TELUS Launches Free Public Wi-Fi at Over 8000 Locations in BC, Alberta


TELUS announced yesterday (lost amongst WWDC coverage) it has been actively expanding its free public Wi-Fi network and there are now over 8,000 hotspots available in BC and Alberta.

The Wi-Fi network allows TELUS customers seamlessly move back and forth between 4G wireless networks, which can help customers save data. The company says unlike other Wi-Fi networks offered by carriers (a stab at Bell?), theirs is open to the public.

The company says it is working with “thousands of businesses” including the likes of 7-Eleven, Fountain Tire, Vancity Credit Union and sporting venues such as BC Place and Edmonton’s Commonwealth Stadium to install Wi-Fi. It is also currently installing Wi-Fi at the Victoria International Airport (YYJ represent).

Eros Spadotto, TELUS’ executive vice-president of Technology Strategy said in a statement, “Our public Wi-Fi network is built to complement our world-class 4G network by providing our customers with new ways to connect and enjoy the best possible network experience, while also enabling our business clients to offer added value to their own customers.”

Adding a Wi-Fi hotspot is a “value-added service” for TELUS business Internet customers, installed and maintained by the company free of charge. Having the availability of free Wi-Fi can help companies stay competitive, according to a recent survey commissioned by TELUS.


  • Jesse

    I think it’s also a stab at shaw go wifi

  • Yeah I was going to mention that too, especially with both companies heavily based in western Canada.

  • J. Soul

    Tried #TELUS at the Saddledome in Calgary…no thanks. Too may simultaneous connections kill any kind of access. I can only imagine what this would be like in other heavily populated areas.

  • Jesse

    Yeah, although I did see last time that shaw had a “Guest” one but I never tried it out. I have been on shaw go before though and telus I find 80% of the time they’re just way to slow. Too congested apparently?

  • When I was with Shaw, I did try to use their hotspots but always ran into speed issues, so I didn’t bother. I imagine with TELUS it may be the same in heavily populated areas.

  • BCEd

    Can’t run VPN on #Telus zones. Perfect for spoofing attacks