Telus Posts Device OS Upgrade Schedules For iOS & Other Devices


I’m not sure exactly how useful this is yet, but Telus has seen fit to begin posting a schedule of operating system (OS) updates for some of the devices they carry.

The schedule lists the current status of various OS updates including if it’s in testing, upcoming, or released. The supported devices include Android, Windows Phone, iPhone and BlackBerry.

I find it amusing that at this time the iOS update status has nothing scheduled, which is probably only going to change before major upcoming iOS releases. The smaller .x.x iOS releases will most likely never be posted as they are normally only rumors until Apple decides to randomly post them.

Check it out and let me know if you find this valuable or not.




  • MiguelSmith28994

    Useful for Android, Apple probably doesn’t let them know about too much until right before!

  • joecmwu

    Many Android users have been waiting for the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) for long time and Samsung Canada finaly released it last week, so now it’s upto the cariers when they can finish the modification and test and then release it to customers. This information is useful not only it tells when you can expect the upgrade, but also what devices you can expect for upgrade. Samsung does not provide this upgrade to all it’s devises.

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  • Londonfish

    Being an iPhone4 user I can pretty much predict my phone can only compatible up to maybe iOS6? Anything newer will need iPhone4S. But Android phones seems a bit unpredictable even same brand for example Samsung, phones releases in same month, down the road, one maybe able to update Android 6.0, but the other one may not ? And it seem Telus will also need to do another step before Android update can work ? When I update from iOS4 to 5, I could just update same day as Apple released, so iPhone is more direct to its products in terms of update ? Sorry hope I am clear coz I am a novice.

  • Terryvoros

    As an iPhone user I know that I dont need my carrier to update my OS,when apple releases it I can download it NOW…..and not be dependent on my carrier to give it up when they see fit!