Telus Reduces $60 Voice & Data Flex Plan For iPhone By $5


In November 2010, Telus introduced “Flex Data” to its existing iPhone plans. Then Telus expanded the Flex Data to their, at the time, Student 55 iPhone plan.

Eventually the student plan expired and Telus then reintroduced the plan but for $5.00 more at $60/month instead of $55. That $60 plan expired on March 1, 2011.

For reference, the $60 flex plan is detailed below:

  • Minutes: 200 daytime
  • Evenings/Weekends: Unlimited @ 6PM
  • Data: 1GB
  • Promotions: Unlimited Text/Picture/Video messages, My10 Nationwide, Free Voicemail 3
  • Data flex details: At the $60 price, users get 1GB of data. If that data amount is exceeded, instead of paying per MB overage fees, the plan is automatically bumped to $80 with 2GB of data. If 2GB of data is exceeded, the plan is bumped to $100 with 5GB of data. Anything over 5GB however is charged at $0.05/MB.

Effective this week, Telus has reintroduced this plan but at $5.00 less. In other words, the plan is back to the original $55/month price. The details of the new $55 flex plan are available above.




  • Jd2157

    The Robellus Shell Game continues…

  • Jstroins

    This plan is only available to new customers and those renewing their contracts

  • Fred

    And it requires a 2-year or 3-year contract. It would have been nice to have mentioned that in the article.

  • James

    As of March 12 /2011 Rogers is offering the same plan. Just upped my data plan on the iPhone4 from 500 MB to 1 GB for $55. With my10 and more!

  • Howie9966

    I appreciate this post immensely!! I purchased my Iphone 4 om Feb.16/2011, and had the $60.oo plan — I called Telus today, and they have changed my plan to $55.oo — Again, thanks a bunch – this one post has saved me $180.oo — Way Cool!

  • Jarndt08

    I just contacted the Telus support team on Twittter (I got my iPhone 4 On July 31) and Anthony switched my to this plan with no questions asked. No renewal. I find always go through the Twitter team DON’T phone in.