Telus Price Increases: Caller Display, Call Forwarding, Five Favourite Numbers


Bringing themselves on par with Rogers, Telus has now increased the prices on a series of their services.

This week, the company has increased pricing on the following standalone feature add-ons:

  • Caller Display: $8.00/month (was $7)
  • Call Forwarding: $3.00/month (was $2)
  • Local Five Favorite Numbers (Talk/Text to five numbers): $15.00/month (was $10)
  • Nationwide Five Favorite Numbers (Talk/Text to five numbers): $20.00/month (was $15)

So why the change you ask? Well you could say because Rogers and Telus love playing tag with each other and when one company increases rates, the other follows.

However, don’t you find it convenient with the new iPhone 4 coming out for Telus to increase prices? Lots of new customers coming, what a great way to make some extra revenue! (/sarcasm)

Do note however that if you are an existing Telus customer and already have the previously listed features on your account, the price does not change for you. But, if an existing customer was to take the feature off and add it back again, they would be charged the new price. Also, if you have a bundle pack, you are unaffected.

In other words, the changes only affect new customers adding the feature to their account for the first time or existing customers making account changes/feature removals.



  • nulzilla

    isn't competition in a marketplace supposed to LOWER prices?

  • Joker Eh

    That's what people think. Do you think bringing in more telecoms is going to decrease prices? If the market is going to pay $8 for caller display then why would another company charge less? You are leaving money on the table if you do. And both Rogers and Telus have created these so-called bargin telecoms for the preceived notion of a cheaper service. When Virgin and others came into the marketplace I have not seen prices drop.

  • kimierin

    I used to be with Telus, now I am with Rogers. Don't know which one is really better than the other. Either way, plans are ridiculous!

  • Sean

    Anyone remember when caller id used to be $1/month years ago? Heck my voice plan is $10/month through Rogers. Charging $8 for caller id is ridiculous.

  • GuyLegend

    That's called price fixing and it's illegal in Canada! It is governed under the Competition Act.

  • Denis Boisvert

    Ahahah this situation reminds me… I have to full my car, because the price of the gaz will rise before Friday … in all providers… Cell providers knoe the game now !
    Denis Boisvert

  • Ryan

    Unfortunately, when there are a smaller number of companies like in the Canadian telecom sector, the companies often reach what is called a Nash equilibrium, where a decrease in price by one firm causes an immediate reaction in the form of a price drop by the other firms. Neither company is converting any customers; they are just earning less money. None of the companies have any incentive to lower prices if the only party that benefits is the consumer so prices stay high except in the case of limited-time promotions

  • Ryan Song

    Fido is so much better and cheaper

  • Phillip Ontacos

    Tell that to the Oil/Gas companies.

  • Phillip Ontacos

    Tell that to the Oil/Gas companies.