on a 25MBps plan and the most I can get is 4.5MBps through wifi. It takes forever to download and streaming is impossible. I have been trying to get a fix for this for a long time. I had the same problem with SHAW in my area. There is some major interference here and TELUS needs to figure it out!!

  • I’m on a TELUS 50Mbps plan, I do get the advertised speeds on my MBA over Wi-Fi, but when it comes to other iOS devices it’s really, really slow.

  • Dave H

    I just got off the phone with the TELUS rep, and he pointed me to this solution. I was getting maybe 30KB/sec before making this change, then back up to 6.9MB/s on the 50Mbps connection. This really did work, and I have been suffering from this ever since Mac OS X 10.11 came out, which was about a week ago now. I’m surprised that they haven’t fixed it yet on TELUS’ end.

  • Hi Dave. You mean they suggested changing your DNS?

  • the_king_of_kensington

    We switched from Telus DSL 5 mb/s to Telus Fibre Optic 30 mb/s over the summer and there’s been a definite drop in performance for Apple downloads and for Netflix.
    On DSL I never had issues with Netflix. Then we switched to Fibre and Netflix take 3 times longer to buffer a movie and it stops to buffer at least twice through the course of the move.
    My El Capitan upgrade from the AppStore had an estimated 6 days to download! I change the DNS server address on my Mac and downloaded it in 31 minutes.
    Going to see if I can make this adjustment to my Apple TV settings.

  • Gary Bowen

    Me too. I get 15MB down / 1MB up with Telus, but painfully slow speeds for downloading Apple Music and iOS App updates. Works fine on other networks.

  • JJ

    I have Telus Optik & Internet 15, ever since switch over from Bell Satellite..crazy problems with Macbook Pro & other Apple products. techs after techs they said its Apple and I need to buy Airport Extreme to make it work faster. I’m paying $70/month, maybe TELUS shouldn’t be so greedy fix the problem don’t blame Apple.