TELUS Launches LTE Network in Camrose and Wetaskiwin


TELUS continues to expand its 4G LTE network and today it has launched in Camrose and Wetaskiwin in Alberta, part of a $750,000 investment to extend wireless and wireline networks. The company notes more than 80 percent of the province will receive LTE by the end of 2012.

“TELUS is committed to offering the best customer experience and launching our 4G LTE service in Camrose and Wetaskiwin is an excellent example of how we’re doing that,” said Derek Keturakis, TELUS general manager of Customer Solutions Delivery for the community. “With a 4G LTE device, our customers can enjoy the fastest wireless technology available in the world today – we are continuing to expand this new technology, community by community, so that by the end of the year more than 80 per cent of Alberta residents are expected to have access. It’s an ambitious undertaking.”

TELUS also notes by the end of the year, LTE is expected to launch in Lethbridge, Fort McMurray and more to come. Let us know how those LTE speeds are if you live in the area.


  • flabeo

    That’s great news for those towns, but it would be nice if some of that money could go into the city of Cold Lake and bring our “fastest” telus wired option past 3mbit. It’s pitiful.

  • Duco

    Here in Camrose, LTE has been on at least one tower (west end of town) since the iPhone 5 launch as the phone detects it and shows it. I guess now that it’s official the towers on the Telus bldg and east end will probably have it turned on as well. ~20mb up and down for speeds, nothing too spectacular.

  • Waiting for my 5 to show up from Telus… curious what the speeds are like in the countryside. My home’s internet (between Camrose and Wetaskiwin) is a WiMax connection at 5mbps, so LTE will be nice… Other than the cost, of course.