TELUS Says iPhone 5s “Demand is High”, Visit Stores for Best Chances


With the iPhone 5s demand overwhelming Apple retail stores and carrier stores as well, TELUS has sent us the following email regarding their launch, which reiterates the current high demand:

Demand is high and things are going well. We recommend that customers come in store to see what’s in stock and if their desired model or colour is not available they can order the device in store and it will be shipped directly to their home at the earliest possible date.

TELUS launched their iPhone 5s orders this morning at 8AM PDT/5AM EDT. For those looking to jump on their iPhone 5s T-Up! promo, we’re told it’s not available at Future Shop or Best Buy, but only at corporate stores, dealer locations and online.

Did you manage to grab an iPhone 5s from TELUS today?


  • Nick Portman

    My wife planned on getting a telus iphone 5s at Bay Center today, Ive had her hold off though. The subsidized pricing is fine but the plans are rough.. next to nothing for data and she would still have to shell out $85+ What ever happened to the $70 iphone plan with 6gb of data? My eyes are finally opened to the desperate situation big telecom has created in this country.,,