Telus iPhone 3GS Now $49 On Contract


This week, Telus became the first Canadian wireless carrier to discount the 8GB iPhone 3GS to $49.00 on a 3-year voice and data agreement.

Purchased at a Telus Store

As the iPhone 4 is in full swing and 16/32GB models of iPhone 3GS are removed from sale, the 8GB iPhone 3GS comes in at the lowest price ever for a brand-new iPhone.

If you are looking for a deal and do not care much for the iPhone 4, then check out the iPhone 3GS from Telus:

  • iPhone 3GS 8GB Black (on contract): $49.00 (was $99.00; $50 price drop)
  • iPhone 3GS 8GB Black (without contract): $549.00 (locked to Telus)

All new iPhone 3GS units already have iOS 4.0 or 4.0.1 preloaded, so the device is completely ready to go out of the box.

Purchased at an Apple Store

Users who purchase the 8GB iPhone 3GS outright (no contract) at $549 from an Apple Store will have the device unlocked. Users who purchase the 8GB iPhone 3GS on contract for $49 from an Apple Store will have the device locked to Telus (just as if you bought the device at Telus for $49).

Customers purchasing at an Apple Store will receive a Telus SIM card in-store when purchasing on contract, or will get to choose any carrier SIM card if purchased outright.



  • NeedData

    I'm a 3GS owner about 9 months into my contract. I was able to add the $30 1GB data plan to an old voice plan that I don't want to give up for the new series of voice/data combo plans. Has anyone had success getting the bonus data on their existing data plans? Will Telus match the $30/6GB plans like the others? It'd be good to know before I call and argue with them 😉

  • Marco_p_26

    just say that u would like the 6gb data plan instead of the 1gb for the 30$ price if they do not want to give it to u just say rogers/bell/fido has offered u a contract with the 6gb plan and a cheaper bill with the same stuff that telus has given u with also some add on feautures and you will see them jump and give it to u if not just change hope this helps

  • Megavidiot


    Telus has a retention dept that will do practically anything to keep/get your business!

  • TechnoChallenged

    I'm currently using a Nokia 6102 (2006), plus a Palm Pilot (Treo) and a separate Sandisk MP3 player. I've decided to upgrade and (obviously) any iPhone is going to be an improvement. Question is what is the downside of getting 8GB 3GS versus shelling out another $110 and getting a 16GB iPhone 4. Do I lose anything with the 8GB versus the 16GB ??


    You're losing nothing.

    Only difference is the amount of 'space' on the phone. However, if money is in question – go for the 8GB model. You can always transfer files to your computer to free up some space.

  • HH

    Only of your plan is $65 or more a month (voice plus data). Otherwise they won't budge. Telus does not offer the 6GB plan of data as an a la carte add on 🙁

  • Kairu

    8GB 3GS vs 16GB iPhone 4? There are many difference since your comparing across device types. Most notably would be that iPhone 4 has more RAM, a front facing cam, flash on the back one, and a gyroscope.

    Space…. Well it can be annoying. Keep in mind that most apps need double the amount of space that they are to upgrade and install. That can be a nuisance with many of the larger apps.

  • Sa

    what's the whole point if none of the stores have 3gs in stock now? 🙁

  • bR

    Isn't it a bit steep for an old model with less storage still selling for $549 ?? Don't they want to sell it or not ?

  • DAvid

    You have limited space for apps. If you have no need for those which store lots of data (eg. GPS Mapping applications and the like) there would be lots of space. You can store apps, music, photos etc on your computer, and mix & match as you see fit. For instance, I unload my Christmas shopping app unless it is the season. You can also use an application such as Dropbox to store files remotely, and only access those you need at the time. All are in reach, but not on your phone.

    In my opinion, the 8GB 3GS is more of a phone device than a computer, and will meet many folks needs.

  • Don

    You forgot HD video camera capable of 720p @ 30fps, 5MP camera, facetime(video calling), higher 960×640 resolution display, faster processor 1GHz but most likely underclocked to about 800Mhz, better battery, faster 3G speeds, improved antenna signal (even though it has the well PUBLICISED problem, people report better reception than previous iPhones) and some other small differences such as improved speaker volume, noise cancelling microphone etc. So in reality yes you will lose alot by selecting the 8GB 3GS iPhone, if the new features of the iPhone 4 don't really intrigue you than you made your decision, go with the 8GB 3GS

  • Frustrated

    From what I can gather talking to Telus Small Business Reps, there is absolutely ZERO stock of any 3GS models in British Columbia. Just re-negotiated our companies wireless contract with a promise by Telus to supply iPhones …. not until I agreed to the new contract did they tell me they couldn't find stock and after two weeks still haven't come up with any phones. Horribly frustrating!!

  • With So many i4s sold. you could imagine how many 3GS's would be on Ebay or Craigs list. Everyone under cutting everyone else, you could probably score a 3GS for 200 Flat, no contract ^_~
    Now is the perfect time to get that incredible price, because there is so many.

  • Jordan

    I went into Fido about a month ago and they had iPhone 3GS' at $29 with a 3 year agreement…

  • Ex


  • Awood

    yeah – that's a great deal. the only drawback, of course, is that you CAN'T GET ONE!

  • Mike S

    You want to know why this is a Joke…there are none anywhere.

  • Frustrated

    I have a Telus business sales rep in search of 3GS phones …. even he can't find any in BC or anywhere else in the country …… pitiful really.

  • In with the new, out with the old. It's just good business to rotate stock 😉
    49.99 was probably to make sure they sell everything, with little plan
    of bring many back in.

    Could you get one from the apple store for the telus price?

  • Ex

    Apparently Apple Stores have lots.

  • Anwar 01

    does telus have any iPhone 4s in stock in toronto?

  • Call your local telus for details.

  • Anonymous

    but they are probbaly locked into AT&T or some carrier overseas, best to get from apple store or check if it’s from your carrier

  • That’s seems to be a good one to have from Telus, but as far as iPhone 4 is available there will not be many looking forward to have this. The reason is just that when people buy something they do like to have the latest technology and not the one that has some upgrades. This is the general thinking of the almost all the people.