Telus Launches New Promo Plans with Caller ID, Voicemail, Various Data Options

Telus has updated their Promotional Plans page with new plans that include Caller ID and Voicemail. We’ve summarized them for you. All plans include the following:

  • Unlimited Nationwide Family Calling
  • Unlimited 6PM evenings and weekends
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
  • Unlimited My10 Nationwide
  • 200 daytime minutes
  • Caller ID/Voicemail
  • Call waiting/3 way call
  • First month free calling

Each plan varies on the data included. Here’s what makes each plan different, based on the fine print:

Promo Voice and Messaging 40 

  • Pay-per-use data: $5 for the first 5 MB and 25¢/MB thereafter. Data used while roaming in the US is charged at $5/MB. Data used while roaming outside Canada and the US may vary by zone. Data usage is subject to a monthly overage limit of 10 GB.

Promo Voice and Data Lite 50+

  • up to 100 MB is $50
    100 MB to 250 MB is $60
    250 MB to 500 MB is $70
    500 MB and over is $70 + 2¢/MB
  • Additional usage will be charged at 2¢/MB. Cannot be combined with any other data plan. Tethering included. Not available on BlackBerry devices.

Promo Voice and Data 65+

  • Up to 1 GB is $65
    1 GB to 2 GB is $75
    2 GB to 4 GB is $90
    4 GB to 6 GB is $105
    6 GB to 9 GB is $120
    9 GB and over is $120 + 2¢/MB10
  • Additional usage will be charged at 2¢/MB. Cannot be combined with any other data plan. Tethering included.

Extra details to note:

  • A one-time activation fee of $35 applies to all accounts activated by phone or in-store. No fee when you activate online.
  • Additional Long Distance Minute Rate (Canada to Canada; Canada to U.S.)7: 45¢
  • Additional local minute rate: 45¢

That’s about it. It’s noted these plans cannot be combined with any other data plan, such as the 6GB/$30 data plan currently on promo. Anyone going to jump on these plans?

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  • Anonymous

    Available for blackberry devices only 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I signed up with Telus last November and got a really good plan through my brother’s friend who works in the business and corporate department with Telus. A lot better than what they promote publicly.
    For $57 a month I get.
    350 daytime minutes
    unlimited evenings (starting at 6pm) and weekends minutes
    unlimited messages (text, photo and video messages included)
    6gb of data
    caller ID
    Visual Voicemail
    Personal Hotspot/internet tethering (included for free)
    plus perks
    long distance is 20 cents per minute EXTRA

  • john28998

     It doesn’t look like it on the site, the data part is different based on blackberry vs. non blackberry devices, but the plans seem to apply to all devices!

  • Anonymous

    I hope so, i better phone telus later. I want to switch to that 40$ promo, i tried online but it won’t work.

  • john28998

      Try calling them?

  • john28998

     Sorry can’t delete my post, but yeah try calling them, hopefully they can change it (seems pretty clear on the site). good luck!

  • Anonymous

    I talk to the agent this morning, i can’t switch to 40$ promo, all iphone users cannot downgrade below 50$ monthly plan. She said my 55$ flex is the best plan + 8$ caller ID.