Telus Launches New Concept Business Store in Toronto [PIC]


Earlier in June, Telus launched two concept business stores in Saskatoon. Yesterday, the company announced the launch of a similar store in Toronto:

“Today’s smartphones and tablets are loaded with technology and features that can help manage and grow businesses in ways we couldn’t have imagined a few years ago, and we are evolving our retail environments to reflect this new reality and serve our business customers more effectively,” said Walter Andri, TELUS vice-president of Small and Medium Business Solutions. “Our new stores are designed to give small to medium sized business customers the opportunity to try the technologies on the spot, with one-on-one assistance from TELUS experts who understand the distinct needs of businesses today.”

Essentially these stores allows business customers to get one-on-one service and test working smartphone and tablets, in a new spacious environment. The new TELUS Business Store is located at 500 Yonge Street in Toronto between Wellesley Street East and College Street. Here’s a picture Telus sent us of the new store:

[via Telus]


  • Mini

    Like what Apple stores have been doing , letting customers use the products before they buy them.

  • jb

    huh … shaw has had these store for a few months now, and from what i’ve seen quite a bit more interactive than this.

  • exaro

    I haven’t been in the store to see what they have (18 months to go on contract, not much reason to be looking at hardware) so can’t comment on the range or quality of services but for a business centre it’s an odd location. Yonge and Grosvenor has virtually no businesses other than the few shops that pop-up in buildings that are slated for demolition and drug dealers/protitutes. The only nearby “businesses” are provincial government offices that all have their own procurement processes. Why Telus chose to locate where they did is a mystery. Rent may be less expensive but traffic will be near non-existent. This is an area Mobilicity and Public Mobile might find lucrative; I doubt Telus will keep it open more than six months.

  • Mike_Rogers

    Rogers has opened a similar store at Albion & Kipling. They put sofas where customers can sit while awaiting for the customer service rep. It looks like an apple store, so many smartphones on display and all work/activated. I tried out the Samsung Galaxy Note which is fully activated – I tried out to see the internet speed of that LTE feature and it was amazing (I disabled wifi first).